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What I was working on this afternoon.

What I was working on in the earlier part of the afternoon.

Hello everyone! I know I’m not in “Sync” with my new posting schedule I’d like to get on, but that’s why I’m posting now. Going to try to get caught up over the next few days. In the meantime though, with my free-time I’ve been working on making costume pieces for my Dawn Cosplay for FanExpo in Vancouver, B.C.. Granted I can’t have a full authentic Dawn costume due to time constraints and a lack of proper budget, but I’ll be DAMNED/BLESSED if I at least DON’T dress up!

Dressing up is like half the fun of the conventions I go to! By the way, I’m a major perfectionist and stickler when it comes to proper Cosplay-Justice so, it almost HURTS not being able to make a wonderful, beautiful costume for me to wear. *sigh* Not so much so that I’m going to cry about it though. I do understand. I just feel NAKED without a costume when everyone else is wearing them!

That’s it for the personal update, on to the real story of the evening/day.

If some of the local Seattleites couldn’t guess by the title, this is MY addition of the Seattle’s Evening Magazine just without the cameras, proper lighting, awesome microphones, etc. I’d do a video but my only means to upload it would be Youtube and I’m not all that interested nor THRILLED to do that.

English: "Maggie", Seattle news stat...

English: “Maggie”, Seattle news station King 5’s “Evening Magazine” seaplane, moving out for take-off from Lake Union, Seattle WA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to spot-light a special little shop that’s in Ocean Shores, WA. If you’ve never been there it is very pretty, but many of the businesses and places shut down during the Winter, since that’s when our tourism is slowest. There are a couple of Casinos there, some rather nice hotels (some rather expensive), activities such as Horseback Riding on the Beach, a Family Fun Center and there’s other wonderful and local businesses there aside from the, “Buy our Souvenirs so you have something to take home!“.

The shop I’m spot-lighting tonight is Flying Cats! That’s right, it’s called Flying Cats! The logo is entirely too cute as it is two cats flying around in a circle against a background of the moon and stars! I believe when I visited this store my first time I met the store owner, she was very nice and friendly, I think easily excitable just like me too. hehe My brother and I had visited Ocean Shores during 4th of July last year (when I was sick for 2 weeks straight, was just getting over it at this time). He bought some things from the shop and he bought me two items from the shop.

The shop might feel small at times but it’s rather cozy. They have housewares, dishes, nick-knacks, body care products and even Gourmet Food!

The product my Brother bought me was this:

Midnight Monarch Body Butter

Midnight Monarch Body Butter

Midnight Monarch Body Butter. I tell you I have tried products that claim they are “Body Butter” or even say they are Triple Moisture Infusing lotion (the stuff you might find at Bath & Body Works), but most of these products I have tried dry out my skin. My skin doesn’t need a moisturizer often, but when it does – I’d like to use a product I know that WORKS. Not a product that does the EXACT opposite of what it is SUPPOSE to do!

So if you are going to get a product, I HIGHLY recommend Midnight Monarch by Camille Beckman that Flying Cats sells. It will hydrate your skin and if you have a love for luxurious scents, it has one of those scents that reminds you of a fine perfume! Granted you can order this product directly from its home site, but I urge you to support the small business (Flying Cats) by buying it through them than directly from the manufacturer. I thank you and I know the owner will too!

The product I got for my Mother was this:

whitecatballPrimal Elements brand hand-made Vegetable glycerin soap! My mother and I both love cats so it seemed appropriate to get her this as a gift. It’s practical, pretty design and has a lovely scent. However, I should tell you that the one that Flying Cats carries in-store is scented different from the one sold on the main Primal Elements website. So if you want the scent I got for my Mother, be sure to e-mail Flying Cats about ordering it!

Aside from this wonderful scented soap they had other Primal Elements soaps that smelled absolutely edible, wonderful or wasn’t my cup o’ tea but I knew someone would like it. Did I also mention that when you are in store you can CUT the Soap Bar size to what you’d like it to be? It’s very cool! Here is another:


This was another one I would have loved to have gotten!

Again, if you can – I encourage you to order these products THROUGH Flying Cats to support the small business versus ordering from the manufacturer, but if you can’t order through them, then go through the manufacturer as your last resort.


Litter Box Blend

I did mention food and while I’d love to have a picture to share with you, the best I could do would be to showcase a condiment, which they do have some tasty sounding condiments, dips and other goodies. However, I’m going to share with you one of the other things they carry – COFFEE! Yes Coffee lovers, Flying Cats carries their own blend of Coffees roasted for Flying Cats by Caffe Appassionato! This one I just loved the name of!

Like I said, they do carry housewares related items such as aprons, oven mitts and other goodies, but you’d have to ask for pictures of those or go to the store in person to see them for yourself! I highly recommend that last option. Nothing like seeing something in person for yourself. 🙂

Again, any of the products they carry – please try to order it from Flying Cats directly verses the manufacturer. Their small business will appreciate it and your patronage!

That’s all folks!

Thank  you for reading and I hope you enjoyed Gwen’s Evening Magazine!

~Love, Dark & Light Blessings, good fortune & more – Namaste~


Flying Cats – Gourmet Foods, Coffee, Hand-made Vegan Soaps, Nick-knacks, Housewares and other goodies!

Primal Elements

The Official Camille Beckman Product Site



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Savvy Senorita
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 02:32:24

    Ummm, interested in this costume making. I love the design of clothes, but stink at complex sewing. I am now a little jealous Gwen!!!! Flying cats coffee, also interesting – I have never heard of it. It looks more like a piece of art than a coffee packet!!!! Brilliant! Really interesting post Gwen 🙂

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Mar 06, 2013 @ 02:41:26

      To be honest, I’m not a master seamstress or anything. I’m largely self-taught, don’t have a Surger for properly securing seams together, though I do have a sewing machine. If you have a pattern to follow – it does tend to make things a bit easier.

      Had I taken fashion instead when I went to college, I’d have at least learned that useful skill, how to make my own patterns.

      Flying Cats is the store name – but they do get specially brewed coffee from a company in Seattle. That’s the logo on the bag you see too! So it’s meant to look like art!

      Glad you enjoyed it! 😀


      • The Savvy Senorita
        Mar 06, 2013 @ 02:47:47

        Ah, OK then I feel less jealous now, but I tend to struggle with a sewing machine, who knows why!!!!! Oh, I see now – my fault completely. I just admire the effort applied – usually coffee packets are quite dull! This looks like it ought to be framed 🙂

        • Lady Gwendolynn
          Mar 07, 2013 @ 23:18:29

          I just finished my “DAWN” Death Crown yesterday. I have to get a special glaze now for the base coat and then proceed to paint it. Oh wait, can’t glaze it till I use the “Green Stuff” to smooth out the rough patches. 🙂

          I think they do have some artwork with their logo on it in the shop! 😀


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