Once Upon a Time…There Was Magic(k)


Some of you may know (if you follow my Twitter at all) that I am a fan of the show “Once Upon a Time”. I have been a fan since the start and throughout the series I have either completely -loved- the retelling of some of the classic fairytales, have been undecided or absolutely scrunched up my nose at others (where Dwarves come from? *shudders*)

Today I’m talking about one of those things I scrunch my nose up at, more specifically something that -bugs- me -most- since the beginning of this series. I have noticed a trend that the only beings with magic are the Faeries and the “Evil Villains”. *SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ NEXT LINE IF YOU DON’T WANT A SPOILER!*

Despite the fact that the “Savior” Emma we come to find out has “Magick” running through her veins, she is only one of the two seemingly good forces I have seen in the show (The good witches of Wizard of Oz storyline not quite counting since they aren’t from the Enchanted Forest, we are talking about Enchanted Forest Folks, not folks from other worlds within Once).

It’s a bit “irk-some” to see this since there is nothing anywhere that says there could be more folks who have learned magic in order to harness it for “Good”. Emma more or less being the only one (beside Faeries), is just not enough for someone like me.

More to the point, the fact that “Magick” seems to be almost “Evil” in itself is frustrating and they always remind us, “Magick comes with a Price,” well duh! If you have half a brain ALL Magick comes with a price. In some cases it will be a Price you will be -happy- to pay, such as, an an example, letting go of old hurts in order to propel yourself into a better, happily ever after life with your Prince or Princess Charming, possibly even into a new career you will absolutely love and feel like your never working a day in your life!

We’ve actually kind of seen Emma go through this sort of concept to some extent (If you’ve been keeping up with the story), granted she’s not AT her happily ever after -yet-, but she has fallen in-love with a couple folks only to seem to have her heart crushed again and again. Happiness almost -always- just out of reach for her, much like Regina (which peeves me off just a bit, poor woman).

In other cases, Magick that is done/performed by selfish people or folks often ends “badly” or comes with a price that we may consider quite ‘steep’, Rumplestilskin is a PERFECT example of this other side of the Magick, because he is an entity of “Selfishness”, self-serving tendencies,”Power Hungry” and has control issues.

Then you have folks like Maleficent and Regina “Evil Queen” (her magick born out of anger, resentment, pain and wanting to put a stop to people controlling her life) and I don’t know how or why Maleficent decided to study magic, but she went evil too as we know.

When I mentioned my observation to my partner he said, “It’s the concept that power corrupts absolutely,” as a possible answer to why. Which is a -very- good explanation, but still -very- annoying because not everyone is seduced by power that they are completely and utterly corrupted. That’s just terrible! XP <–And I raspberry that concept. That’s like saying, “Everyone is so weak willed that they will always succumb to their inner darkness!,” that’s kind of what it feels like to me.

So if the writers are going this direction with the Magick, I am/will be -sad- Panda. 😦 That’s right, I said that. I will be a -sad- Panda. 😛

But again, for a place of fantasy trying to lead us to believe in Happy Endings being possible, especially, “Happily Ever After” endings, it just strikes me as -odd- there aren’t more benevolent characters who use Magick for the good of the residents of the Enchanted Forest and the like, besides the obvious. To me, it just feels horribly and terribly, “Imbalanced”.

But then again, perhaps the fact that happy endings even -occur- here is only possible -because- of this imbalance. Perhaps what I feel is an “imbalance” isn’t an imbalance at all but rather an equivalent trade. Who knows, I’m not entirely sure. As it stands, I would still love to see more benevolent Magick wielding figures show up, other than Faerie Godmothers and Faeries, in this show.

So that’s my rant. I still love this show regardless but this is something that has been bugging me. I figured, was about time I write it and get it off my chest and mind and also see perhaps what other folks think about it too. lol

For those wondering why I was using this spelling of “Magick” the reason being is some folks, in some -circles- (haha, see what I did there?), do this to denote the difference between “Stage Magic” and what some folks refer to as “High Magick” and/or “Real magick” to them. It’s kind of silly I know, but hey – to each their own.
Out of respect to the community I more often than not connect with, I honor them with using the proper term.

However, that being said, to me – it is ALL magic regardless if it is stage or high. I -love- both. :3 😉 So there’s also your useless tidbit of the day which I’m SURE you were just DYING to know! lol

Hope you enjoyed reading the rant! Blessings all!

*Got an idea for a blog topic, question, comment? Share below in the comments and I will see what I can do. I’m always looking for new ideas for topics and to engage readers in intelligent conversation.

~Merry part, merry meet again, blessed be, Namaste~

Composed on iPad, will go back to properly edit later.


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