A Good Deed Remembered

I have been trying to think of what my next topic would be and today I was reminded of a very scary and terrifying incident that turned out to have a happy ending, along with a little more.

This story is about an act of “kindness” that was shown to me and mine when it was needed most. About a year ago (or so), the sun was just setting and my Mother was on her way home from Kitten Rescue. I was inside preoccupying myself with, I think, my blog. I had no idea what had happened outside, otherwise I’d have been in a bit of a panic.

I heard the sound of a car, honking. This happened a few times in an urgent manner so I got up and rushed out to the front porch. It was my Mother and she called to me and said, “Is this Amadan?” and my heart sank a little. To my horror, Amadan was lying motionless in the road.
For those unaware, Amadan is my Seal-point Siamese-Mix I have had since his birth along with his brother Loki, who traveled with my Brother, their brother Gabriel, their mother Cammy and I all the way from Florida back home to Washington.

When I was able to get my shoes on and rush out there to help my Mother, Amadan was just starting to regain consciousness. He yowled in pain. He had broken a tooth, he was a little banged up, but he looked fine over all. I was so freaked out, terrified and trying to keep it together and remain as calm as I could, running Reiki healing energy on him to help.

I found it difficult to want to move him, but we had to. I waited for Mom to get inside the house to bring back a carrier so we could more easily transport Amadan inside. After we got him inside, he kept seeming to insist he wanted out despite being in so much pain. I was so afraid the damage was worse than it appeared due to some stories my Spirit Brother Zac had shared with me.

I insisted we take Amadan to emergency care, it was expensive (that sucked), we got X-rays and found out, he was okay and was going to live. What I didn’t like was how the Vet made us feel interrogated because of how ‘stoic’ and ‘calm’ both my mother and I were remaining or at least trying to stay, as if we had done this to our own Furry Family member. I hated that and it was very unappreciated (Also, why would we bring him there if we had done it? That’s just stupid. 😛 ).

Some weeks later after Amadan had recovered rather well and nicely, he started to scratch at a place on his neck, eventually cutting himself open badly. As it would turn out, he had developed a ‘Cyst’ which is not uncommon to have happen after something so traumatic.
For those unfamiliar a Cyst is a closed sac of ‘fluids’ or semi-fluids that can be found often in animal tissue for various reasons, this being one (so it wasn’t like I was unfamiliar with this as this has happened before in some of our other Cats).

In order to keep him from further injuring himself, I needed to get him a cone. The only Pet store close enough was all the way in Olympia, so I called Petco and apparently I spoke with the store manager and pleaded and asked, “I am in dire need of a Cone for my Cat. He’s cut himself open pretty bad. I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse before we can get him to the vet. It’s going to take me an hour to get there. Is there any way you can keep the store open long enough for me to get what I need?

The store manager said they would keep a register open and to call them back once I had arrived to let them know I was there. When I arrived and was able to make my purchase, I thanked them and said, “Thank you so much! You are a life-saver! I don’t know what I would have done if you guys hadn’t stayed open long enough for me to do this.

To this day, I still remember this moment as it sticks out very strongly in my mind. I always want to write more things like this, but I don’t always have stories to share of new “Random Acts of Kindness” in my life or I don’t always remember the ones right away that I would love to share, like this.

Amadan for now remains back home in Washington with my mother for the time being, but when I get the chance I want to have him and Loki brought to me where I am now as they are my boys and I have to be honest, I am scared of another repeat, not with Amadan (as he has stayed away from the road since) but with Loki since he seems a bit careless and reckless at times.
Unfortunately for me, my mother may be developing an attachment to my furry boys – so I may have to fight her on that to get them back as I love them very much.

Lastly, while at first I was very upset with the driver who had hit my Amadan, I am thankful for the possibility that they were one of the few who was driving the speed limit in my neighborhood so that my Amadan could remain in my life a little longer.

My Mother lives off the main road out of the area and while it is not a bustling Metropolis or a very rural area, people love to sound and look as though they think it is the Indie 500 going down the road without care for the fact their are Children and other folks in the area. I really wish they’d put speed bumps in to screw with those people and help them be more cautious, if not with their own lives then with that of others that they seem to care so little about or impacting.

This story is meant to be a Testament of the kindness of strangers and how simple acts, no matter how big or small, can have such a great impact on the lives of others. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the story.

~Blessed be, Namaste~


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