Lying is GOOD!

I wanted to do yet another topic on RAoK (Random Acts of Kindness) but couldn’t think of a thing! >.< I thought I had another idea after that last post I did, but if I did – it has all but temporarily evaporated. So, in lieu of that idea that I did have, I have this one (It was this or Gamer Etiquette. 😛 ). I’m sure some of you are intrigued by the title already and asking, “How in the world can lying be constituted as good?!“. Well if some of you remember, I did a topic on lying earlier, how it is like a Human’s sort of camouflage.

However, it can also be used as a tool to motivate. Allow me to explain with also an example (I have examples!). Many of you do not know, but I am a fan of the show “Sliders“. I’ve been watching some of it on Netflix since, I don’t believe, it airs anymore on Television like when I was a teen. In season 2, episode 7 – In Dino Veritas, they had just come from a world where “Truth Collars” were mandatory and if you lied, you would be shocked. The bigger the lie, the bigger and deadlier the shock. Too many lies and well – you’re dead, obviously. 😛

Throughout this entire episode they struggled to say things that sounded hopeful, meaningful, uplifting or otherwise to help raise their Spirits or the Morale of the others in the group – only to be rudely “Shocked” because it turned out to be nothing more than a lie. It became quite clear and apparent to me that I have done similar things when I have been nervous in doing something or when I tried to motivate myself into “believing” I could do something.

Sometimes the “lie” does make it easier and gives us just that little extra something that we do indeed need. It may sound like false hope, but in reality it’s just that extra little “push” we need. Otherwise, if we always were so “Truthful” and “Honest” as the Slider team were forced to be in this particular episode, we might come off sounding very pessimistic-realistic (a bleak sense of reality) and we may even end up telling people things we wouldn’t normally want them to know, especially if we slipped up (much like in this episode with poor Wade at the beginning!).

So what I’d like my readers to do, is think back to a time where they had to tell themselves a lie to give themselves or others “Hope” or “Motivation” even if they didn’t completely believe what they said themselves. You don’t have to share what the experience was or otherwise, but I think it would be interesting to see just how many folks do this and how accurate this just might be.

If any of you folks have other suggestions for other Blog topic ideas, comments (Duh! Obviously!), questions or would like to help me with expanding my collection of RAoK topics (PLEASE DO!) I’d like to write, please feel free to leave something below in the comments section. Thank you for reading as always!

~Blessings, good fortune, quality of life and more, Namaste~


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