P.A.U. 14 – The Return & the Cold Blues

Seattle Skyline view from Queen Anne Hill.

Seattle Skyline view from Queen Anne Hill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone!

I’m back home safe and sound, if I hadn’t mentioned this before. I have to tell you when I got to “King’s Station” in Seattle and we were walking down to the train the first thing I thought was, “Hey! Where is Platform 9 & 3/4?!” Ye-ah, I’m a dork – leave me alone! 😛 It was much easier to cross back into America than to cross out of it (see What Pagan Means to Me). I was happy for that I must say. So I get home I’m fine and dandy. I have some sniffles, no biggy.

Now because I’ve been hard at work at trying to unpack, do laundry and get The Shelton Oracle up and running and looking pretty, I stayed up pretty late two nights in a row and it made my symptoms worse. I got a full-blown cold with a lovely stuffed-up nose, a slight sore throat, sinus pressure that makes my head feel in a fog and serious fatigue. I spent the next few days heavily napping, drinking plenty of fluids, some herbal teas and of course eating good food. I’m feeling a little better now which is why you are seeing an update.

"Platform 9 3/4" at King's Cross sta...

“Platform 9 3/4” at King’s Cross station in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have plenty of new stories to write about but for now I may hold off another day or two until my head really feels up for the challenge of thinking, deep cognitive thought processes, editing and other good stuff otherwise I might be pushing my luck. I’d like to be confident the next time I write something good for everyone to read. So if you were worried and didn’t see my “Tweets” on Twitter, now you know. And knowing is half the BATTLE! G.I. JOOOOOEE- Oh wait, this isn’t a cartoon show, ESPECIALLY that one! My bad! ^_^; 😀

Be well and don’t get into too much trouble…without me of course! 😛

~Infinite love and gratitude – Namaste~

P.S. Praying for snow. I saw snow flurries earlier yesterday. I want SNOW darn it! I couldn’t enjoy it as much in Vancouver! @_@


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