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Hey folks!

I didn’t forget about this – okay, I did temporarily but this was something I definitely wanted to do before I forgot again. This is a written transcription of the Questions that were asked in my semi-informal interview on Mainstreet Universe. These won’t be word-for-word as I had written these example questions up prior to the interview, however – I may be expanding on some of the answers AND finally sharing some information you may have been dying to hear in the interview but I was too shy to share at the time.

So I still encourage you to listen to the interview, but for those who don’t know – it’s 2 hours long, give or take, so be sure you have the time to listen and eat something! The Interview can be found here (click the “here”).

1) What is the title or Working title you have for your novel?

Operation Charlie Bravo at least that’s what I’ve called it. The actual title will be something along the lines of, “Cursed Blood“. I did some recent research and found like maybe 2-3 other novels with the title, so there will be a “sub-title” to go with the main title of the book, hopefully making it easier for people to find when searching for it and make it less confusing too as to which novel it is.

2) What type of book is it?

It’s a fantasy, historical, fiction, young adult piece.

3) What is it about?

I don’t want to give away everything but it is about the life or un-life, trials and tribulations of a Vampire. Essentially it is their memoir. They are writing all the good bits and pieces they can still remember about the most important events in their life/un-life. My main character would argue, “You’re arguing semantics you know. I say life because this is a form of life for me, maybe not to you, but to me it very much so is.

4) Who or what is our Hero/Protagonist of the story? Whose Memoir is it?

It’s based off the Life of a Vampire Woman named Guinevere who has led a very colorful life from scraping at the bottom, essentially, to surprisingly working her way up unexpectedly through some interesting circumstances that take place in the story, which I can’t reveal too much of otherwise it will possibly wander into “Spoiler” territory or something else.

5) What is our setting or what is the setting like?

The timeline is a bit difficult to pin-pointing exactly as some of the points of reference in Human History will be a tad skewed in this world. Our story really begins sometime well before the Human Industrial Revolution. The Vampire’s are in the middle of theirs when the story unfolds. The Vampires have evolved as a culture faster than Humans essentially because they’ve been around longer and had time to experiment and invent things humans have only been dreaming of for possibly centuries.

Like you might see a Lamp very possibly in a Clan Elder’s chambers or something along those lines. That’s how advanced I’m talking.

So the Vampires of my world are far more technologically “advanced“. For them it’s like the Industrial Revolution with some elements of Steampunk, though the style of clothing is nothing like “Steampunk“. More or less the Vampires keep the same general fashion trends as their Human counterparts, because that is something where they like to be “Old fashioned“, so to speak, but sometimes you have your trend-setters or those who prefer to be very old-fashioned too.

It’s difficult to give exact timeline of where Humans are at Historically speaking in my novel for me though, because I didn’t give a great deal of thought, admittedly, to their timeline but definitely know they are not as far ahead as Vampires.

Quick side note, also culturally speaking, female Vampires have been equals to their male counterparts in Vampire culture much longer too. Pretty much since the beginning in fact, though you do have your sometimes rather domineering personalities.

Cover of "Bram Stoker's Dracula [Blu-ray]...

Cover of Bram Stoker’s Dracula [Blu-ray]

6) Who or what were some of your inspirational sources?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula unabridged, I have read it and I enjoyed it. Other sources would include traditional good old fashion Vampire lore and myth. I love Myth and lore and I’ve read more on it than actual Vampire Novels out there. Much of the Vampire lore out there from around the world is all so very different too if you actually take a look.

7) What about Anne Rice, Laurel K. Hamilton and author’s like Stephanie Meyer of the Twilight Saga?

No; I haven’t read any of Anne Rice’s work. I opened one of her books one time to the first page and put it back after reading the 1st paragraph. I’m sure they aren’t that bad, considering I’ve seen some movies based on her works, “Interview with a Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned“. Just Lestat isn’t my type of Vampire either. He’s not a character I can get very into if that makes any sense.

