Cosmic Victim, Are You One?

Crying Angel

Crying Angel (Photo credit: Bigod)

Hail and well met one and all. So I have a special treat for you today. This topic I am writing today has sat in my Drafts for a while (Since Oct 22, 2012 to be exact). I finally feel like I can write this topic today, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s another “Food for Thought” but also one of those “Let me just check-in with myself and do a self-assessment“. Now, as you can see by the title we’ll be discussing, what I like to call and maybe others do to – I have no idea, The Cosmic Victim.

Side, Off-Topic Note: By the way, I’m slowly by surely learning to master an iPad. Mwhahaha!

I’m actually still in the process of working and making my own personal “Oracle” and “The Cosmic Victim” is one of my archetypes (I was actually hoping I would finish it before I wrote this up and posted it. Didn’t happen, maybe later I will). Now some of you are probably wondering, “Gee Gwen, how is someone or what makes someone a Cosmic Victim?” I have an answer, thank you for asking.

Sad Chris

Sad Chris (Photo credit: Dalboz17)

I’d like to think all the experience I have accumulated up to this point has helped me immensely in understanding this archetype (otherwise I can’t imagine why Spirit would want me to include it in my Oracle if I didn’t). Of the people I have come to know and meet I have met a few “Cosmic Victims“. Now there are perpetual “Cosmic Victims” and then there are those of us who just throw ourselves a temporary “Pity-Party“, get over it and heal to move on to bigger and better things.

Those of us who do this understand, whether conscious or subconsciously, that being in a perpetual state of misery is rather foolish and life won’t get any better unless we get back in the saddle and try again or at last choose to “shift” our perspective to a positive one to best utilize L.O.A. (if we do – L.O.A. = Law of Attraction for those who don’t know). But I’d like to educate you about the much more “PerpetualCosmic Victim. Sometimes they are easy to spot, sometimes they are not. Other times it is completely difficult to tell altogether.  I know, I’ve met a couple of “Hard-cases“.

Cloudy Mountain Look on the way to Tirthan Val...

Cloudy Mountain Look on the way to Tirthan Valley,India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Perpetual Cosmic Victim:

The Perpetual-Cosmic Victim is someone who feels “sorry” for themselves all the time. They can be selfish (though not always self-aware of this habit) and often are attention seeking. They want your pity even if they state otherwise. There are Cosmic Victims that are in denial out there, because they don’t want to admit their faults, flaws, and/or problems. They are afraid of facing their “Demons” and doing what needs to be done to heal and move on to a better state of living.

They often bring others down, though some of them can “Up-lift” you only to “Drop” you back down in a heartbeat (makes them seem like a real Psychic Vampire too). They often toy with our emotions like a “Yo-Yo” if we let them (and some of us can’t help that either). Perpetual-Cosmic Victim’s  also have the uncanny knack for “Stirring the Pot” (starting unnecessary drama, causing problems with others. Another archetype in my Oracle) and often pretend (or are in denial again) that they did no such thing and someone else is to blame. Not them.

They do not like to take responsibility for their actions. They are blameless. They will often whine, moan and complain about their lives. They may even gossip about others lives frequently or they will boast voraciously about their own (even if the things they say are complete lies). I believe they also have a “Love-Hate” relationship with talking about themselves. They can’t take a compliment, even when it’s heartfelt and honest. They might even throw it back in your face by putting themselves down.

Cloudy sunset

Cloudy sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Additionally, Heaven forbid you should bring anything up that they so stated about themselves in previous conversation that is honest and factual. Instead of owning up to what they have said, they will act like you just insulted them and should apologize for it. Even a personal observation you might share as a friend out of concern with them can and WILL be turned against you in the courtroom of the “Perpetual-Cosmic Victim’s” mind.

Lastly, they often push people who care about them out of their lives (the good and bad, they don’t really discriminate), often times over very trivial/petty things (sometimes for the right reasons). They will convince themselves the world is against them and all they can and will experience is emotional pain and suffering. They very well may see the world in a very “Black and White” way, though again, they might deny that.

Some examples of what you might hear from a Perpetual Cosmic Victim are these:

Example 1: “Oh woe is me! Why does everything BAD have to happen to me? I don’t deserve this!”

Example 2: “I hate that everyone needs me all the time. It’s so hard being needed all the time! I get no time to myself.

Example 3: “Did you hear what so and so did? Well I can’t believe it I know I would NEVER do such a thing.

These are just examples. Just because you might hear someone use them occasionally does not mean or make them automatically a “Cosmic Victim“. Be sure you assess the situation and person well before you jump to conclusions.

Crying Angel

Crying Angel (Photo credit: Landahlauts)


It’s been my experiences that there isn’t much you can honestly do for these people. 1st, they’d have to come to terms with what they are. 2nd, they’d have to accept the reality/facts. 3rdly, they finally ask for help from a rather unbiased party. That last one might be difficult to do since your friends are often your best source of advice, but Cosmic Victim’s don’t really surround themselves with many good folk. They tend to attract more of the same negative people to them that keep them in the dark. They like it that way too (the negative people/influences).

So, best thing is, if you meet a Cosmic Victim and  you aren’t  overly invested in them or your friendship with them, or if you don’t care that works too – be completely and bluntly honest with them. Don’t kiss their rears and as much as I know people need the “Compliment Sandwich“, if you don’t do something to try to shake them out of their dilussions, they may stay within them for many years to come and the mental and emotional damage can/could be quite serious and have lasting results that stay with them into their adult lives (or well past that for some).

Crying Angel

Crying Angel (Photo credit: pietroizzo)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Oracle Card and what it can/could tell me about someone who may receive it. I know when someone gets the card it will not always mean they are the “Cosmic Victim” themselves, rather it may indicate someone who influences their life who is. Could mean something else too. Who knows until I finish my Oracle and put it into use.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like to further discuss this topic, ask questions or have a musing of your own about it, you know what to do (leave a comment sillys!).

~Merry part, merry may we meet again, blessings, Namaste~


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  1. Bearitt Ferrier
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 19:41:19

    Sometimes Spirit has the most interesting timing. Sorry about that. Think Spirit decided today was the day for me to read this. Yahoo also posted something on a related topic.

  2. Bearitt Ferrier
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 22:46:17

    Not sure what happened to comment from before. Yeah, this post seemed to have been timed perfectly for my own thoughts and events along with a similar thing on Yahoo. Guess Spirit wanted to drop a hint.

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Jan 01, 2013 @ 23:08:51

      I guess WordPress ate it or something. Maybe my spam filter caught it accidently. Wait, no – I checked that pretty well when I go to delete and empty it. Maybe it just didn’t take or it was a Network Error. I find I’ve been having some issues with Network Errors. In any case…*cough* moving on.

      Glad to see the post had excellent timing. I guess me putting it off wasn’t such a bad thing. To quote, I believe it is, Murdock, “I love it when a plan comes together”. Heh That’s typical of my work though – it’s there when it’s needed most, that’s just something I’ve noticed.
      If you wouldn’t mind I’d like to hear about what was going on regarding Yahoo and such. Doesn’t have to be here of course. You got me on Facebook. 🙂 A PM would suffice nicely if you care to talk about it. :3

  3. Bearitt Ferrier
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 16:50:28

    Yeah, that would be nice. Sent you a message on Facebook since it looks like the link to the Yahoo article keeps breaking the reply.

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