What do you think about intervening in a crime?
A: Sometimes I think it depends upon the circumstances of the crime. If obviously you are outmatched, think of what the next possible course of action would be for you and the person in need. If it’s a life or death circumstance and both parties could die, makes a rescue attempt kind of moot. Thoughtful but moot. However, I do know there are people I’d give my life for and equally they would give theirs for mine in a heartbeat. So maybe I’d be that “Thoughtful moot” person, because in my mind it would be, “At least I tried. I did something and it wasn’t just standing there looking pretty”.

9/10 times though, I’m certain I’d “act” if someone needed help, especially if they looked at me and even if they didn’t. My sense of justice and “Right vs. Wrong” is a little too high to tolerate any injustice taking place in front of my eyes. I can’t simply ignore it either. That’s just foolish.

In my practice as a Priestess we always wait for the individual to come to us and say, “Will you help me? Please?” or “I need your help!” when asked, I act. Unless I have a very good reason for saying, “No; I’m sorry I can’t help you” my answer is typically a resounding, “Yes”. If I can’t help someone I find someone else I know who can or another solution. Helping people and doing the right thing is far more fulfilling to me as a Human Being and seems only right to boot. So again, if I can tell someone is in desperate need of help, like this, even if they don’t ask, I would help. PERIOD.

A: I think it’s in my 1st answer but I’ll repeat – my strong sense of Justice and “Right vs. Wrong”, I believe, is too strong. I cannot stand idly by and do nothing while I know someone, even a complete stranger, is in need. It would go against everything I am and my core values NOT to act accordingly to the circumstances.

OR – maybe you wish you had? See below Questions.
PERHAPS, you or someone YOU know has been subject to a crime where no-one helped?
A: I know friends have told me stories and I’ve heard stories in the news of how people stood by and thought, “It’s not my business. I’m not getting involved”. Like a woman who was going for a jog in Central Park in NY who got raped, in broad daylight with bystanders. Really? How could you NOT help in that instance?! That’s just B.S.! There’s NO absolutely NO excuse NOT to act in my opinion in a situation like this. Maybe the SICK bystanders just wanted to “watch”. Maybe some even enjoyed it or were too horrified and in shock. I’ve no idea.

Point again is, there’s no excuse for doing NOTHING in situations like this in my book. And stories regarding friends? You BET I wish I could have been there in the situations they told me about – to help. All I can do now is hug them and tell them “I wish I could have been there. I’d have fought for you”. That sucks. If the person isn’t worth fighting for – don’t fight for just them, fight for the DECENCY of it all. For the HUMANITY of it all! Not some selfish excuse or idea! GODS!

Can you tell this gets on my nerves and that I’m Passionate about this at all? XD

What DO YOU THINK MAKES US react as we do to these extraordinary events?
A: I think many people are just too scared, afraid, fearful, in doubt to get involved in some circumstances. I could be sued; what if someone thinks I’m at fault; how long would the Cops detain me for questioning; I can’t afford to get hurt right now. There are simply too many EXCUSES people can/could make in order to see themselves NOT get involved when people need them or at least their help, the most. So many crimes and horrible circumstances could have been helped, healed or avoided altogether if people just kept in touch with their sense of “Right and Wrong” and their Humanity.

The lack of wanting to help others makes me think people are even LESS in touch with their Humanity than they should be. I have no idea why this might be – but it may be because of false ideals that have been perpetuated in our society, technology (loss of a sense of reality, become distant I’d think even too, perhaps indifferent) or something else entirely. I don’t know. That’s an answer I don’t have. I wish I did. :/

P.S. If the formatting makes it look like a “Wall of Text” that’s NOT my fault! I promise you! I know better and I DO better. 😛

The Savvy Senorita

Picture the scene………………….

Your on your way home from the usual busy, and depressing day at work. As per your routine you wait for and then take the number 5 bus home. Sitting there daydreaming listening to your choice of MP3 player you think you can hear raised voices from behind you. As you turn around you witness the beginnings of a violent fracas; a young woman is being attacked by four other young people.

What will you do?

It is a moment everyone surely dreads; seeing the unbelievable happening right there, right then in public, and for you to bear witness to.

It is a moral dilemma; ignore it and ‘walk’ away or confront the situation, intervene and say ‘NO’!

After all it isn’t YOU they are harming, YOUR not under threat. It isn’t YOUR business, YOU have enough on your own plate. It could well be that young woman DESERVES…

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  1. The Savvy Senorita
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 15:32:05

    Thanks for re-blogging my post, completely appreciate it 🙂
    Also, great to read your post on this topic too. I found what you stated about the “loss of sense of reality” leading to the indifference in people, to be interesting.
    Bex 🙂

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Feb 03, 2013 @ 00:02:49

      Well I wrote a post a little while back about the possible correlation between technology and our connection to Nature and/or our Humanity in general. I think a loss of touch with Humanity goes hand-in-hand with loss of touch with all things around us and our affect on it.

      My blog spoke of, the more and more technology seems to advance us for better or worse – it also leads people to forget about themselves, their bodies, their REAL lives, not the fake ones they create for themselves online or otherwise and an apathy in general toward Life.

      To use an example, if I may – Internet Trolls only post the nasty things they do because they think they can get away with it. Why they do it to start, I don’t know but I’d guess it’d have to do with poor upbringing maybe issues still with being “Mad” at the world for when they were picked on or something in School.

      Again, not something I know for sure – but they are under this false impression they can never be caught for doing something bad like this when I know of one story where one of these Trolls were actually caught and dealt with accordingly. There is only so much anonymity on the net and it’s easy to track someone down if you know how to do it or go through the trouble of learning to do it. 😛 There goes your secrecy.

      I’m just using what I know based on my personal experience of what I see, my impressions and what hear as well. I’d like to think I’m pretty spot on or close enough, but I don’t know for sure without a big study being done. I think it’d be interesting to see if I’m right though.

      You are welcome by the way. I thought it correlated well with that other topic I mentioned. XD Just connecting helpful dots! :3

      • The Savvy Senorita
        Feb 03, 2013 @ 04:46:10

        Hey Gweny,
        Thanks again!!!
        I think you are right about the internet and how we can all become lost in it’s anonymity. Well, some people do anyway. They see online as a real life and are disconnected from what truly is about them.
        The Troll incidents highlight this. It is a case of we can do whatever and no-one can see us or knows us; yet,there are always prices to pay in life. Things have a way of coming back around!
        I think we don’t truly value proper connection (again not all of us); it is like life as it was is lost in favour of technological advancements making us all a little more lazier and lost!
        Thanks again, and interesting debate you add to this topic. Great to be able to ‘speak’ about such things with you!
        Bex 🙂

        • Lady Gwendolynn
          Feb 03, 2013 @ 12:26:37

          lol Yeah I do think we do become a little lazier for sure. Although I have to say, I do like the random accessibility/ease of an iPad for my writing. 😛 😀 Which speaking of Laziness. I heard on the news it’s recommended people take breaks, if they are sitting at their comps for long hours, at least every hour to stand up and stretch. Obviously you do this to keep the muscles in use, circulation and probably some other good things as well.

          After all, if we don’t use our legs or other parts of our body, we can lose our use of them. You’re very welcome again, glad to add a splash of color and thought. 🙂


          • The Savvy Senorita
            Feb 03, 2013 @ 14:54:23

            Of course you add colour and thought Gweny 🙂
            P.S: Yes, it is good to remove ourselves from the computer regularly. Although, I’ll admit myself I do enjoy the ease technology brings, it can be quite addictive!
            Bex 🙂

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