Samurai Jack Knows That Good Can Sometimes Waver

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m slowly but surely going to try to work through some of my drafts and some of “The Daily Post” responses because I liked some of the ones I missed. So keep your eyes peeled for those. Here’s a special topic drawn up for this week as from the “Draft” section of my inventory of words. Enjoy! 😉

One of my favorite Cartoons that used to air on Cartoon Network was Samurai Jack. Granted, I didn’t much care for the art style and at first it was difficult to get around it to watch the show and enjoy it. After a while, it was one of those shows that just ‘grew‘ on you. Art style, storyline, characters, strange alien Earth and all.

Netflix FINALLY got Season 1 in their inventory (though I’m confused about where the rest is) and I decided to re-watch some episodes for old times sake because – let’s face it – I missed the show. I was re-watching the episode “Under the Sea” and was reminded of a real-life situation where I too had experienced something like what Jack mentioned. For those who don’t know the episode very well, I can give you a link for a re-cap or you can watch the episode for a refresher.

Screenshot of the Spartan King from Samurai Jack.

Screenshot of the Spartan King from Samurai Jack. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Under the Sea – Samurai Jack this link works but you may need to close a pop-up or two.

And here is your general episode summary:

Samurai Jack ventures into the deep end of the ocean after hearing of a time portal can be found in Oceanis, the sunken underwater city of the Triceraquin.

If you haven’t seen the episode NOW, I will tell you there WILL be spoilers. Just a fair warning.

And Spoilers in 5…4…3…2…1


Let me guess, you were the kid that liked to take peeks at their presents before Christmas…don’t worry – I think we’ve all been guilty of that a time or two.

Anyway, in the episode Jack is betrayed by the Triceraquins because they had made a deal with the big Baddie Aku. In short Aku said they could return to the surface (better trade there and their people could thrive better too) if they could capture Jack and present the Samurai to him. The Triceraquins were thinking about the, “Sometimes the needs of the many, outweigh the few…“. Which is true, sometimes there are simply sacrifices you must make in life that, you may not like it – but if it’s for the greater good of all and it would only cost one getting hurting, namely maybe you – might you go for it?

Jack meets the Triceraquins

Jack meets the Triceraquins

What might you be willing to sacrifice? What might be worth such a sacrifice of great magnitude?

This also reminds me of when I played Fable II the decision you make towards the end of the game. NO SPOILERS FOR YOU!

After it’s found out that Aku has gone back on his word and ultimately betrayed the Triceraquins (gee no surprise there – there’s only ‘master of deceit‘ in his title) they rescue and free Jack. Jack eventually talks them into going back and letting him fight Aku, they fight AND – he wounds Aku but before anything fatal can be further dealt – surprise, surprise – he slicks off and away to heal and lick his wounds. The Triceraquins (normally a peaceful folk mind you) feel terrible about what they had done to Jack and even they felt that their actions were unforgivable.

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack (Photo credit: alanak)

The wonderful thing though? Jack then said, “Aku’s deceit runs deep. Even a good heart can be tainted in the hands of Aku“. That is what I wanted to really focus on here. Is that even those who strive to be good and to do good in the world, they are just as susceptible to being tainted by the negativity of the world as anyone else. It goes into that whole, “Nobodys perfect” and “We all make mistakes“. Even ‘Good‘ people do. They aren’t Saints and most of them don’t want to be put on that pedestal we put them on.

It is ‘US‘ who put those ‘Good‘ people who influence our lives in a good way on those shining pedestals. It is also ‘US‘ who reject those people or are the 1st to say nasty & mean things or spread heinous rumors. These are the things we do if we are not compassionate and understanding enough to forgive our Heroes, Friends, Family or whoever they may be when they do stray from their life-path, their goals or who they truly are deep down.

Instead of kicking these good people when they are down – or adding insult to injury, we should be reminding them of who they are. Sometimes it is a simple matter of people “losing” themselves in something else OR – to someone else that’s actually far more detrimental to their psyche but they don’t know how to ‘pull-away‘. It happens. Believe me, I know – from first hand experience and stories from others I know.

We can’t always be strong, sometimes we NEED to fall a part in order for better things to fall into place. That’s just how life is. Sometimes we need to do things out of our nature or character to remind ourselves who we really are or have people remind us who we are. Sometimes it is to learn something new and those lessons are quite valuable in the long run. Regardless of Good, Bad, Neutral whatever – people make mistakes – sometimes especially when something dear to them is on the line or a piece of them is already heavily invested.

Screenshot of the Lone Wolf and Cub from Samur...

Screenshot of the Lone Wolf and Cub from Samurai Jack. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone have any stories they’d like to share on this? Perhaps there was a time you were made out to be the “Bad Guy” even though you know yourself to be a pretty, to quote Bill and Ted, righteous dude/dudette? What were the circumstances? How were you involved? Can you tell us what happened? I love stories and would love to hear more from others out there willing and brave enough to share. 🙂

Thank you for reading and stop by again soon! I sure hope you do. 😉

~Love, light, blessings & more be yours – Namaste~


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