Daily Prompt Response: All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Yes; the response to this might be late, but better late than never, aye?

When I was initially creating my blog I sat for probably a good 10-15 mins trying to think of a good title. I knew I wanted to create a new blog, as I lost access to my old LiveJournal and the customer support wasn’t exactly being very helpful with recovery, but thinking of titles is sort of a last-minute thing for me. I’m a little too easily excitable sometimes when it comes to new ventures but that’s not all bad (I still want my LiveJournal back though *le sigh*).

Being a poet who sometimes fancies using the term “Bard” now and again for herself, for fun mind you, I decided something a little old-fashioned and perhaps harkening back to a different sort of thinking/phrasing might be nice. Thus resulted in the title you get for my blog.

Aside from feeling like an inside joke of sorts the title of the blog says exactly what the blog is about, “The Musings of Lady Gwendolynn“. It says it’s about whatever I am, whoever I am at whatever given point that it is now. For those who read my blog, they also know this means I talk about anything and everything, but preferably if I can find something to discuss regarding Spirituality, the meaning of life or something else – those are my most favorite subjects next to inspirational (though I don’t always know which posts of mine are categorized as that).

And now you know! And knowing is half the battle G. I. Jo- oh wait, whew! Almost made that mistake again. Thanks for stopping me!….I still want to do it now. Darn it!

Thanks for reading!

~Infinite love and gratitude, blessings – Namaste~ _/\_


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