The General Election – Old Blood vs. New Blood

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

So the primary Election is over and MOST of the people I know I voted for have made it on to the General Election. To be honest, I don’t know HOW these things got their name. I’m sure there’s a history somewhere (Wikipedia aside people) on how they GOT their names in the first place. But in general it just seemed silly to call the, what I would refer to as the “Preliminary Election” as the “Primary”. I suppose in a weird way it MAKES sense because we have “Primary Schools” for children, but even that does not seem like an adequate source of confirmation. Let’s take a look at the definitions offers: More

Ego vs. Spirit – What is the Difference?

This person is sitting on the embankment of th...

This person is sitting on the embankment of the harbor of Wijk bij Duurstede and looking to the moored boats. (Photo credit:

Some of us out there often wonder how people can treat others poorly without a single thought, care or concern for the mark they leave behind on the people in their lives or that they meet on the street, even the internet. I’ve especially wondered this myself when it concerns people who are very “Egocentric” vs. “Spiritcentric“. In order to understand the two words though, you need to define them. What does Egocentric mean?

Egocentric – Definition from

1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes.
2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one’s own; self-centered: an egocentric person; egocentric demands upon the time and patience of others.

YE-HA! Giddy-up! On the Campaign Trail!

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As some of you may know it is preliminary voting season where we weed out the contenders from those who don’t stand a CHANCE against the rest of the competition. Normally I don’t LIKE getting involved with politics. I usually don’t want to talk about it unless there’s a good 10 foot POLE separating ME from IT. But this is a rather important thing to discuss, not so much the preliminary themselves but the candidates on the ballots.

Now this will be a reminder to some but to others this might be the wake-up call you need. I know it can FEEL overwhelming looking at all those names on the ballot. Some of the candidates on the ballot you will have seen, most likely, commercials for others you won’t have a CLUE as to WHO they are much less what views they have or what agenda they have. More

Remembering Aurora

Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Evil Dead: Hail to the King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admittedly, originally for the title I wanted to put, “Guns don’t kill people…-I- DO!” (Warcraft III; Dwarven Rifleman Unit) BUT given the topic I was ABOUT to discuss and in light of the Aurora, CO shooting, out of respect, I decided to go with THIS instead. Not an original quote from Warcraft 3 like the other since BOTH were taken from something else, but that is where those quotes stick out in my mind the most…next to the Evil Dead series. Very well, getting on topic before I DE-rail myself again…

James Holmes

James Holmes (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

If you watch the International News or National News, you may have heard about the shooting in Aurora, CO in a packed movie theater that was to be the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Sadly, some crazed DIPSTICK ruined the fun evening out by whipping out some smoke grenades and/or Tear gas and then open fired on the audience. This was a very sad and tragic event. The young man arrested, James Holmes, claimed he felt he was The Joker, that is what I heard, as if it justified his actions. We know he had no previous criminal record. This just goes to show, that even if people are not emotionally well, they can hide their symptoms WELL up to a POINT before they go “Critical Mass” and explode, possibly harming more than just themselves, such is the case. More

Pro/Active Responsibility

El prisionero en esta fotografía apodado Maest...

Prisión del Condado de Mantras, Colombia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responsibility. What does it means to be Responsible? Responsibility is defined thus:

1. the state or fact of being responsible.
2. an instance of being responsible: The responsibility for this mess is yours!
3. a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible: the responsibilities of authority.
4. a person or thing for which one is responsible: A child is a responsibility to its parents.
5. reliability or dependability, especially in meeting debts or payments.

and/or:Me distributing supplies to farmers

1. the state or position of being responsible
2. a person or thing for which one is responsible
3. the ability or authority to act or decide on one’s own, without supervision


Lying Naturally

me and my friend

me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In light of some recent events – I feel like I have enough to work with to finally write this up and publish it thanks to a special muse. It isn’t my old muse. It’s a new one.

An online friend I chat with now and again once told me Psychology can be interesting and fun, but they remarked upon the fact that some of the higher levels of Psychological study, such as social/physical cues when others lie, can be pretty tough to handle and deal with on a daily basis. He understood how the ignorance of not knowing what he does now, could be considered bliss.

