Shelton Cinemas Needs Your Help!

English: drive-in movies 2008 in brussels with...

English: drive-in movies 2008 in brussels with AIRSCREEN Deutsch: Autokino mit AIRSCREEN in Brüssel 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone, another informal post today. However, this one is very important and I wanted to make sure I got it done before my trip. For those unfamiliar I hail from a small town called Shelton, WA. I sometimes claim Olympia too but that’s because I visit there often (more to do there). Shelton is very much an “Entertain Yourself” kind of town. If you have ever lived in or do live in a small town, you know how this way of life works. It can be rather boring. Shelton used to have a Bowling Ally too. Unfortunately it burned down some years ago. They refuse to rebuild it because of some old ridiculous laws (and if I could find them again I’d be pointing them out in another blog post later).

Since the Bowling Ally burned down though, alternative forms of entertainment have been difficult to find (working out doesn’t exactly count in my book by the way) without having to travel all the way to Olympia to spend money outside the town when Shelton needs just as much money as it can get to survive right now. So, our one sliver of hope, our one last source of entertainment  (aside from the skate park which isn’t exactly for everybody) is the local movie theater which is calling on members of the community (I think outside of the community would be pretty spectacular too by the way) to donate money to help them with “Upgrading” their equipment.

Français : Projecteur cinématographique 35mm

Français : Projecteur cinématographique 35mm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many theaters are or already have converted over to Digital Projectors and these projectors can cost from anywhere between, rough guesstimate, $50,000-$100,000 and they need to purchase two, because the same owners who run our Theater in town also run one of the few Drive-in movie theaters left in our state called the “Skyline”. I’ve been there once and I’d really love to have another opportunity to go again when the weather is nice. But they need to be able to raise the money for their new equipment by this coming spring.

So, whether you are a movie Buff, have a thing for Drive-in movie theaters or your heart goes out to us folks who live in the “Entertain Yourself” community, if you can – as a personal favor, please share this blog with your friends and family. Share it through e-mails, Twitter, Facebook wherever you can. I’d greatly appreciate it. I could only donate $10. If I could – I’d donate the amount they need – but times are tough for many of us. If you can make a donation, thank you. If you can’t – please at least share (maybe say a prayer for us too). Thank you.

To learn more about Shelton Cinemas and Skyline Theaters Projector plight you can look it up under the “Digital Conversion Info” tab on their website :

They also have a list of different types of “Rewards” for recognition by the theater depending upon your donation.

Thank you for reading, sharing, praying and donating if you can.

~Love, light gratitude and more – Namaste~

P.S. Looks like there are some other places trying to do the same or time has run out for them. Look at the Related Articles for more.


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