FanExpo 2013 – Review

Dawn (Me) striking a Heroic Pose in the driver's seat of the DeLorean (Time Machine from Back to the Future).

Dawn (Me) striking a Heroic Pose in the driver’s seat of the DeLorean (Time Machine from Back to the Future). Was my best picture I think.

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for the FanExpo of 2013 Review. It’s a week or week and a half late but oh well, better late than never I definitely say. 😛

Did I have fun you wonder? Not as much as I usually have at say SakuraCon or possibly Emerald City ComiCon (and I’ve only been to ComiCon 1 year before mind you). It wasn’t the worst convention I’ve ever been too either, but it was one that showed it was a “Work-in-Progress“. So here are my Pros, what little there are, and Cons for FanExpo 2013 Experience.

Con 1; Ticket Lines – I got there at 5:30 in the morning hoping to beat many of the other people who would need to buy tickets at the door for the convention. Why? Well from the fact I’ve been to SakuraCon and know how long the door-line can get, it’s a wise idea, typically. However, I was also there because I had heard from a pretty reliable source that they “Oversold” tickets for the convention online.

So even if you HAD a ticket to get in, there was NO guarantee you might ACTUALLY get in after all. Which I know would have royally miffed a few Con-goers and the Con may very well be a disaster on that basis alone. However, as time went on it didn’t look quite like tickets were as much an issue as I once thought they were going to be. As they announced to us who were waiting, patient and eagar to buy our tickets in line, “We are going to start out selling 300 tickets,” and then they let slip the dogs of war. WHAT?! It was about to be a Geek-War come on! 😛

FanExpo 2011, The Vader Family

FanExpo 2011, The Vader Family (Photo credit: Jackman Chiu)

Although, getting there early to purchase tickets, seemed like an utter waste of time. After waiting outside in the cold for 3 hrs (2 hrs more inside) only to get inside and see 4 lines for people who STILL needed to buy tickets and 2 lines for the special online ticket purchases I was like, “The hell did I get up so frackin early for?! I’m not happy about this!“. I can see what they were trying to do – but as a Con-goer who has been to previous conventions before, there is just something that seems a bit unfair about this set-up. There is no sense of “Victory” (Link is safe, it’s just for added Geek-dom :P) for “Ticket Purchase Achieved!“.

So admittedly, that was an element I’d have liked that I missed. I like that sense of “Victory!” I get for buying my tickets, knowing how long the line behind me still is and being like, “MWAHAHAH! I’m in! So you on the other side suckas!” lmao! Okay, I’m not THAT mean, but it’s still an awesome feeling regardless. 😛

The Ticket Line!

The Ticket Line! (Photo credit: Originalrocket) Not actually taken at FanExpo 2013

Con 2; Understaffed & Uninformed – I’m combining 2 of my Cons because I felt they went a little “Hand-in-hand“. When you are running an convention you want to ensure you have enough Staff on hand to handle how ever big the venue might be & make sure they know as much as they should. From another reliable source I heard the previous FanExpo had been held in a slightly smaller venue. The logic to moving into a bigger venue is – Hire more Staff and if you aren’t sure how many you might need, hire more – just to be safe. I never feel you can go wrong with having enough “Helpful” staff on hand.

Notice I mentioned the word “Helpful” in there? Well as I said, there were some issues with them being understaffed and that was, not enough of the actual staff seemed to know what was going on. Those with Staff badges, most of which were VENDORS, didn’t know the events or what was even going on & we were lucky if we found someone who DID know what was going on. It was just overall very frustrating and confusing, not just as a Con-goer but even apparently being among the Staff. That’s kind of sad. The thing they should have done was made individual “Vendor” badges for the Vendors. Would have made more sense & that way even the Con-goers could avoid asking them unnecessary questions.