When we don’t know those we love or otherwise are lying to us – than there is no real suffering or pain, until perhaps the truth, whatever it may be, is revealed. But if you knew every time someone lied to you, how would that make you feel? Some people believe lying is NOT a natural thing at all, that in fact only humans do it but why? Thing of it is – lying IS a natural instinct. We have only to look to nature in all her splendor to see how it is. There are some types of moths or butterfly for instance that have certain types of patterns on their wings to help them nearly become invisible to the naked of eye of predators, by making them appear to be a face of another animal, a leaf, or something else entirely. There are even more animals out there whose fur changes colors as the seasons change to better blend-in with their surroundings during the winter or spring. It’s a type of deception that is for survival. More

RE: Obituary for Common Sense

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart

Image via Wikipedia

This was a response to the old chain letter many of you may have seen known as “Common Sense“. I don’t see “Common Courtesy” get used much any more and I recently (June 28th 2009, so not that recent people. Just re-posting from my dA gallery) had a VERY rare account with “Common Courtesy” not too long ago – someone offered to pay for my coffee when the store was unsure they could process my large bill. It got sorted out eventually – but this person had such a profound impact upon my being that I felt something like this was needed. This is dedicated to her, that stranger that decided to offer their kindness to me when I was in need.

Also to add I’m not entirely sure how well I did rewriting this (like I don’t know if the “Bureaucratic red tape” comment really works or not), but the important thing is I did my best to try to convey the message I wanted people to get from this. Enjoy! Pst! Pst! This is leading up to a different topic I will be writing about soon! *Humm Humm*

C.M.A.: I did write this and it can be found on my dA gallery at NyghtshaydeEN!

Obituary for Common Courtesy

Today we mourn the passing of yet another beloved old Friend, “Common Courtesy”, who had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old she was, since her birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. She is remembered as a great philosopher and teacher who helped us to cultivate such valuable lessons such as: More

Knowledge is Power – to the People / Voters


Image by RC-4257 via Flickr "Nerdrage"

I understand my humor in this subject matter might be missed so just know that I will be going back and forth between “sarcasm” and all seriousness. If you can imagine a female voice that’s relatively pleasant, upbeat, and normally relatively cheery – you probably are imagining mine pretty well. Anything “bold” or in parentheses is emphasized by said “voice” with most likely hand gestures. Also I’d like to state for the record – I’m a PROUD Independent. This is most likely going to be of “RANT” quality, you’ve been adequately WARNED. Additionally, I have my High School Diploma and SOME College experience. Lastly, largely doing this for entertainment purposes as well. Enjoy!

Nick logo used January 1, 1993 to February 12,...

Image via Wikipedia

When I was in High School I remember when there was big hype on T.V. on such programs as Nickelodeon and even in School about how those of us would be turning the legal age to vote SHOULD in fact vote. At the time I was indifferent about the whole thing, but I registered to vote like a good citizen and I still voted regardless, even if my decisions were NOT the most “well-informed“. At one point I was even a little discouraged upon learning that supposedly the “Electoral College” are still officially the ones who hand-pick our president and that our votes are chopped up to nothing more than a “Popularity Contest“. Apparently the way it is INTENDED to work is that the Electoral College is a compromise between Congress and Popular Voter pick. I don’t know if it actually still works this way or not, but given I have lived through three different presidencies now I’ve seen it work and fail. So who can say for sure at this point in time. My recommendation is – KEEP VOTING! Because it still matters. 😛 More

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of I-1183 in WA

Spirutoosen in einem Supermarktregal

Image via Wikipedia

So I got curious and decided I wanted to find out what all the “hubbub” was about in regards to the new WA Liquor Initiative – 1183. Apparently this isn’t the FIRST time that I-1183 has been proposed. In fact it had been proposed last year but voters voted “No” on I-1183’s predecessor. The overall proposal of I-1183 seems like a GREAT idea in theory on paper, but what some people are missing is how some parts of 1183 play into the “Bigger picture” or Grand Scheme of things. More

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