When Do Tools Become Moot?


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I asked my “Man-Friend” the other day if he had any ideas for me about a topic he’d like to see me cover that I possibly haven’t already. And he gave me an excellent idea for a topic to discuss (among other ideas for things to keep me writing *facepalm, head shake, smile*).  For those who are of the “Magickally Inclined” nature, you’ll probably enjoy this. For those who are curious about Magick and its practice, you might find this interesting. And for those who don’t care for Magick nor its use and think it’s  a joke – I’m sure there is something else more entertaining out there to read than my blog.

Without further adieu, let’s get on with the show. By the way, for future reference – my readers are “Open” to making topic suggestions. You just need to leave a comment on the latest topic you’ve read and I’ll let you know if I can do it or not. I’d really like to see my readers get more proactive with me and ask me about this stuff or make suggestions, please!

So the topic for suggestion was, “When do Tools in Magick become cumbersome or impractical”? From personal experience as a Magickal Practitioner for a good decade or so, Tools to me become impractical when you can visualize clearly what it is you want done, focus your intention and you realize you have everything you need for your spellwork inside of you. That or you feel tools are slowing you down or holding you back from your truest potential.

As the time goes and our watches sway, the gre...

As the time goes and our watches sway, the great magic of the urban beauty and nature stays, it observes people and brings magic into our minds! Enjoy!:) (Photo credit: || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||)

I know I still enjoy the use of my tools. I have an Alter/Sacred Space set-up in my room (because I like it that way, think it’s an important element to inviting Spirit and the energies you want to work with – in). On High Holidays I’m usually  at my Sacred Space performing a Rite or Ritual appropriate for the time or Season. Now and again I pray at it and weave my spellwork occasionally at it.

However, more often than not I am crafting and weaving spells with my mind, breath, intention, sometimes a gesture, with my body – just depends. I see Magick often very differently than most of my fellow Practitioners and often I have caught severe “flack” for it too. I realized – and I know, most Traditions, Orders, Covens and the like teach the same principle – we are all made up of the five major elements. Some say 4 others say 5. I’m the other because I count Spirit (though some believe there are even more than 5, FYI).

So my mind interprets this information like a string of computer programming code, “If I am made up of the major elements – AND I believe through visualization and intention I can cast Magick on a whim without an Alter because the 1st is true, than I must be able to cast Magick without the use of tools or alter!” something like that. That’s spur of the moment, so it might be a little sloppy – but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about.


Intention (Photo credit: turahbird)

Now this is very High level Magick and not everyone can use their Magick in this way from the start. Some people are more visual than others. Those who struggle with visualization will require constant practice until they can hold the visualization and intention in their hearts,  minds and body. So until you can reach this level – there is no shame in using Tools. Some people are even “Die Hard” traditionalists and love, love, LOVE their Tools and refuse to do any Spellwork unless it is at their alter or staged as a very elaborate Ritual.

That’s okay too. To each their own – just be sure to “live and let live” and do harm to none. Lest it come back on thee three-fold.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this insight into the realms of Magickal practice – and don’t forget, you can make topic suggestions in any of the comments of my posts when it strikes you. 🙂

~Infinite love, gratitude, blessings and more be yours – Namaste~ _/\_


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