As for Stephanie Meyer that would definitely be a No. Vampires don’t sparkle in my book. No; I haven’t read that the books, but from what I heard – I think I’d be wasting my time sadly. If after your first book they get progressively worse, I think there’s a problem. I don’t waste my time on books like that, train-wreck or no (That’s how I’ve heard some describe them as). I have seen the 1st movie based on her book, “Twilight” and didn’t think it was anything special. Kind of felt like I wasted my time.

That being said, I will, one of these days, attempt to at least read the first Twilight book for the literary sake of it. Even good writers have to learn from those they don’t consider all that great, they dislike or even find terrible. It is a good learning experience.

Laurel K. Hamilton, definitely haven’t read any of her stuff. I hear her series starts out pretty good and progressively gets more focused on “Sex” as time goes. That’s just disappointing to some degree. So while I may attempt to read the first few books by her – I’ll probably stop before I get too far into it.

Also, just something I want to point out to those who eventually do read my novel. The main character is NOT, I repeat, absolutely NOT based on Selene from Underworld. I have harbored my story for a long time, even before Underworld was made into a movie (I don’t know if there is a book, I haven’t checked) and put out there. So Guinevere, despite having some similar tastes in fashion (to an extent), is not based on Selene in any way. Just wanted to put that out there.

My novel also pre-dates TruBlood and The Vampire Diaries for anyone else wondering about those too. Lastly, while I do love Joseph Michael Linsner’s DAWN comics, Guinevere is in no way modelled after Dawn. That’s just a happy accident, so to speak. I didn’t get into Dawn until my college years (W-ow! I can actually say that now!).

8) So why Vampires?

I love Vampires, plain and simple. I always have and I think I always will. I see them as the opposite of ourselves, humanity. A metaphor for the beast within all of us that’s just lurking below the surface waiting and wanting to get out unless we can keep ourselves and humanity in check. Granted, I also see them as very beautiful creatures. They are sensual but there is also a very beautiful bestial nature about them. It’s something I admire. The beauty of the beast, if you will.

I’ve also been defending Vampires and other misunderstood creatures for a long time. When other kids would say, “Vampires are monsters so that makes them Evil,” I’d get a touch defensive and say, “And how do you know? Not all Vampires are monsters and not all of them are evil. Some could be like you or me!” this was when I was in Middle School mind you. Too funny, right?

I also wrote the book for another reason regarding Vampires but it’s personal and not something at this time I’m too open about sharing at the moment. At least for now.

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9) Is sex going to be a focus in this book?

God and Goddess I hope not! It’s still in the editing phase and I have some crucial points where I’d like an extra pair of eyes to give me some feedback on that. Granted, I don’t hide the fact that Guinevere is very much in love with someone she meets along the way, her husband. I might hint at what they might be doing or fade to black even. I try not to make sex the sole focus or purpose of the book. It’s meant for so much more than that and I want people to see that in my work.

However, it’s difficult to hide or mask a very passionate and romantic relationship where the couple practically wants to tear one another’s clothes off every chance they can get. Granted, Vampires are sexual creatures to a fair extent which is why I also can’t do away with it entirely. It’s part of their nature.

I should also mention that emotions effect Vampires very differently in comparison to Humans.

10) Do you intend to use a pen-name?

Yes I do. I’m not sure if my Psychology behind the idea of using the name will work, but it’s worth a shot to see how effective it might be. I plan on using a male pen-name in the hopes more men will be inclined to pick up my book and women too. See, I don’t know very many men who like Vampire novels. So I’m hoping I can write something that will be pretty well received by both sides. I think having a male pen-name might help that. Might be silly but  it’s worth a try.

11) Are you going to share the name with us today?

