Make-up vs. Mineral Make-up – Which Should You Use?

Woman applying make-up. Canon 5D Mark II Sigma...

Woman applying make-up. Canon 5D Mark II Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro Whitelightning X1600 (2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every woman likes to look her best. Often that means we like to hide the impurities and other embarrassing things that are visible on our skin, especially the most important skin we feel really helps us get our foot in the door at a job interview, a date or otherwise (no it’s not your cleavage or your legs!) – our face. It’s probably a pretty good guess that most women use the regular commercial stuff that has the fillers, preservatives and other stuff in it which can feel like “cake” on your face.

Hell, I use this stuff! So I’m speaking from experience and NOT out of my posterior.

In the last decade or so there has been a BIG emphasis on the, “Getting back to basics” and trying or using “Mineral Make-up“. The question is – does it really live up to the hype? Let’s clarify a few things first before we go over the differences, pros and cons of Traditional Make-up vs. Mineral Make-up.

As long as human beings have been alive and started to take a personal interest in how to hide their flaws, imperfections, appear younger or convey a certain sort of appearance at all, they have been hard at work on developing the make-up they felt was best with the tools they had of the era. Sometimes their make-up was various animal feces like bird or gator (I’m serious – ewww!). Sometimes it was something they were simply using as “dye” to change the color that was something we – today – would find quite nasty.

They also experimented with regular good old-fashioned minerals. The experimentation with minerals of the Earth, really isn’t news. It’s OLD news, much like the 13th Zodiac sign they got all excited about not that long ago which appeared back also in 1985 or round about when I was born. Again – nothing new here!

Note: That’s kind of a pet-peeve of mine, when they take something that is completely OLD news and regurgitate it as if it’s new. I usually –> *face-palm & shakes head*

Woman Applying Powder by Hashiguchi Goyō, 1918

Woman Applying Powder by Hashiguchi Goyō, 1918 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Traditional Commercial Make-up:

So how is regular old commercial Make-up different from the Mineral Make-up they hype? Well I mentioned a few of the differences already. They do contain minerals that are good for your skin. However, they also contain preservatives, fillers and maybe even certain dye components to give it a specific color. Aside from that, I mentioned the feel of “Cakey-ness” or heavy-like quality of traditional make-up.

One of the great things about this kind of make-up though, it lasts HOURS! So long as you don’t rub your face a lot, scratch it or get it wet (it can get a little wet). They even make special make-up specifically for “Working-out” or to that effect.

Mineral Make-up:

Mineral Make-up is largely made just using minerals. It shouldn’t have any preservatives, fillers or otherwise in it. Not even dyes. Just the natural wholesome stuff. A little concealer, brush dipped into foundation and lightly dusted over your face and flaws disappear at the flick of a wrist; least that’s how easy they seem to make it.

Pros and Cons – Mineral vs. Commercial Traditional – FIGHT!

Traditional Commercial Make-up Pros:

  • Lasts for hours when applied correctly.
  • They have this kind of make-up for those who have to “Work-out” so there is versatility.

Traditional Commercial Make-up Cons:

  • It’s recommended to wash your face immediately after the days use of make-up, otherwise you risk blocking pores that will, most likely, get clogged and turn into blemishes.
  • It’s heavier.
  • Takes often longer to apply than Mineral Make-up.

Mineral Make-up Pros:

  • Goes on relatively easily.
  • Takes less time to apply.
  • The minerals without the extra stuff that most commercially produced make-up has, is better for your skin, so much so there is a possibility of being able to sleep with your make-up on over-night. However, it’s also not recommended by most.

Mineral Make-up Cons:

  • This kind of make-up will NOT last you for hours. You may need to touch-up throughout the day depending.
  • While you can sleep in it – again – with any make-up, to avoid pore clog-age, wash your face from the days use.

Regardless, you will and still shouldWASH – YOUR – FACE – with either that you use. That’s the big consensus.


Cosmetics (Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)

Which kind of make-up should you be using? That’s not up for me to decide, that’s more of a “case by case” basis and you need to try each for yourself and find what works for you. I haven’t had the chance to try mineral make-up yet, but if I did – I’d like to maybe try BareMinerals or Natural Look. Do you know what it’s really going to come right down for you to choose which one works for you, aside from everyday or not so every-day use? PRICE!

When it comes to women’s preservation of beauty, one stereotype that often has a pretty good footing and seems to hold true – is we like to look our best and appear youthful, so often – we aren’t thinking of the price. However, when push comes to shove and it’s NOT within your budget, it will be a deciding factor. That’s my case. I can’t afford to try Mineral Make-up now unless it’s a “Free Trial” based thing or something at least of that nature. That’s it.

However, would I pay monthly to have make-up shipped to me? Probably not. I don’t wear make-up everyday or often enough for that. I do believe to some extent we should embrace our natural beauty, flaws and all. That being said, if you’re going to take pictures of me or I am going on camera, sadly, I am going to put make-up on because I DO, like most women, enjoy looking my best. If my skin were flawless – might be a different story.

As a Goth though (believe it or not as you will), when I go out clubbing or otherwise, I do like to convey often a very different appearance from “The Norm“. So normal make-up works very well for me for the average use that I use it for and general wear and tear. Though, sometimes I wish the cakey-ness was less and that it didn’t emphasis minute crinkles or wrinkles. 😛 I try to blend well though, I do a pretty good job, but application takes me a sometime. I often feel like I’m painting a picture, except – it’s my face.

So that’s my case, what’s yours? Which do you prefer or use? Do these Pros and Cons of either hold up for you? Or are some a bit off? Let us know your thoughts from your experience!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the alternative topic from my normal bits and pieces of postings, as this was something I was also very curious and rather interested in.

Got something to say? Questions, topic suggestion? Find the reply button and make yourself heard!

~Dark & Bright blessings & more be yours – Namaste~


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