P.A.U. 25 November Cold Blues & more


As you can see above I’ve included a poll this time with one of my P.A.U.’s. It’s not often I do but since I’m still playing around with the tagline I thought it would be fun to ask my audience for their advice. Keep in mind, there are reasons why some of those as I did and here are some of those reasons:

Option 1 – Is the original tagline I started out with. First thing that came to mind and it felt like it summed up part of who I was and some of the matters I find important.

Option 2 – I worded this the way I did because often times others and myself have often seen the darkness in the world and so I try my best to be a supportive and positive human-being, sort of a “light” in the darkness when things or people are bleak, cruel, hurtful and most difficult.Option 3 – this option was loosely based on the 2nd option because I thought option 2 sounded a bit too arrogant and I was like, “Ugh!” so I changed it to something that also referenced one of my favorite Blackmores Night’s songs, “The Old Village Lanterne”.

Option 4 – Obviously it is based on the original tagline but I added 4 other very important principles and/or tenants that are dear to me as well.

So when you are voting, I hope you will keep these reasons in mind and cast your vote accordingly, based on what you feel is best on that information and your gut intuition. 😉

Now, this is a P.A.U. and it’s NOT just about my tagline’s identity crisis. Contrary to how I started this post out. I know I haven’t been able to post as often as of late as preferred. I know you’ve seen some re-blogs though, some phenomenal articles I loved and thought were worth sharing either because they contained good information – or I agreed strongly with some of the points in the articles (one of which actually was written how I would write one of my own entries, pretty awesome).

You haven’t seen any other posts from me lately due to my partner being rather ill. At first we thought it was just a simple “Cold” bug but after a Doctor’s visit, we found out that it might very well be a bacterial infection. Needless to say, my partner’s been sick for a week and 2-3 days and I have played Healer and nurse thus far. I haven’t exactly had a lot of downtime for doing much else except things around the house. lol

So, here’s hoping my partner gets better very soon and I can write some new articles as well. By the way, I also made up my mind about NaNoWriMo. I probably won’t participate this year, but that will not stop me from working on my Children’s Short Stories that I want and have been itching to work on. I hope to have some written up, edited and e-published soon for folks to read for themselves – OR – to their children. 🙂

Hopefully one day with pictures too (not my drawings though, I’m not as good as the artwork I see in my head for my Children’s Books, lol).

There’s your P.A.U.. I hope all is well with you! Don’t forget to try to get your holiday shopping done early folks! Mail system will be getting bogged down about mid-December. Toodles!

Thank you for reading!

~Infinite love and gratitude, namaste~

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