Daily Prompt Response to “Faith”

Halo Solar

Halo Solar (Photo credit: Alexandre Janini)

What is the Role Faith plays in your life – or doesn’t.
I know Faith plays a very big role in my life. For as long as I’ve been consciously aware of the world around me Faith has been a big defining factor in it. Faith to me is like the “Magick” I practice. It is a very important and integral “brick” in the foundation of my character. If I may quote something from one of my favorite comics Dawn – Lucifer’s Halo – “Trust is like a form of Faith, right? A Faith is a form of trust. But without it what do you have? A broken heart? A broken sword? And things just have the power that you give them.

Faith is power and power is Faith that is part of what this quote is talking about, if you take that away – what do you have left? “Banality is stronger than Belief – yet Faith is stronger still“. That’s another important thread  in the fabric of my being. Because without Faith, belief, Trust or Hope – what are we? What do we have left to believe in? If we don’t trust ourselves or have Faith in ourselves, much less something greater than ourselves. I’m not trying to infer anything about anyone else or their beliefs, simply this is how my mind works and how I work.

Of Faith, Power and Glory

Of Faith, Power and Glory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what I believe and if I were asked to describe the depths of my “Faith” I don’t think there are any words in all the languages of this world to suffice a proper description, because true Faith is something that must be experienced and felt. It doesn’t “require” Religious Dogma or otherwise to be felt. Just the right conditions of heart, mind, body and Spirit to blossom.

I hope you enjoyed that rather personal prompt, thought I’d do something different and initially I had something else in mind. Guess I’ll type that up and schedule it for tomorrow. 😉

Thank you for reading and by the way – Happy New Year one and all! Many blessings, good fortune, prosperity, abundance and more be upon you and yours this year. Just focus on the positive and you’ll attract it, especially the things you require most of all.

~Infinite Love and gratitude, merry part and merry meet again – Namaste~


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  1. seeker
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 21:08:56

    I think it’s going to be a good day or tomorrow. Having faith on oneself is the foundation, I like the way you think and your belief system. Thanks for the pingback. Namaste _/\_

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Jan 01, 2013 @ 21:47:54

      You’re welcome! I liked your post as well and it reminded me of a story or something I had read before – along the same lines, just a little different. Namaste _/\_ (Just figured that symbol out and was very happy, learned something new. Thank you!)

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