7 Things I Believe In – My Response

Cover of 20th Anniversary Edition

Cover of 20th Anniversary Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a response topic to that of Bex, The Savvy Seniorita, posted on her site. She had noticed that some people were being nominated for blog awards (before she got one) and that these awards would ask the people to tell others 7 things about themselves. In this instance she wants people to post 7 things that are about their personal beliefs. I noticed I have some of the same beliefs as her, though I think I’ll re-name them.

1) True Love:

Not to be confused with, “To Blaaaave” which means to BLUFF!. 😉 I have ALWAYS believed in this seeming intangible thing long before I saw such things as; The Princess Bride. It’s hard to describe and yet also that mutually healthy relationship we all dream of having with acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love ever abundantly flowing, respect and so much more. You can think me naïve and a fool but I don’t care. It’s something I have believed in and always will because it is a beautiful thing!

2) The Unknown:

I have often believed in things most “normal” people don’t consider normal or silly, such as Faeries. Yes; I do believe in them, I believe I’ve even seen some. No; I wasn’t on any drugs. Something else that ties in with this is that there are things I feel that exist in our world that we have yet to discover or we don’t fully understand, can’t explain with scientific theory and that being the case, to say they don’t exist or otherwise is nonsense to me and almost insulting. So I hold my reservations and make no judgement about whether I believe in them or not although some things I find easier to believe in than others for various reasons.

Doesn’t mean I believe in EVERYTHING (like Bigfoot or UFOs, still can’t decide). I DO like to allow myself to be open to the possibilities out there though, not close myself off and create obstacles and barriers that could keep me from my truest and fullest potential. 😛

3) Everything Happens For a Reason:

This is my “Come What May” as Bex put it. Good or Bad, I do believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes we understand just what that reason is much later. I often say, “I don’t believe in coincidences,” however the way coincidences is defined is as a series of synchronicities that occur. However, when I think of people saying coincidence to me it is a state of, “Oh well, that’s odd that something similarly would happen in such a series of sequences, but it MUST be NOTHING!” to me it’s a state of disbelief and not believing there is obviously more at work.

So when I say, “I don’t believe in coincidences” what I really mean is “I believe these series of sequences have a purpose a rhyme and reason. EVERYTHING happens for a reason! I wonder what the reason is?” if that makes any sense. I have experienced too many things in my life to NOT believe in this core principle of my beliefs.

Bill and Ted's Dialup Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Dialup Adventure (Photo credit: sylvar)

4) Be Excellent to Each Other:

Yes; I worded it that way on purpose. If you get the movie reference, awesome! I love that movie. This is my mirror for “Be Kind, Not Cruel” on Bex’. I too don’t understand why people are nasty for the sake of being nasty. It confuses the Snickerdoodles out of me! @_@ Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, that’s definitely what I believe. “I believe in being kind to people until provoked otherwise“, aye. One can waste far too much energy on negative thoughts, feelings words and actions. It’s pointless and doesn’t contribute anything worthwhile to society or yourself.

I believe in being rather Altruistic, the Golden Rule (not the one from SNL 😛 though I like that skit/song), the Threefold Rule and – being excellent to each other because it helps make the world a little better. 😉

5) Work Hard and Play Harder:

Is it any surprise this one is on my list? Well it shouldn’t. lol This one is a combination of 2 of Bex’, “Live Life” and “Be Content“. I’m usually happiest and very content when I’m “Playing” or rather “Doing what I love“, because doing what I love often to me is like “playing”. To me, you aren’t truly living until you’re playing! People can spend their entire lives thinking and doing nothing but work, work, working and forget – part of living is playing. Life isn’t all about being a serious adult all the time, responsibilities and/or obligations.

Heaven forbid I ever become one of those, “Grr! I’m a serious adult! I don’t have fun at all!“. I think my friends would think I’m sick if that happened! XD Life’s too short to be serious all the time and besides that, “Why so serious?” seriously, really, honestly, yes. Why are you so serious?! Lighten up and have some fun! It will help your blood pressure and relieve stress! So enjoy your life while you have it and don’t waste it doing nothing but work all the time. It’s not just about that! It’s about so much more!

All work and no play makes (insert name here) a dull boy/girl. 😛 And it really does! Dull, tired, grumpy and frowny! “Uh oh! Somebody’s got a frowny face!

Looks like someone's got a Frowny Face!

Looks like someone’s got a Frowny Face! credit: Movie Screen-capture from “Despicable Me”. I have the movie, don’t own the rights except the legal copy I own. All rights reserved for their respective owners (Universal, ILLUMINATION Entertainment, etc).

