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Very essential Heathen altar.

Very essential Heathen altar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back home now, safe and sound. The trip back to the states went much more smoothly than crossing the border, believe me. lol So here’s my 1st official post since I’m back in the States. I hope you enjoy! Sorry if the formatting is a little messed up too. Can’t help that.

Oh! One more thing, I know it’s a small stretch but the Title is based on a Movie reference. If you get the reference, major Geek and Brownie-points for you! I didn’t want to add too much because than it would have been an obvious and rather “famous” quotation. If you do know what it is, be sure to say so in the comments. 🙂 And it doesn’t count if someone “Posts” the answer to what it is and you say, “Oh! I get it now! Duh!”. 😛

More often than not, when someone asks me what my religious orientation is or something related to it I state firmly and very plainly, “Pagan”. To me Pagan implies the modernized definition (check What Pagan Means to Me to find the definition) and that I worship multiple deities or forms of Spirit, I might have appreciation or reverence for nature (though I know not all Pagan groups do, but most do) and maybe more. That’s the general gist it implies though.

Recently though I met someone in Vancouver who I said that to (not the Border Guard for those who read What Pagan Means to Me), the “I’m Pagan” and they thought and responded with, “Oh, so Wiccan?” and I furrowed my brows slightly and promptly responded, “Uh, no. Pagan doesn’t mean I have to be Wiccan. There are other kinds of Pagans out there“. Their response was based on the fact that Wicca is very common and very mainstream. I can’t argue that so it is a pretty well educated guess.

Forn Sed: Sveriges Asatrosamfund (i.e. The Swe...

Forn Sed: Sveriges Asatrosamfund (i.e. The Swedish Asatru Society) holding a blót (an Asatru ceremony). The three ceremony leaders at the Spring blót in the ancient monument Ale stenar near Kåseberga at Österlen in Scania in the south of Sweden in connection with the Annual Thing och the Society 26th April 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, this guess would work if not for two problems – yet again, what I responded with and the fact that most Wiccans I have met have been very LOUD, Proud and all too happy to share or tell people who and what they are. That’s not me. I maintain my silence about what I am for a reason and unless you gain my trust indefinitely (which means I hold you in great measure of esteem, so this is very prestigious in its own right :P) one way or another.

I’m more than happy to tell people I am a member of the Fellowship of Isis or that I am a member on Witchschool International…okay, maybe not that last one as often or much, but you get the idea. I’m willing to acknowledge to people I’m Pagan and I say, “If you don’t like it, too bad. I’m not changing for you or anyone else unless it is for myself.” Perfectly fine and happy discussing other people’s beliefs though so long as there is mutual respect between both parties and equal share of listening and talking.

English: Wicca Blessing Symbol

English: Wicca Blessing Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a final piece of “Food for Thought” please be mindful and respectful in the use of your words when someone states, “I’m Pagan!” because they could be Wiccan – but they could also be Asatru, Heathen, Celtic Tradition, Drui (Singular for Druid; pronounced “Drew-I”), Hindi, Buddhist (yes I threw that in because it fits the old definition for Pagan), Taoist or something else. It may not matter to you what we are but for some of us – it does. It’s very important people get it right because we find it is a part of our identity and who we are. Thank you.

Thank you to my readers, new and old, for stopping by! And remember, if you have any ideas for a topic you’d like to see me write about, leave a comment at the bottom with the topic idea. Thank you again! 🙂

~Merry part & merry meet again, blessings, love and gratitude – Namaste~


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