So that being said, they needed to hire more Staff, make sure the Staff were well-briefed/informed and for GODS SAKE, give the Vendors a Program or give them a tour of the convention center so they can be helpful and know what’s going on too! Oai! I don’t remember it being THAT hard to find something out when I was attending SakuraCon! Although with all the panels, workshops and events sometimes it was difficult to decide on what to attend! O.O;

Amanda Tapping joins the main cast for season ...

Amanda Tapping joins the main cast for season four. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Con 3; Not Enough Fun Fan Workshops – There was only 1, count’m 1 workshop that I wanted to attend that I decided I couldn’t because I was too exhausted from working off of fumes and trying to force myself to try to stick it out as long as I could in ‘heels‘. Yes; I was wearing heels around the Con. 😛 Now while I know some fans are uber-excited in sitting down for the celebrity Q&A panels – I’m not one of those gals. I’d have liked to have seen some more Workshops like the “Voice Acting” workshop they had at FanExpo this year.

There just wasn’t enough to do to keep me entertained as a fan and for me to feel like the Con brought me a lot of joy – other than showing off my costume and posing for pictures. WHAT?! My favorite part of a Con is getting pictures of my costume taken! I can’t help it! lmao! I’m a picture wh**e! Also if it hadn’t cost so bloody much I’d have wanted some signatures from Amanda Tapping, Stan Lee and a few other celebrities but I was very limited on my budget. Which leads me to another flaw.

Con 4; No Rough List Price for Celebrity Signatures – On the Emerald City ComiCon website they actually had a rough guesstimate or list of prices for each celebrity, with the exception of a few who did not disclose their fee, signature. With the economy the way that its been, if you want to be a Smart and Frugal Con-Goer, it’s nice to know these things, am I right? So that was something I was not very thrilled that the FanExpo website did not offer ahead of time. I think myself and others could have been better prepared otherwise.

English: Dave Kellett at the 2010 Emerald City...

English: Dave Kellett at the 2010 Emerald City Comicon in the booth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overall, as a friend who went with me put it, “I found it okay, but not really much more than that. Like a large Garage Sale with higher prices and a chance to get celebrity autographs.” While it’s true no matter the convention that you DO attend that it will have element of this nature, what the Convention Provides overall as far as “Fun Factor” and how they handle the smooth operation of the Convention, will make a HUGE difference in a Con-Goers experience.

So I’ve spoken enough about the Cons, what about the Pros? At this year’s FanExpo – there weren’t many Pros to be honest (save for me getting pictures taken <–shameless I know). However, I did ask some of the other Con-Goers about previous years of FanExpo and how they felt about those years they went prior to this years. The overall feeling and resounding statement was, “Last year’s was so much better!“. So it’s obvious the committee for the convention messed up somewhere. Maybe it’s the drawbacks I mentioned, it could also be something else entirely.

Whatever it may be, they should take this years experience, that of the previous years experience’s, the Fan’s and LEARN from them. Don’t kill FanExpo before it’s able to gain some steam. Give it a chance! All conventions have their good years and their bad years. That is just the way of things. So, I definitely encourage Vancouver, B.C. to keep FanExpo up and running. Learn from your mistakes and build on them! Make the next year a convention to remember, because the next year that I go – I want to write the most awesome review – EV-AH for it! 😛

Emerald City ComiCon 2008 4

Emerald City ComiCon 2008 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So get back on the horse and try again.

I did enjoy myself a bit. Meeting other fans and Con-goers is fun/making new friends, along with the pictures and hugging favorite characters (I got to hug a DMC 3 Dante! *Insert girlish squeal here*). Like I said, wasn’t bad – but could use some work.

That’s it for my review on FanExpo 2013. For more pictures from the convention, I’ll be providing links to 2 different photographers web-pages who snapped pictures of me and other people from FanExpo and other conventions as well! Also, both of these guys haven’t gotten ALL their pics up yet – so if you check back later and find my pics of me dressed as ‘Dawn‘ – please let me know. I’d be greatly appreciative. The pictures are my mementos.

