Daily Prompt Response: Right to Health

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health (Photo credit: SavaTheAggie)

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I know this is a Daily Prompt but it’s a very good one I’ve meant to address for some time now but with regard to the Obama-care (Universal American Healthcare Act) that was enacted. However, I haven’t had the time or been able to make the time to do the adequate legwork, I feel, to argue my points adequately just yet. I’m working on that when and where I can (You’ll most likely see some of that here).

However, this Daily Prompt from The Daily Post has given me a pretty wonderful opportunity to still discuss the idea of something like a Universal Healthcare plan if at all, what would be the pros and cons of such a choice. So good topic choice Daily Post!

Note: I know I’m late with this but I’ve been sick for almost a week. Cut me a break people. I’m busy playing catch-up on topics. 😛

Now, before we move on any further I’d like to give you some brief background on the kind of person I am. I have a reason for doing this, THERE IS A METHOD TO MY MADNESS! I’m pretty Altruistic and believe we should do what we can to help each other out. I think showing a bit of Kindness, Compassion, Tolerance and a little Common Courtesy helps make the world seem a bit brighter, tolerable and habitable place for you and me. This plays in very heavily with my answer to this Daily Prompt which is why I mention it now.

Last night, I decided to discuss this with my S.O., not only because I love him, because I very much appreciate and respect his thoughts and opinions on a range of topics. Also, he’s a Canadian and he can offer a very different perspective since Canada already has a sort of Universal Healthcare system and they are our neighbors (more so to me even because I’m in Washington State 😛 ).

Health Insurance Forum

Health Insurance Forum (Photo credit: Aaron Landry)

Now I feel that if a country’s people have plenty of jobs, aren’t hurting for money and can easily pay for their own medical expenses, excellent! However, I feel there is a serious issue if not all people no matter if they be Rich, Middle Class or Poor have access or can afford Medical Care & Health Insurance of some shape or form. Health Insurance & Medical Care is such a HOT issue these days because many things can/could happen and that’s not factoring in regular procedure medical exams you SHOULD have on a yearly or annual basis.

If not even regular Joe can get some form of Medical Care and/or Health Insurance outside of a job or because they have a Pre-existing Condition (which I think is ridiculous but I understand why insurance companies don’t want these clients), that needs to be fixed immediately. There is the fact you may still have people who are homeless who may still not be able to afford trips to the Doctor or Medical Insurance and maybe we should try to figure out something special for those individuals, because it does seem a tad unfair that only those with money can have access to help or medicine.

After all, in most archaic communities there was a Medicine Man or Woman available to all so long as you had a way to compensate them for their work. Payment could be made in the form of a hot meal and bed for the night, an exchange of livestock or much needed supplies. Sometimes these Men and Women would not even charge for this services due to the nature of treatment, circumstances or personal reasons because they held more at heart. Like the values I mentioned earlier. Also because their reputations were at stake. You mess up, you’d be driven out of the village or possibly be killed for your malpractice. Granted, our society isn’t like that anymore – but hopefully you see what I’m getting at.

Health Care for All! L1190421

Health Care for All! L1190421 (Photo credit: erlin1)

One can argue, “Yes well, money is what makes the world go around in this day and age,” but it’s not the only thing present in our world either. There is also the virtues, again, I mentioned earlier. There is also charity. Maybe a special charity fund could be made. I know that there are already some out there but as I understand, those are for very special cases such as families who can’t pay for their Children’s Medical expenses when they are born with serious illnesses or develop them at a very young age.

I don’t know of too many Charities made specifically for those who are Homeless to help take care of them where they can’t afford to take care of themselves.

On the flip side of the coin, if you have an economy like we do now – you know what? Universal Healthcare looks like a WONDERFUL idea! Fantastic! I know I can’t afford Medical Insurance or Medical Care of any kind now. I can’t afford to see a Doctor, a Dentist much less any of the services I used to when I was much younger. I’d love to have a routine check-up right about now, but sadly I can’t afford it. So I do what I can and try my best to take care of the only body I have with home remedies and eating as right as I can manage at this time.

So, would I be up for the idea of Universal Healthcare? Yes; but only if you ensure a few things first, such as:

1) You have enough Medical Practitioners/Healthcare Providers who can deal/contend with the sheer volume (in more ways than one) of such a big undertaking. My Mother brings up this point on a regular basis anytime Universal Healthcare comes up, “Where are they going to get all the Doctors to deal with this!

