The Illusion of Maturity


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While this may not be anything new to some of you and there could be a ton of stuff out there on this subject, we all have to tell our stories and point-of-view on certain subjects at some point, in our own way. So here’s mine on “Maturity“.

People like to throw this word around like a rag-doll all too often, Maturity. If you’re into dating older people than yourself there may have been a time or two you might have heard, “I thought you were more mature than that“. Those are dreaded words for, I’m sure, any good young man or woman to hear. Sometimes it is true. Other times it is a matter of the other party, the one thinking they are more mature themselves, that are missing the bigger picture entirely.

They forget that you are younger, they treat you as an equal but they may find themselves setting their standards a bit higher than they should, perhaps unfairly so. They set themselves up for disappointed. They also forget to use their understanding, compassion and tolerance. Hence the disappointment when you do anything they consider “Immature” and fall from the pedestal they put you on. However, I have come to understand that there is a difference between “Saying” one is mature and “Acting” or rather “Demonstrating” how one is more mature.

As the title states – maturity, to me, is an illusion in a sense. It’s also one of those words that is a “Catch 22“. If you say you are rather mature for your age or that you are pretty mature, you may incur serious criticism from whoever you are making the statement to. However, even if we don’t make these statements, almost like guarantees to people, then we are chastised with phrases like I mentioned as an earlier example.

With age doesn’t always come Wisdom. Some people never learn from their mistakes or experiences they have in life and therefore they never mature. So while some people may be familiar with this phrase, “Respect your elders” or “With age comes Wisdom“, you may also know that this ideal has drastically changed in the last decade or two. Times are most definitely not what they used to be. They are very different. That being said I’d like to share a thought with all of you and see if you feel this is pretty close or spot on.

From my personal experiences, and that of others, I have deduced that the only sure-fire way of being able to figure out if someone is relatively mature is by the way they carry themselves, how they treat others around them, how they use their words, their actions and – how they have learned from their experiences. I feel experience is truly the defining factor for any source of Maturity and/or Wisdom. It has nothing to do with, “I’m older therefore – I’m Wiser and know better than you“.

No. When someone starts saying such things, lording it over your head, I think they are missing the point altogether of what being mature means and/or what it’s all about in the first place. It’s not a badge of honor. It’s nothing to power-trip over. It’s just a different perspective. It’s a new state of being and seeing the world around you. Before you go and use some of those dreaded phrases, please stop and consider this blog and what it has said, because the one who might just be immature – is the one offering up the lecture and not the lecture-e. Be cautious and be certain of your words and actions. The Human Psyche is a fragile thing, as fragile as even a (insert type of flower you like here).

Thank you for reading and I do hope some of you will share your thoughts on this – how you feel about it, what you think of it, etc. If you have any new blog topic ideas, also feel free to leave a comment about it and I’ll get back to you.

Also, be sure to look up The Shelton Oracle as it has been recently updated with a new local story, if my local stories are of interest of course. Thank you again for stopping by!

~Blessings and more be yours, Namaste~ _/\_

Sharing a song I like because I felt it related somehow to our topic, give it a listen! :3


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