Also if you’d like your link to your gallery or whatever added because you also took pictures at FanExpo 2013, please let me know in a comment and I’ll look over your link. 😉 However the comment may end-up in my spam folder. Don’t worry, I DO inspect my spam comments before I delete them. 😛 Just be sure to make sure you don’t sound like a robot is all I ask.

I’ll be checking these sites too off/on but the extra hand in looking for my photos would be helpful and much appreciated. I’m posting one extra photo of me from the convention I managed to have my friend ‘snag‘ with my phone at the end as a special treat. I didn’t get to snap many photos because the convention center hated my phone and I forgot my digi-cam at home. @_@ At least you can see more pics from these awesome Photographers who handed me their cards! Yay!

Thanks for reading! Ab-ed ab-ed, ab-ed – That’s all folks!

“In brightest day,

In darkest night,

no evil shall escape my sight,

let those who worship evils might,

beware my power!

Green Lanterns light!”

-Oath of the Green Lantern Corps

~Blessings and Namaste~

Reference Links for FanExpo 2013 Pics and others:

Geoectomy Photography ( has a Tumblr & Facebook

Cosplay Collector ( On Facebook “DavidDTJAAAAMNgo” & Twitter “DTJAAAAM”

Videodrones ( also have a Facebook Fan-page and is on Instagram.

Black-cat & Dawn (me), random blur person, unknown.

Black-cat & Dawn (me), random blur person, unknown.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eve
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 10:57:47

    Would you be willing to sell your Dawn Costume? I have loved dawn and just love your costume for her. I have always wanted to be her but cannot make let alone find a costume. 🙂

    • Lady Gwendolynn
      Jun 25, 2013 @ 18:25:35

      I’m glad you liked it! Unfortunately I will -not- be selling this costume because it was just a simple, run of the mill, Aphrodite stereotype Halloween costume that I had purchased last Halloween.

      In addition I used from my inventory of personal items a black waist cinch, the gleeve I hand-sewn the chain onto (the other the rose was loosely shaped and wrapped around my arm), a cosplay wig (that I really love), a rose hair piece that I threw into the mix for decoration, a shell choker I don’t remember where or when I picked up, some heels I found at Macy’s and the head-dress was a head-band I bought from Jo-Ann’s where I also got the clay to make the Skull with horns.

      The “Green-Stuff” I used to help try to fix and re-sculpt the Skull later I got from our local Comic Book store which sells miniature game pieces. 🙂

      As you can see, it was very thrown together. Technically you could do this too. I just have an art book of Linsner’s and the 3 full graphic novels for references to give me ideas on how I could throw something together that would be Dawn-esque.

      I also had pictures on my computer to refer to as well. One of my favorite being the ‘Dryad’ version of Dawn. It doesn’t have to be an -exact- replica of any of her actual outfits from the comics or artbook. So long as it can embody the ‘Goddess’ in the way you think she is going to be properly represented, that’s what counts.

      I don’t know if this will be, “Well I already KNEW that!” but I a few re-occurring things I’ve noticed in the Dawn comics are these typical features. You don’t have to include them all but MOST if not ALL have these items or at least two showing up in her attire.

      -The Horned God Cernunnos’ symbol featured somewhere. This typically is a Skull with Horns or can be just skull (s) too.

      -Rose and/or Thorns, often both are seen accompanied together.

      -Chain, almost always I have seen Dawn with a Chain or Chains incorporated into her outfit or she may be holding one.

      -The Masks of Drama and Comedy.

      -Dawn loves leather, Corsets, Cinches, Bustiers and such. She is the embodiment of confidence, sexy, grace, wisdom, intelligence and classy to classic at times.

      -Often Dawn wears something that separates her from all the rest, something that helps her stand out in a crowd and maybe silence a room, make a few jaws drop or put a few people in slack-jawed state of “Aw!”.

      So if you are thinking or trying to come up with ideas of how to create your own Dawn costume, I hope that information can help you if at all. 🙂

      In any case, this comment is probably a LOT longer than what you might have been expecting and I’m going to leave it there. I hope this was helpful. ^_^;

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