How Do You Wear the Title “Villain” Proudly?

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Folks!

Welcome back for yet another rousing musing from my mind.

First, I want to send out a Happy Mother’s Day message to all the mother’s out there. I still haven’t gotten a chance to call one of my Mother’s but I hope to call her sometime today and wish her a late one myself. As for my actual Mother’s Day, I actually got to get my Blood-mother out to go see Iron Man 3 at Shelton Cinemas.

For those wondering, it was good and worth your money.

I will tell you something got me a little down yesterday when I wrote this (which is why I held off on publishing it too), so I’m not sure I’m back to full strength yet on my writing, but I’m going to try to put something good out for you to enjoy and get you thinking nonetheless. 🙂

So here is the musing of the day.

This literally just came to me today/yesterday and I thought to myself, “Hey yeah! That would be an interesting topic to discuss with my readers!“. 🙂 So the musing of the day is this: We often try to put our best foot forward in life. We know that first impressions are important so we try to make them count – that is unless we don’t care. In this case you DO care. 😛

So let’s say, you have a scenario where you tried your best to represent yourself as true to yourself as possible, trying to put that best foot forward AND – you screw up. I don’t mean blunder lightly either, I mean blunder BIG time. You blunder so badly that now someone thinks you’re a Villain and despite your apologies, admitting where you may have been wrong, trying to make up for your mistake and trying to take a step back to try to show the real you again, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

You know that one person still thinks you’re a Villain and tells everyone they meet, including their own friends, how terrible of a person you are. You know it’s not true and if they, these friends of the other person, had half a brain to come talk to you and get your side of things, they might understand and see it’s not true or at least – that there’s more to the story and you aren’t half as bad as their friend describes you. You may not get that luxury though. But this person is spreading slander about you and you know it.

Now while it’s true we shouldn’t care what other people think – especially if it’s someone who doesn’t mean much to you, what if this person did mean something to you? Would it really be that easy for you to dismiss the hurtful things they are doing? Would you be willing and able to wear the title of “Villain” proudly or would it be a bit difficult to swallow even that? What would you want to do? What would you do in this situation if it were you?

That’s what I got for you today. Interested? If you are I’d love to see your ideas and responses on this. A tanker (foreground) confronts one of the gam...

The Real Life Origins:

I will tell you this is a bit based on a real-life situation that happened to me a year ago. I met someone, made friends with them, tried to put my best foot forward and WHAM! I got hit with a giant 2×4 across the face (metaphorically not literally). I wasn’t completely at fault for my actions I had help from people who had ulterior motives and were willing to throw me under the bus to make themselves look good and I didn’t know it. I felt like an idiot for placing my trust in the wrong party, but it ultimately lead to someone thinking the worst of me – along with their friends.

I hated the idea that I was being judged for something I did and these people didn’t even really have a clue about who I truly am and may never which, in a way, seems like a crime to me. They took a side before hearing BOTH sides as there is always more than ONE side to every story. They picked their “friend” (I’m using that term loosely mind you) over me and I was labelled a ‘Villain‘ ultimately despite not being the only one at fault.

I cut my ties eventually when I couldn’t take anymore and am glad I did. I don’t need ‘Drama Llamas‘ in my life. If I had known better in the beginning, I’d have not been fool enough to even befriend this person that I did that lead to so much anxiety, stress and pain. I found out recently from a friend this person was still telling lies about me and while I know it’s on THEM for choosing to use their words and credibility irresponsibly, it’s still uncouth and I can’t lie – it still hurts.

A Hero's work is never done. I don’t want to BE the “Villain“. It’s not who I am. So I’m struggling to figure out – how do I simply learn to accept that at least one person may always see me as just that and continue to spread lies about me, even to those I know. That’s not exactly an easy horse-pill to swallow. Even when I played City of Heroes, I’ll be honest – I didn’t have many Villains and most of my would-be Villains were individuals who toed the line between being good and evil.

If I had wanted to play a truly evil Villain I’d have had to go to an extreme to do so. Something completely the opposite of who I am in order to accomplish it and it’s not easy even still. I played mostly Heroes because it’s what felt right and what I gravitated to. This was most natural and came naturally to me (as did Rogues and Vigilantes 😛 ).

So there you go. You’ve got something to think about and even respond to if you like. Let me know your thoughts! I would really like and rather know what you’d do in your own shoes in this situation. I think it would make this a bit more interesting and even give me a new perspective to see things from. So fire away with those keyboards!

Thank you for reading and hope to see you back soon!

~Blessings, good fortune & more be yours – Namaste~


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