A Mother Knows Best – Always

A while back I experienced an event that spurred the idea for this topic and as you can see, I’m just now getting back to it. Whether you are a new parent or a current parent with children (grown up or no), you’ve probably experienced this once in your life either in a supermarket, perhaps a School, daycare or some place else – someone else, another parent, may come up to you and try to tell you how to raise your kid (Granted, not everyone who has children deserves to have them – but that’s neither here nor there at the moment).

Whether it is in the way you are trying to punish your child for bad behavior or something else, they might think they are offering friendly parental advice (and some folks DO mean well) OR – they may even try to threaten the very way you wish to handle your children (spankings are not outlawed for parents people, just schools and other public facilities in most states, so long as they aren’t the parents of the child – though I don’t personally believe in this method of punishment 😛 ).

Sometimes you just wish people would keep their advice to themselves or just keep their nose out of your business and that’s completely understandable. I had one of these moments. I don’t have children of my own, yet, but I had a woman who thought that just because she was a Mother meant that she knew better than I on how to handle a circumstance I was in.

Now, I have been around children quite a bit. Enough so I can understand them fairly well, what they want and need, even people’s toddlers at times I can understand much like the parents should only probably be able to (You know that babble toddlers do that’s almost incomprehensible? Yep. That.). Kids love me. All of my friends who I have made mention to that I might like to have kids someday think and feel I would be a great mother. Granted, I will admit, I am no expert by any means on how to raise children but again – I do know a thing or two. So I’m not a complete idiot.

So to continue our story, I was at a big event and I was watching one of the little ones who wanted to wander around and eventually she saw someone she knew that she wanted to follow, but I didn’t think that was what she should do, especially since I had to stay close by in the event my help was needed. I was playing babysitter for the time to try to keep the peace while folks finished setting things up for said event. More

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