Back in the Saddle? P.A.U. 22

Merry meet again Folks!

I know it’s been a long while. In fact all the way back in May was when last I posted and you may have seen very little to no activity as well on my Twitter account too. Allow me to start by apologizing to you, my readers. I know there are some who really do enjoy my writing and I really appreciate you, the reader, for many reasons.

I want to let you all know that during my time that I slipped away…I was on a very much-needed Hiatus. I went into “Hermit-Mode” and was busy being an “Awesome Hermit” for the past several months. I wasn’t completely anti-social but I decided to focus on my real life (by that – I mean life outside the web) because not only did I have serious important family issues that could not be ignored with my Mother, but I also had realized that I wasn’t as healed as I thought I was from the last big serious blows I had suffered the past couple years.

I have been battered pretty harshly emotionally the past 2 years with scars from the earlier 3. It just all piled on and while I had some time to heal in between…it took me pulling away, receding back into the safety of friends, family and myself to really make any decent head way in healing myself further. Its been – a pretty rough few years and some of you know a little as to what I’ve been through because of the small bits I’ve been willing to share.

I appreciate those of you who have stuck around. I am sorry I didn’t write a post about my serious need to pull away. Had I another admin running the page I’d have asked someone else to do it for me. I try not to be so inconsiderate and relay to others what I’m doing. I hope some of you can forgive me.

I’d like to now switch over to some good news. My Family life seems to be better now and stabilized. I moved to Knoxville, TN recently and have called back home every day to try to keep up-to-date on the local news since I don’t get the paper out here (It’s also expensive to get it delivered all the way out here @_@), to check up on my friends and my Mother. I have a new fur-baby named Spencer. I’m sure I’ll post pictures of him soon for you all soon enough. 😉 And in the Spring I hope to bring my other 2 boys and possibly a girl kitty I adore ‘Gerdie’ here so Spencer can have playmates. 🙂

I don’t plan on living here for the rest of my life, just for now. I’d like to eventually move back to WA when things get a little better. Knoxville has a lot of job opportunities out here. Gave me some hope for making a better life for myself somewhere. I hope to bring that success back home with me when I finally get the chance. I hope some of you will wish me the same luck.

The Editing and Publication of my book got put on hold due to my healing and I apologize to anyone looking forward to it but I needed to take care of myself first. I have however started working on some short stories for my Children Book series I’d like to eventually have published and tested my 2nd story out on a small audience. 🙂 It definitely got some good feedback and someone asked if it was published online any where already. It currently is not. It still needs to be re-edited and fine-tuned.

When it happens though, my blog family will be the first to know along with the rest of my friends and family on Facebook…and Twitter. ^_^;

I am hoping to slowly but surely make a come-back with the kinds of posts you have come to know and love that I do so love to write. If anyone from back home can keep me in the loop about what’s going on news wise, I’d also appreciate that too.

Thank you all again for you understanding and again I apologize for my very long much needed absence.

~Thanks for reading!

~~oO*Infinite love and gratitude, Namaste*Oo~~


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  1. Joseph
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 17:55:21

    Glad to see you back posting.

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