6) Everyone Deserves Their Fairytale Happy Ending:

Whether it’s your wedding or the ideal life you’ve always dreamed of, I have always been of the mind that everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from (with the exception of very disturbed or destructive people who find pleasure and happiness in such destructive behaviors) deserves to find their “Bliss” or “Fairytale Happy Ending“. Even pessimists I feel bad for because they haven’t allowed and opened themselves to the possibilities out there and whether they believe it or not, their happiness is out there too.

Whether it is the ideal relationships, the ideal career you always wanted or something else. I do wholeheartedly believe everyone has it in them to achieve this if they only believed.

7) I have the Power! (Empowerment):

I have the POWAAAAH!

I have the POWAAAAH!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! XD

As a Priestess and Intuitive/Psychic Reader when clients have come to me seeking advice, wisdom and Guidance from the Divine or their Higher-Selves, ultimately the most important thing I always wish to help them do, with Spirits help and willing – is Empower them. Show them they have the power or had it all along within themselves. I do know sometimes it’s nice to have outside confirmation or an unbiased viewpoint when things in our lives are hectic and renewed/restored sense of hope for the future. I’m always still glad for their company to boot. 🙂

Whether it is those who empower us or we learn to empower ourselves through one way or another I have always loved this idea, because too many people either relie too much on what’s on the outside and not enough on what counts – relying on our natural instincts, wits, knowledge and skills we possess. Everyone has “THE POWAAAAAH!” within themselves whether they believe it or not. 😉 😀


I later remembered another one I originally wanted to add to my list, but since I had come up with a different one, I substituted (which wasn’t what I wanted to do initially)


Some people might remember this line was actually USED in a movie. However, the phrase has been around much longer than when the movie was produced. I know because I’ve been saying it much longer. 😛 Now I know there are times where we DO have to face the music and throw in the towel or at least try to regroup and re-strategize our next plan of attack. However, in most circumstances where we know we shouldn’t give up but keep trying, this is what comes to mind for me. I also think of Buzz Lightyear’s Motto, “TO INFINITY! AND BEYOND!“.

Whether it’s a long time dream, goal or aspiration DON’T give up, even if you feel like wanting to. Feeling like your defeated at every corner and turn I know can feel discouraging (I know because I’ve lived it a few times and I’m still working to make more than one dream of mine come true), but you CAN do it! So long as you try to remember, “Never give up! Never surrender!” and keep on fighting. Eventually you’ll find a way to overcome or blast through the obstacles in your life to your Dream or Goal. This is what I believe, despite sometimes being on the opposite spectrum, at times.

So there are my 7 (*cough* 8 *cough*) Integral Beliefs that make up Gweny. What are yours? If you like this post – feel free to share it with others! I always encourage this! 🙂

Comments, questions or got a new topic idea? Find that reply button and lay it on me! 😀

~Bright & Dark Blessings, infinite love, gratitude and more be yours – Namaste~


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Savvy Senorita
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 01:45:56

    Thank you for re-blogging my 7 things, and mentioning my points throughout your post. You are a star 🙂 I am as always honoured and appreciative. Also completely wowed (not to be confused with wooed!); of how you approached the topic and the fantastic and interesting points (as always) bound up in your 7 things!!! Reading your post helped calm my nerves; nice to take some time out and think on other things. I am a little, well, a lot nervous as I am soon to depart for the Airport, and I hate all that malarkey, makes me feel sick!
    So, this will be the last hello, thank you and a comment I make for a little while. Take care Gweny and I shall ‘speak’ to you soon!!!!!
    Bex XD

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Feb 26, 2013 @ 02:58:26

      You’re welcome! It was a fun thing to respond to! It seemed sensible to mention some of your points throughout since I agreed with a few of them, just thought of them a little differently. I’m really glad you like this so much! Also very glad it helped to calm your nerves.

      I’m not entirely sure how it did, but I’m very glad it did. I know flying is difficult for me. I’m not overly scared of it, but the last time I went flying – we hit some bad turbulence and I was glad I had one of my plushies (stuffed animals) in my lap to squeeze! It helped calm my nerves immensely on the flight!

      If your like me in that same respect, try breathing calmly and smoothly when the turbulence comes. Imagine you are the wind and you are commanding the turbulence to calm and be like you. Might help.

      Take care and have fun on your trip Bex! Don’t forget to be safe too! Blessings for a safe “To” and “Return” trip. 🙂


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