P.A.U. 9 – NaNoWriMo 2012, Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone!

Been a short while since I last checked in. I sorely apologize for that. My sleep schedule has been crazy messed up so of the time I have when I am awake, I have to run around like a chicken with my head-cut off to the stores I want to get to before they close. I have tried to make efforts to get my sleep schedule back in order but sadly to no avail.

Most of my writing time has been dedicated to either writing e-mails to friends and family. I have also been writing some rather political stuff for my Facebook vs. subjecting you all too more of my political frustrations about election years or about voting in general. You’re welcome. Those political bits however lead to some rather heated arguing and debating among friends and/or family though and that has taken up my writing time as well.

As much as I love a good discussion and the like – I really love making time for my normal, run of the mill creative writing that I do for my blog. I’ve been stuck for some good ideas for lighthearted topics though for the blog and thankfully daily post has brought back “Daily Prompts”. Love it! Despite this news, I may have some that will make of you happy and some disappointed.

My blog, while I know it’s been lacking especially lately for good reading material may further suffer because…I am PARTICIPATING in NANOWRIMO2012! *excited claps and cheers* As some of you know the write-off started November 1st. So while my novel will once again be the major focus of my work, my blog can’t be taking up all my time either. I will, however, try to alternate the days I write to make time for my novel AND my blog without burning myself out completely like I did last year with trying to do too much like the “Daily Post a Challenge“, online role-playing and the like. I learned my lesson well from last year, believe me. @_@

Yamanashi  002

Yamanashi 002 (Photo credit: kenleewrites)

I will post occasional updates like this as well about the progress of my novel and perhaps a little about what’s happening in my life now. Also, the counter on my blog for “Operation: Charlie Bravo” is going to be updated from 50k to about 65-70k, but really – it may grow depending on just how much work it will take to complete my novel. So these figures are subject to change depending upon the work.

For those celebrating, I hope you had a happy, safe and fun Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saint’s Day, Samhain, Celtic New Year, Beltane (for some in the opposite hemisphere), etc. I know I had a rather enjoyable one myself with my Spirit Sister. We handed out treats to Trick-or-Treaters and later I did Tea Leaf Readings, a joint ritual/ceremony together and we did an Oracle reading with my Celtic Wisdom deck. I am still a little wiped from it. @_@

Combine this with dueling "LOVE" and...

Combine this with dueling “LOVE” and “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” banners is my sister’s living room and you’ve got a theme going. I never understood the relevance of the romantic subplot of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean, really. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So that’s everything. I do want to crank something else out for this weekend for the blog, but it will be a fun lighthearted “Daily Prompt” me thinks. Can’t always be doing heavy, spiritual, philosophical and other serious stuff all the time. That’s no fun! 😛 Take care of yourselves, live well, be well, blessings and thank you for reading.



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