P.A.U. 24 Life Happens & thoughts of NaNoWriMo 2014

Good morrow fellow bloggers and readers!

I’d have liked to have had a couple posts up for you this past week but I’ve been horribly busy, what with Halloween being one of my favorite holidays and prepping certain decorations for the front yard, I really didn’t have much time last week to do much writing. On top of that, I was considering writing something awesome today but my body said, “F**k you! I don’t feel good!” and so here I am, writing from my iPad and laying comfortably in my favorite thinking and creating place…the bed. lol

Am I the only person who finds their bedroom to be the best, most serene and very much a “Sanctuary” of sorts for their creative juices to flow? Little side note, I also love to wear my P.J.s. all day on a lazy day when I have no company. 😛 Anyone else love to do that?

Anyway, my thoughts are a little too random today as well, at the moment, for me to put anything decent together or very entertaining (unless you find this entertaining, then my work here is done!), so – you get THIS! MWHAHAHA! *Pauses, clears throat* Sorry, I’m only a slight bit loopy at the moment. So loopy that I can tell my eyes are glazing twice over when I read this so – I’ve no doubt when I read this tomorrow or whenever (again), I will for certain see all my glaring spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that would normally irritate the dickens out of me.

ANYWAY! So, on to much more important things than my random loopiness. So in my creative off time for Halloween/Samhain/Samhuiin/etc, I have thought about whether I will take part in NaNoWriMo this year. For those folks unfamiliar it stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and it is where folks take time out of their days during the month of November, when they can, to try to write a novel or short stories that add up to 60k words total.

I am not thinking of a novel as my other Novel is still waiting very patiently for me to want to get back to it for editing (*shudder, dread*). I was thinking something a little less ambitious but still so, such as working on the short-stories I have wanted to write about my children’s stories I’ve mentioned before. They are intended to be “Aesop’s Fables“-esque with a lesson and a moral. I’ve wanted to work on them for a while.

An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry and Media


I know what the title says and it’s true, this is my open letter to them – AND – to YOU. Yes you. That short and stout, the big and tall, the svelte and short, tall and svelte, the big breasted or too small to count (at least to those ignorant to think so) lad and lassie. I know your pains, for I have felt them too. I know friends and family who could even sympathize with you.

It sucks when you feel singled out in a world that caters to a supposed “Average”. You go to the store when it is time to find new shoes or clothes, but either something is too long, such as the sleeves or pant-legs even. Maybe it is the ‘bust’ on that beautiful blouse that’s in size “XS” but the bust you’d swear is “32C” instead of perhaps a “32A” like you feel it should be.

We cry, “It’s not fair! It’s not right!” because we shouldn’t be made to feel like we are anything ‘less’ for choosing to be who we are – or want to be. Whether that is aesthetics or personality. We also know people will say, “Well the world isn’t fair, don’t you know that!” and you know what? I think that’s a load of rubbish. I believe the world could be fair if it wanted to be, maybe even if perhaps we believed it to be. It’s just other negative people around us who keep perpetuating this negative notion that there is no “Fairness” in the world.

You have every right to feel angry and upset that you often feel singled out by the Fashion Industry and/or the Media. Even give them the “Ol’bird”. It’s really all their fault anyway. They find what they consider, “The Average” and make clothing to cater to it. Then it’s “One size fits most” and you know – you aren’t “most“. Your body is as unique as your personality, and you know that for a fact.

What’s also not fair, is for people who tend to run on the “Skinny” or “Svelte” side of things, they make our clothes based off run-way models whom many have been bullied into changing their figures or getting plastic surgery to fit the Fashion and Media’s idea of what “beautiful” is in the first place.

Maybe you were even told to “Go eat a sandwich“, even in a joking manner, only to find you thought it rather insulting because people really don’t know how much you’ve tried to gain weight but never have any luck. Or perhaps – you’re just built that way and happy with your size but find it very ignorant of them for saying such things without even asking you how you feel about your own weight – or why so skinny? in the first place. More

P.A.U. 21 – Long time no blog!

Hello everyone!

It’s FINALLY me again and I’m sorry it’s been pretty much 2 weeks, maybe over that without so much as a, “Hey! How you all doing? I’m okay! I got back home from my trip just fine and this is how FanExpo was!” but I have been busy. Not long after I came home I had to prep for house-sitting. Then while house-sitting, I know I’d have been blogging if I could, but I decided to help out around the house with some extra cleaning that I know would be appreciated by the family once they got back.

I did make it to FanExpo (2013) in Vancouver, B.C. and honestly? It wasn’t that impressive to me, but I have another blog I’d like to dedicate to it for a full detailed review as to why I wasn’t that thrilled with it. I will say putting my make-up on for my costume was totally worth it because I got recognized by a handful of people and THAT was fun. For those unaware, I went as ‘Dawn’ from the ‘Cry for Dawn‘ comics and ‘Dawn Trilogy‘. I just threw something together that looked Dawn-esque and went from there. The Make-up and accents are what really made it.

My man reminded me he missed my blogging which told me, I REALLY should try to make some time for updating my blog. I told myself I was going to, especially when I was house-sitting, but that didn’t work out so well. So here I am today, trying to do just that.

For those wondering about my ‘Donation Pool’ thing I’m trying to do, I have good news and bad news. Bad news is – I still have some kinks to work out of the 1st plan I had. The Good news? I may have yet another GREAT contingency plan that would work out far better than the 1st. Just all depends on YOU and the amount of traffic I bring in to my blog. I’ll tell you more as the plan truly unfolds and if I hit another ‘snag‘ I’ll tell you about it. Don’t worry.

