P.A.U. 17 – Another Sick Day & Another V-Day

Happy Single's Awareness Day!

Happy Single’s Awareness Day! (Photo credit: Max Braun)

Hello my dear readers, followers, visitors! Lend me our eyes!

Obviously I can’t say “ears” because you can’t “hear” me unless I did a vlog (video blog) and uploaded it or something here or on YouTube. I’m not fond of people seeing me typically online as it is (shhh! I know I have my avatar and the bio pic!) and so doing vlogs and possibly uploading them to Youtube, for me, is not exactly ideal. Though I may consider doing a video thing someday, about what? Hard to say. Maybe a class I’d normally give in person? Nah! Maybe something else. Though I am willing to do some Self-Enrichment classes in Second Life for those interested in that.

*cough, no really I’m coughing IRL* I’m sick again sadly and I was just getting  ready to do a new topic for the week when it happened. I’m coherent enough obviously to report in about my absence. Summerland forbid I try to actually write anything else, though maybe I am feeling a little better than I think I am.

Any way, point is – yes I’m sick again. I don’t feel it’s because of people I love (because they are pretty careful) and I don’t know if it’s because of this crazy comet passing us by dangerously close (any other Intuitives/Psychics out there feeling under the weather?). I officially admitted I was sick Tuesday evening after doing some of my F.O.I. studies (Fellowship of Isis). Wednesday I was severely congested and felt rather tired all day, but had trouble napping.

I’m doing better today. I got some stories I’m brewing up though! So no worries! “There’s no need to Fear! UnderDo-” oh wait, that doesn’t apply here. Oops! My bad. Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you do have a special someone to celebrate with. I do but he’s in Canada and I’m in Washington. Important thing is, he knows he has my heart. For those who don’t have a sweetie, Happy Singles Awareness Day. Hug a single man or woman today to make them feel loved and special because we all deserve to at some point in our lives. 😉

Haven’t gotten the donation pool thing settled yet. I’ll do that as soon as I’m well. I also want to throw something my reader’s way. I’m thinking of making a page with a list of possible causes to donate to in my local community. That way you can see what’s on my mind, what I want to try to do for my community (with your help), etc. If you like the idea, please comment and let me know. Whether or not multiple pools will be able to be setup for each individual cause, is debatable at this time. I’m not sure Paypal allows for that. I’ll figure it out when I get there. @_@

Also going to be writing up a written transcription of the questions from the Book Interview from Mainstreet Universe. It won’t be “word-for-word” though so you may still wish to listen to it. After some good feedback on a couple of extra things that could have and should have been brought up in the interview by my Sister, I will be addressing them and the original questions asked.

If any of my readers can think of any other questions they would have liked addressed in the Book Interview but did not hear asked, you are more than welcome to ask it now or when I blog up the transcription. 🙂

Okay, my appetite is starting to return (Yay!). So I’m going to wrap this up folks and go get a snack or something. Thank you much for reading. Hope to be back in the saddle soon!

~Love, light, blessings & more be yours Namaste~

P.S. I will edit this later. I’m not clear headed enough for doing “nuts and bolts” right now, as my mother would put it. @_@ Ugh! *sniffle*


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  1. svartulfthorirsson
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 22:39:03

    I’m very happy to see a new post from you Acushla. I was beginning to think something else was taking too much of your time. Yes I know we spoke about that, so I’m not actually chiding you but loviningly teasing instead.

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