Changing YOU vs. OTHERS Changing You

I think at some point we’ve all heard something along these lines or to this effect:577917_517644561586507_216953462_nHowever, more often than not – some of us aren’t always the best kind of people we’d like to surround ourselves with. Heck! We might not even be currently acting true to our true-selves. Sometimes we are terrible and horrible people. We might call ourselves, “Nice Assholes“, “Dicks” or something else (believe me I know a few people like these) that we use to, we feel, be honest with ourselves and others (and at times a defense mechanism), but it’s also terribly demeaning to who we are as well. What if we dream of being “better” than who we are now? What if we aspire to dare and to dream to be a truly “Good” person and not the “Nice Asshole” or “Dick“? Well now, that falls upon US to do something about it.

This is where I feel the biggest misconception of all comes into play. People believe stuff LIKE this when it does not begin to scratch the surface of bigger, deeper concerns and issues that should be dealt with and healed. Instead we slap a proverbial band-aid on it and say, “Ah well! If they didn’t like you for who you are I guess they weren’t worth having around in the end,” or we say something else that has just about the same meaning. We of course as human beings are naturally bias to protect those we love and care about. To say something positive, uplifting and comforting when those we love are hurting and it feels no one understands them.

“Do not require that others transform with you…instead focus on your own journey and take great joy in your own leaps forward.”

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So what am I trying to get at? Simply this, if you are going to change who you are. Do it for YOU. No one else but YOU. There will obviously be some people who will not like these changes (ex: “I don’t know who you are anymore” or “You’ve changed. I don’t like it“). Some people may even walk out of your life because you no longer resonate with their agenda or the kind of people they want to, in-turn, surround themselves with. That’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Where someone walks out, another walks in to take their place.

One who will replace them will jive with your new-found energy better and may stay longer than they ever did, maybe they will even help to uplift you and work to restore faith and trust in others for you. I know it sounds cliché, but there is “truth” in it, believe me I can attest. That’s how “Law of Attraction” works so I have come to understand. So, have some faith in yourself and in the Universe and everything will most definitely work out.

Listen, do you want to know a secret

Listen, do you want to know a secret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more you work toward becoming the kind of person you truly desire to be in your heart, the more you will attract the right kind of people, situations, opportunities and circumstances you desire most in your life. This is how the “Law of Attraction/The Secret” works. If you are unfamiliar with “The Law of Attraction” and/or “The Secret” I highly recommend you look into these. There is a Documentary on “The Secret” if you’d prefer to watch something vs. reading (I actually enjoyed it better this way myself).

Note: I also wrote an earlier blog on the concept of “Law of Attraction” so feel free to search for that as a quick reference.

When it comes to other people changing you. Yes; you should not just change for them – but you should also want to change for YOU. So if the reason you want to change “resonates” with your “Heart’s Desires” or “Soul” do what feels right, natural and go with the flow. If it does not feel right. If it feels wrong or you feel as though the other party is trying to mold and shape you to THEIR desires and will, than you should give them a piece of your mind, kick them to the curb and yes – move on. Sometimes the circumstances are just that easy and other times they are not so “Black and White“.

the law of attraction

the law of attraction (Photo credit: Brenda Cooper)

I don’t recommend letting go of someone unless you honestly and truly believe in your “Heart of Hearts” they mean you harm. If your conscience nags at you as you consider throwing someone you love away, there’s a reason for it. Silence the mind-clutter and try to listen to what your soul is telling you. The answer is there. Sometimes the people asking us to change are only trying to look out for our best interest at heart. They want our happiness, for us to BE truly happy and find our bliss in the world. Other times they want us to change in certain ways because they are projecting themselves onto us and the changes they want us to experience – are in fact the changes they wish and desire to experience for themselves, though they fear they do not have the right stuff or the power to do so.

Overall, listen to your heart, listen to your soul. Learn to trust your instincts. Learn to trust you. If you want to change who you are – do it for you. The fact that it just may help to heal or strengthen your relationships with others, that’s a bonus. A perk. A blessing. And those who walk away from you, they don’t know what they are missing and that is perfectly fine – but it’s good they are letting you go, because all they can do is to serve to bring you down. As you rise, you cannot reach the stars in your Spaceship without the right fuel to propel you. If someone is siphoning off your fuel, how can you ever expect to reach the stars?

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STS-66 Launch – GPN-2000-000763 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lastly, never EVER believe you do not have the power to change who you are if you honestly and wholeheartedly want to change. You do. Every single one of you reading this now has the power. The moment you concede that you don’t, means you are giving your personal power away to something or someone else. You have everything you need now, at this moment, at this time. Just believe and have some faith in yourself and remember – Spirit will find you “Cheerleaders” who support you in your endeavors, when you require/desire them most, but first you have to be willing to take that “leap of faith“.

Thank you for reading. Any questions, musings, concerns of your own please share! Until next time…

~Merry part and merry meet again. Infinite love, gratitude, blessings and more be yours, Namaste~


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