Daily Prompt Response: Mentor Me

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Calypso receiving Telemachus and Mentor in the...

Calypso receiving Telemachus and Mentor in the Grotto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes; I’ve had a Mentor. If I had to be honest with myself I’ve had two major mentors in my life who have profoundly affected my understanding of Magick and being a Pagan. However, I’ve also had other very important Mentors or Teachers come into my life since then. At least six I can think of I met down in Florida when I lived there for two years.

My very first true Mentor that I remember is the reason I finally got down on my knees and swore an oath, dedicating myself to my God and Goddess as I finally accepted the path I had always been born to, just had not yet figured things out on my own and fully come to terms with accepting the path I was meant for.

In a single day, my 1st Mentor shared with me as much as he could before we had to part ways. I have not seen him since that day and I have no idea if he knew what kind of impression he’d leave upon me, but I can’t help but wonder if he had not already seen the Priestess within me waiting to come out when we met. He had that all-knowing twinkle in his eye which told me he was privy to much more than meets the eye.

If he saw me now, I have to wonder if he’d smile and be proud of all the self-study and dedication I’ve done and made as a Priestess. I sometimes imagine that I can hear him say, “I knew from the moment I met you exactly what you were. I just didn’t tell you because you already knew! You just had to figure it out and accept it as who you are!“.


Goddess (Photo credit: junibears)

So to answer the question, what was the greatest lesson my very first prolific mentor taught me? My mentor taught me to DARE. He taught me to go with what I know and then to go and KNOW (learn) more. He taught me to stop doubting something within myself that had screamed at me for several years, “Hey! I’m here! I’m part of who you are! Accept me! Please! Hey! Gwen! Listen!“. He taught me to accept myself, in a way. He taught me to, learn to trust your instincts and yourself.

In a single day with so little time, he taught me so much and affected my life greater than maybe he even knows. I hope someday maybe we can meet again because it seems only right that the Mentor might be reunited with the student to see just how far they’ve come since they taught them what they could.

So there’s my answer. I hope you enjoyed yet another insight into this Reconstructionist-Celtic-Priestess.

Thank you for reading!

Comments, questions or got a topic idea? Please share in the comments! Thank you!

~Blessings, merry part and merry meet again – Namaste~ _/\_


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