I don’t know if I should, would kind of defeat the purpose of it being a surprise when people see it because if they are listening to your broadcast tonight or whenever, they will know it’s a woman who wrote the book. Also, while I’d like to share the name today, I think it best if I wait until I’ve actually released a copy of the book and announce it to my readers of my Blog, Fans of my Facebook Fanpage and Twitter Followers. Just as a precaution.

12) Do you know if you are self-publishing or have a publisher already lined up?

I still don’t know which way to go with in all honesty. I’ve tried to get as much feedback as possible to figure out what’s the best course of action on that matter. It’s looking more and more like self-publishing might be better but it won’t be any less costly mind you. Not exactly, depends on how you go about the process because there are plenty of ways to publish now online and make money while still publishing your work in some way.

Aside from figuring out binding (which is what really dictates price), my other challenge is to find an artist willing to do up the cover of my novel. I have had this idea already in mind on what I’d like for years now. If I were to do it myself though, I’d need some help from a friend and possibly a few other things. I have a strong feeling I’ll go with Self-publication just because I can maintain complete control over my “baby/project” and that might be nice, especially if a Publisher tried to tell me, “Well we want to make your Novel a Romance instead, okay?

I’d most likely tear up the contract at that point.

13) How soon can we possibly expect to see a possible e-book copy of the book? A Paperback?

I’m hoping to have the book edited very soon. I still have just a few polishing touches to do (possibly adding in one more chapter to help explain something) and then I can really get down to editing. After I edit it though, I have a couple of very good friends I’d like to have look over it, so depending on how long they take – I may or may not have an e-book copy of the novel this year. I’m going to shoot for this year, but that depends on my schedule and the help I get.

As for a Paperback copy, I’m very uncertain. I don’t have the money now to spend on buying prints of my work so what I might try to do is going to “Kickstarter” and make that my 1st ever project, raising money for solid, in your hand, copies. I like the feel of a book in my hands too as I’m sure many readers out there probably agree with me. Or when I get my “Donation Pool” finally going on my Blog, my readers can donate to me directly for that.

Course since I’ll be possibly running other projects on my blog, they may need to tell me what their donating to via comments, Twitter or my Fanpage.

If all goes well, really praying it does, I should have an e-book copy available this year. If not this year, next year for sure with hopefully a solid Paperback to put into people’s hands!

-End of Interview questions-

Alright folks, now I know he asked me questions about Psychic Vampires and the possibility of REAL Vampires, but I won’t be re-transcribing those here as those were not initially a part of the original questions I provided Daniel at the time. I hope that’s okay and you aren’t too disappointed. If you want to hear those answers though, you have only to listen to the original broadcast. It was toward the end of the interview, for those wanting to skip the rest, if you want to.

Thank you for reading and if you have any other questions you would have liked to have answered about my Novel, you know where the comments section is, please leave it there and I’ll have an answer for you!

Comments, Questions or got an idea for a new topic? Be sure to leave it in the comments section too! Thank you!

~Merry part, merry meet again, blessings and more be yours – Namaste~


British Library – Learning: Timelines: Sources from History


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  1. terrytrekker
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 03:08:48

    Great work! Wishing you all the success in all your writing and book ventures. Keep on writing!

  2. The Savvy Senorita
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 08:40:04

    I love vampires, always have. I have so many vampire related books, I have no room to stack them now!!!

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Apr 17, 2013 @ 00:09:18

      Same here. Actually I have a few books on Vampires myself. I have at least 2 for amusement purposes. One of those books is titled, “How to Catch and Keep a Vampire”. XD

      I have a couple Vampire novels and at least 3-4 Encyclopedias or something like that, on the lore of Vampires from around the world or through the ages. 🙂

      • The Savvy Senorita
        Apr 17, 2013 @ 06:52:26

        Yes, I do love all things vampire. Especially love the more historical novels, and actual accounts of them throughout the centuries. I do like ‘The Vampyre’ and also I love ‘In Search Of Dracula’ (I love him too)!!!
        It fascinates me!!! 🙂

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