Daily Prompt Response: The Social Network Dilemma

twitter logo map 09

twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

Hey all you readers and bloggers out there!

I know it’s been a while since my last blog. I apologize. I’ve started to get those “Pre-Convention Panic” Jitters, because FanExpo (the convention in Canada, going with my Man and his male best-friend) is this month and I need to finish my DAWN Head-Dress soon. It’s almost there. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had the proper Power Tools to do some “Subtractive” sculpting, but alas, I must work with what I got. So I’ve been focused on that, doing Readings in SL, Gardening and trying to get some errands done.

So I’ve been a very busy wee Hummingbird. :3

I had a couple new things I wanted to write about, but going to type those up at “Human hours” vs. my normal “Vampire Hours“. 😛 and NO this Vampire/Night Owl does NOT Sparkle…unless I want to. 😉 hehe So here’s a little something for fun.

When they ask do I “Get” Social media I have to wonder what they mean. Do I understand how it works? Can I see the functionality of Social Media? Do I think Social Media can be useful? Or useless? I guess the answer to nearly all of those is a resounding, “Yes”. Albeit, I do feel some of the Social Media services out there are rather redundant and unnecessary. I think Social Media is a VERY powerful tool and to that I would also like to add, “With great power comes great responsibility“. Yes; that’s right. I just used a Comic Book quote. 😛

People have used Social Media for the right reasons and for absolutely WRONG reasons. Or they choose to use it at the worst of times when they should refrain or should restrain from using Social Media, often painting a rather poor picture of themselves. You might just know what I’m talking about. Granted, I suppose that adds an element of “Their human too!” but still.

I also find Social Media to be rather “annoying” at best. It’s like each year or every 5 years to a decade they have to come out with some new form of Social Media or – for instance. Not long after Twitter, I started to see other things like Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other things that are considered Social Media outlets. Now I haven’t done enough research to know if these other Social Media groups were established WELL before Twitter or not. What I do know is that they became more emphasized AFTER Twitter. So hence, why I’m a bit annoyed.

We are always trying to keep up with what’s the “New thing“. At least some of us are and I find that – again – rather annoying. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m NOT a trend-setting socialite. No; I follow life to the beat of my own drum and some people love the beat so much they stick around and join my drum circle and we have a blast instead. 😉 😀

Now while I say all this, it may seem contradictory on a few points as I am ON Twitter. I’m on Twitter for a logical reason though and I try not to update it everyday or too often…although some days I have my, “Tweet! Tweet! I’m going to share with everyone my overly abundant loving energy today! Tweet! Tweet!” Of course, overtime, I have found Twitter to not BE so bad. Like any form of Social Media though, we all should take such things in small doses and not allow them to take up too much of our lives in general.

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6×6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

I’ll tell you it took me the longest time before I finally joined Facebook from Myspace. Aye; you remember Myspace don’t you? I still have a profile there active. I haven’t shut it down. I figured I’d leave it active for Friends or Family to find me if they wanted too. Most of my friends, family that counts and Spirit Family have moved over to Facebook though. So I’m on Facebook for Social reasons. To keep in touch with people I don’t have to send out 100 e-mails a day to (not to a single person mind you, I mean 1 for each person and then replying?! Oopdie oh boy! @_@).

So I use Social Media to keep in touch with friends, Family, Spirit Family, to meet SOME new folks, to find like-minded people, to find out about new things, to keep relatively updated & in the loop about media/news AND – promote myself and my blog shamelessly. Really? Can you blame me? It sure will come in handy for promoting my Book when it’s finally published and in print for people to buy. 😛 I know some of you out there are into or using Social Media for some of the SAME reasons so don’t you get all high and mighty with me! Psh! 😛 😉

Overall, that’s how I feel about Social Media and what I use it for. What do you use it for? Care to share?

Thanks for reading. Till next time – stay thirsty my friends. *giggles* 😉

Comments, questions or topic suggestion ideas? Leave a comment in the comments section! 😀

~Bright and Dark blessings, Namaste~


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