If You Love Them – Let Them Grow

extraversion + introversion

extraversion + introversion (Photo credit: tind)

So this is going to be an informal posting for you all as opposed to how I normally do things. In the midst of me trying to get ready for my trip to Vancouver this next coming week (still majorly excited to see IT and my friend) I’m trying my best to tie up any loose ends I still have yet to finish up before I leave on my trip. I’ve gotten a few things knocked off my check list but I still have a couple more things to go. Recently though, I was reminded of something very important that might be nice to tie-in with my last post.

Now this might be beating a dead horse, since I touched on it last post, but it is an important element that I felt bared repeating and what helped inspire a deeper sense of understanding for me recently was a little comic a Deviantart artist did to explain how Introverts work. Now I know I’m not an Introvert and while I may appear to be an Extrovert, in reality I’m actually more of an Ambivert which is a combination of the two. From the comic I was able to draw from it elements that are true about my nature and others that do not apply.

Vancouver skyline at night

Vancouver skyline at night (Photo credit: istargazer)

It took me back to my last post and really helped to re-emphasis just how important it is not to push the people you love too hard, because of something you want – not necessarily for them, but for you (Ex: Those Tot Beauty Pageants the Mom’s put their kids through). Everyone needs time to come into their own “Personal Power“. You can’t force that. You can try but if you keep pushing and forcing them to be a way that goes against their nature, it can/could very well backfire and rather horribly. Unless of course they agreed to try some new things out of character for them. That being said though, there’s nothing wrong in being supportive of healthy choices, decisions and lifestyle changes they make.

However, if the changes, decisions or choices don’t seem all that healthy, maybe even harmful to the person you care about, please speak up. Don’t suffer in silence because sometimes our loved-ones are waiting on a cue from us to intervene, to say or DO something. Not just stand there like a statue. So push those you love when it is the right time, place and especially when they ask, but don’t push them too hard into something they may eventually feel they can’t do or feel pressured to finish if it feels wrong to them. Look for the signs, speak up, and ask questions.

Robert Indiana Vancouver Love

Robert Indiana Vancouver Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lastly, in regards to people coming into their own personal power remember, they are the way they are for a reason. It could be because of bad experiences, personal insecurities or something else. Whatever it may be – it will take time to break those bad things down, throwing out what no longer serves them and it will take time to heal. Try to show them compassion, patience, understanding and above all else – unconditional love if you can. These four things go a long way. Be sure to use them the next time you find yourself trying to push someone you love and remember this post.

Thank you for reading. Comments, thoughts or musing of your own, please do share and as always…

~Bright blessings, good fortunate, infinite love and gratitude – Namaste~

P.S. Does anyone know of some good dance clubs in Vancouver B.C.? I tried to do some research and what I found didn’t give me much info or not enough for me to go, “Oh! This sounds like my kind of place”. Hoping for a club that doesn’t have overly stringent rules on dress-code or a “Guest List”. If a club does have a “Guest List” but allows walk-ins, might be worth mentioning if it meets the other criteria. Also what cover charges would be for places would be awesome! Thank you!


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