P.A.U. 15 – A Revamp? and Other News


cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and co...

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello and good morrow to my readers new and old out there!


I hope the day is finding you well. If not, try to find one thing you can do for yourself that would make you feel good/better about it and help to change your mood so it can be a better day; like making yourself some hot chocolate or taking a nice hot bath whatever you think of that helps to shift your mood into a better one. This is a suggestion, not a demand. Take it and do with it as you will.


Okay, down to business. 1st order of business! I’m thinking of revamping my “About” page. If you haven’t read it already, please do. I’m going to type up a new “About” not looking at the old one, look at the old one AFTER (making sure I got everything I really wanted to include) and then post both side-by-side (or above and below) for you all to compare…I guess you could wait till then but – point is – I’d like some feedback. If you like the new revamp or the original say so in a comment and maybe give me reasons about why you do. Do you like the look better? Do you feel it says what it needs to say without being too, “OMG! I’m so swamped with info what will I do!?“. Do you like the “Professional” sound/tone of the Bio better than the “Personal” touch (personal is speaking as “I, me, my” and the Professional is how it is now)?


The Mjollner, symbol of all the Heathen faiths.

These are examples I’m giving you to think about. If you can think of others when I post the revamp, let me know because I will really appreciate the feedback.

2nd, if no one saw the “Tweet” yet on Twitter, it’s official. I’m no longer on the market and I’m currently in a very healthy and mutually loving relationship with a smart-ass Ásatrú who likes to follow and comment on my blog. He knows who he is. 😉 I’ll just let him expose himself if he wants to and not “literally” a stor. 😛


As of the last couple of days, muse of writing took a temp vaca elsewhere and let me paint instead. So you should see a new painting soon coming to my dA gallery. A hint, it has everything to do with a Phoenix. Today however, I’m just not at my best today. I’m not feeling well. Not because I’m exactly sick again, it’s just a temp thing. I should feel better by tomorrow and I’m hoping I can maybe finally post something for “The Shelton Oracle” and maybe this one. Just depends on my level of energy tomorrow. If you want to send me healing energy to make sure I have the energy to do it and feel better, you got my permission to do that. 😉


That’s your update for today folks! Thank you for reading! Topic suggestions can be made in the comments and if you just want to share a thought (“An’t no passing CRAAAZE!“) or something you can post that as a comment to, so long as it’s appropriate.


English: Sandeep Parikh at the 2011 Phoenix Co...

English: Sandeep Parikh at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


P.S. My Heathen Warrior and his best friend are trying to get me back up for a trip to Vancouver in April to go with them to Comicon. There’s a suggestion for me to go as “Hawk-girl“. I might do it…I’m not sure. Most female Super-Hero toon types I’ve never found one I really connect with. Only super-villain types like Catwoman (who’s more a Rogue anyway) and Poison Ivy (I still don’t have enough for that costume idea either. Was going to make a custom costume). I like Hawk-Girl though, but she and Hawk-Man have a very tragic love-life. I was planning on dressing up as a variation of “DAWN” though; nothing fancy though since I can’t afford that right now.




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  1. JackieP
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 21:16:32

    sounds like you have busy plans. Sorry you are not feeling well. Sending light and love your way. 🙂

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