Bright side? Some of the stuff on my ‘Project List‘ I want to see done, is slowly happening for some parts of the town. Houses that I wanted to help paint are getting painted, whether or not they are getting inspected too for health and safety though, is another story. Still, someone said, “Maybe it’s all your positive energy you are putting toward it that’s helping make it happen? And maybe it’s Spirit’s way of saying, You should save & spend your money on other projects – I got this one.” would be kind of cool.

Hard to say though. Any who, I need to update the info in the project page and hopefully type up some other posts today like a ‘Mad-woman’. I hope all of you out there are well and are experiencing blog success in your own way or whatever kind of success you’d like to be having right now. Until next time – thank you for reading!

~Blessings & good fortune, Namaste~

Mainstreet Universe – Qs Transcription of Charlie Bravo (My Novel)


Vampire (Photo credit: virginsuicide photography)

Hey folks!

I didn’t forget about this – okay, I did temporarily but this was something I definitely wanted to do before I forgot again. This is a written transcription of the Questions that were asked in my semi-informal interview on Mainstreet Universe. These won’t be word-for-word as I had written these example questions up prior to the interview, however – I may be expanding on some of the answers AND finally sharing some information you may have been dying to hear in the interview but I was too shy to share at the time.

So I still encourage you to listen to the interview, but for those who don’t know – it’s 2 hours long, give or take, so be sure you have the time to listen and eat something! The Interview can be found here (click the “here”).

1) What is the title or Working title you have for your novel?

Operation Charlie Bravo at least that’s what I’ve called it. The actual title will be something along the lines of, “Cursed Blood“. I did some recent research and found like maybe 2-3 other novels with the title, so there will be a “sub-title” to go with the main title of the book, hopefully making it easier for people to find when searching for it and make it less confusing too as to which novel it is. More

P.A.U. 10 – NaNoWriMo Winner! End of an Era and more…

Dark Horse promotional comic cover

Dark Horse promotional comic cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetins Lads and Lassies!

Tis I, the fearless blogger Gwendolynn back from NaNoWriMo-Space! My Novel is complete! Well – pretty much. There is one more chapter I’d like to add/insert but my muse decided to inspire and run away before I could get proper notes taken and now I’m feeling like I’m up a creek without a paddle BUT – the good news is, the novel “Operation Charlie Bravo” is pretty much done. I’m debating now on printing out a hard-copy for editing when I take my trip up to Vancouver, B.C. in the next couple weeks. My friend I’ll be visiting wants to read it but I’ve been torn to try to keep him from reading it since it is the “Raw” ugly, unedited monster that it is.

So as I was wrapping up my novel City of Heroes, the NCsoft published game, lifespan was drawing to a close. On November 29th and 30th I logged in for last screenshots, information collection and other things. One of my good friends I met through City of Heroes and I went to the place that got him hooked on the game, because he saw the sunset there and thought it was absolutely gorgeous, Siren’s Call. Our timing couldn’t have been better. As the game was down to its last few moments being online, my friend and I watched the sunset in Siren’s Call. It felt very poetic and in a way – heroically epic. What a way to go out. He came into the game because of that Sunset and he went out watching it with a friend. I’d say there’s no better way we could have spent the moment other than maybe being surrounded by a crowd of the friends we made and met in-game. More

I See You – New Poetry on DeviantArt



Avatar (2009 film)

Avatar (2009 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I actually felt inspired enough recently to write a poem. I just finished it tonight and you can read it on my Deviantart gallery:


I See You


Yes; that simple of a post. Just wanted to share. Thank you for giving it a read for those who do and thanks for reading my blog as always.


~Infinite love and gratitude, Namaste~


Mother God, Father God

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most ven...

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most venerated of Orthodox Christian icons of the Virgin Mary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you believe it or not, all religions no matter what they are have some commonalities one way or another. Many cultures out there who have their own religion had little or NO contact (way back in the day) with some of these cultures who’s religions are now major in the world at large. One of these commonalities I see and feel that has been a persistent element is that of the “Mother God” and “Father God” themes. More

A World Without Heroes

English: , from the title sequence of the Supe...

English: , from the title sequence of the Superman cartoons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people in our world have grown up reading comic books their entire lives. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I didn’t really pick up reading comics until my teens or young adult phase. The culprit of such a crime is most likely the fact I couldn’t fluently read until I was twelve. Or maybe it was the fact that as much as I enjoyed watching the old Superhero movies, the Heroes in spandex and tights just never seemed to appeal to me? Now some might be thinking, “Whoa! How could you not like Superheroes?” Well I got my reasons and I’m willing to share them. More

8k Pageviews on DeviantArt Whoo and 2 New Paintings!


DeviantArt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to take this time to tell all my readers today I finally got around to scanning two new paintings I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. I think they are rather spiritual, uplifting and heartfelt – which was my intention with both. One is a motivational/positive Affirmation painting, the other is something for me to still reflect upon to fully comprehend and understand its meaning. I hope you enjoy both! More


Spiritworks by NyghtshaydeEN on DeviantArt

This is a new art painting I did on stretch canvas using purely acrylic based paints. I feel so much free-er when I have a brush in my hands vs. my old pencils. But eventually I want to get back to ‘sketching’. I just don’t feel confident enough to pick up the pencil again yet because I don’t want to go all ‘rigid’ like before. I don’t feel like I can ‘let loose’ with my pencil as opposed to my brushes. Painting has been a rather ‘liberating’ experience for me. I would DEFINITELY full view the image if you can. 🙂

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