2) Veterinary Option plans either should be eliminated altogether or altered so people actually can go straight for the best possible Health Options for them the first time instead of feeling they are stuck in a Catch 22 they’d rather not HAVE to be in, because their Medical Insurance might not cover ALL procedural options.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Option 1 of Healthcare Coverage: We can give you a pill for that, but it won’t fix everything. May prolong your suffering but help lessen it until you MIGHT be able to afford the next procedure. Also the Pill may cause other healthcare concerns or problems for you.

Option 2 of Healthcare Coverage: You can skip the pill and get this surgery but it won’t fix everything and you may need to come in for several more surgeries after over the course of several possible years.

Option 3 of Healthcare Coverage: Skip options 1-2 and jump on to plan 3 where we can fix everything the first time no problem. No pills. No several surgeries over the course of several years and you can immediately get back to your life the way you used to enjoy it.

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate

Note: I suppose what options might be covered or available would be possibly completely dependent on how much you pay into your Medical Insurance Coverage, but still – that seems like a really insufficient reason in my book and yet – at the same time I see the flip side of that coin too. *eye roll and sigh*

3) How the Universal Healthcare system is paid for is a big question and I feel the best way is through a Tax.

Now before anyone goes and gets all up and arms over “Another Tax!? Are you crazy?!” think of it this way. If you take the Obamacare for example and if anyone recalls, they want not only to make sure everyone has access to Medical Insurance, pre-existing conditions or no, but they also want to make the American people pay for it out of their own household income. If you can’t afford to pay for your own Medical Insurance they slap you with a Fine (I do distinctly remember this, correct me if I’m wrong). Now, stay with me because I know there’s a few things I missed but I’m going to address them in a moment.

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a few problems I see with this and is, again, another Catch 22 situation. If you slap people with fines for something they can’t afford on top of bills for rent, basic necessities like utilities & other important but very needed expenses – that’s counter-intuitive to what you are setting out to do. Especially if your slapping fines on people who are homeless who most assuredly can’t afford to pay for their own Medical Insurance. By making something like this Tax based it would lessen the blow on a family’s household income.

Yes; it’s another tax – but you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it? Would you be willing to make that sacrifice at least in favor for something like wanting to see Universal Healthcare for all, especially your family?

So again, either you can pay for your Universal Healthcare in one lump sum that you may or may not be able to afford with the possibility of finesOR – you can choose to have it as a Tax which would have less of an immediate impact on your Family Household Income and ensure your loved ones get the Healthcare coverage you’d like them to receive, if that?

As it stands, Universal Healthcare in the U.S. just seems like one big headache that still has yet to have all the kinks worked out of it (I’m aware we already passed the Bill mind you. I still think it needs work). There are too many factors that go into really making something like this work, whether you privatize it or not. If you privatize, someone might get greedy and raise their rates which causes more hardships and suffering for people and their families. On the Government side – well, I already discussed some of those cons.


Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Overall, if you have done your part and made your people self-sufficient enough they can afford their own Medical Care and Health Insurance, awesome. You’ve helped to strengthen and empower your people. Also possibly making them very happy, depending if you’ve executed this plan well.

However, if your people are largely sick, are in desperate need of jobs, your economy is suffering, your people are barely getting by trying to make ends meet (sound familiar to anyone?) – then it is not only the Government that should step-up to the plate and try to lend a hand in fixing the obvious issues there (making things easier or finding various solutions to help the country out as a whole) but those of us who can and are able as well. We’re all in this together.

In the end, If you have no people who are well and able to fight for you – you lose your strength, which makes you look weak. If you look weak to your enemies because you aren’t willing to take care of your people – either those who are well will rebel and try to make radical changes or another country is going to see an opportunity to absorb another territory.


sick (Photo credit: jungmoon)

Two least desired scenarios I can see for any Government or Independent People wanting to continue on strong, not to mention keep their country and freedoms they hold near and dear. I don’t know about you, but I rather not go down without a fight. I also think it would help immensely if we take some lessons from those who already have Universal Healthcare plans established, if we haven’t done so already.

Something NEEDS to be done and that much is obvious to me.

So the question I’d pose to my readers is, what would you rather have when it comes right down to it? What sounds better to you? Do you have any ideas on how you’d change Universal Healthcare to improve and make it better or otherwise? Please share!

Also if any of my information regarding references to the Obamacare Law was wrong or has been altered since, Gods’ know when (because somehow I’ve been out of the loop) – feel free to correct me and let me know. If you can even provide some resources so I can get brushed up and caught up, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I appreciate you reading and I hope it got those synapses firing! See you next time Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes and Rogues! Same Pagan time, same Bat-Channel!

~Dark and Bright blessings with Infinite Love and Gratitude – Namaste~ _/\_


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