P.A.U. 24 Life Happens & thoughts of NaNoWriMo 2014

Good morrow fellow bloggers and readers!

I’d have liked to have had a couple posts up for you this past week but I’ve been horribly busy, what with Halloween being one of my favorite holidays and prepping certain decorations for the front yard, I really didn’t have much time last week to do much writing. On top of that, I was considering writing something awesome today but my body said, “F**k you! I don’t feel good!” and so here I am, writing from my iPad and laying comfortably in my favorite thinking and creating place…the bed. lol

Am I the only person who finds their bedroom to be the best, most serene and very much a “Sanctuary” of sorts for their creative juices to flow? Little side note, I also love to wear my P.J.s. all day on a lazy day when I have no company. 😛 Anyone else love to do that?

Anyway, my thoughts are a little too random today as well, at the moment, for me to put anything decent together or very entertaining (unless you find this entertaining, then my work here is done!), so – you get THIS! MWHAHAHA! *Pauses, clears throat* Sorry, I’m only a slight bit loopy at the moment. So loopy that I can tell my eyes are glazing twice over when I read this so – I’ve no doubt when I read this tomorrow or whenever (again), I will for certain see all my glaring spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that would normally irritate the dickens out of me.

ANYWAY! So, on to much more important things than my random loopiness. So in my creative off time for Halloween/Samhain/Samhuiin/etc, I have thought about whether I will take part in NaNoWriMo this year. For those folks unfamiliar it stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and it is where folks take time out of their days during the month of November, when they can, to try to write a novel or short stories that add up to 60k words total.

I am not thinking of a novel as my other Novel is still waiting very patiently for me to want to get back to it for editing (*shudder, dread*). I was thinking something a little less ambitious but still so, such as working on the short-stories I have wanted to write about my children’s stories I’ve mentioned before. They are intended to be “Aesop’s Fables“-esque with a lesson and a moral. I’ve wanted to work on them for a while.

While I have maybe written about 2 of my short stories already, one needs to be re-written and have two of the lessons split up and made into separate stories. I felt two lessons in one was kind of pushing it and though kids are incredibly smart, more often than not, you also don’t want to overwhelm them with too much. The other also needs to be re-written as I felt I didn’t do a very good job conveying the importance of “Personal Freedom”.

The stories would have a Pagan-esque theme or feel to them, but not overwhelmingly so as I’d want them to be able to be read to Children of all walks of life and I want to show a little respect for other’s beliefs out there as well to a certain extent.

Now if I am to work on these stories I may need help BIG TIME from you guys on what kinds of lessons you think I should write about or include in my short stories series that perhaps were lessons you didn’t learn growing up that you wish someone had taught you or lessons you learned when you got older that you feel a child should be taught so they are a little prepared for what the world might bring (You can do this now if you like, might be good motivation and help me make a decision. lol).

So there you go, that’s my update. Let me know what you think – or don’t, entirely up to you folks! Stay classy people! 😉

~Namaste, Infinite love and gratitute~

If you have an idea for a topic, got a question, concern, let me know in the comments!

DO NOT CLICK ME! RAWR! I will lead you to music of torture! MWAHAHA!


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