This is a list of Causes and/or Local Projects I hope to help raise money for, through the help of my readers near and far to help my small town while I work to get a much more stable life. Some of these seem ambitions, I know, but I want to try to do what I can and I’ll be able to with your help.

For every cause I am able to make a significant contribution towards, I will find a means/way to show (provide proof) you that it’s gone to the proper place. I will also work to keep my readers & fellow bloggers posted about the progress of these projects and where exactly they are at. Remember, every little bit helps, so only give what you honestly can spar. I wouldn’t want you endangering your Food Budget or any other budget for the month because of a donation made.

Please keep that in mind and thank you for your interest!

Note: At this time I have hit a ‘snag’ with my original plan to get a Donation Pool going. However, I may have another plan which I simply need to put into action. It won’t work quite the same as I’d like it to, but at least it will be something. I’ll keep working on getting a Donation Pool going though.

Local Causes

*Beautify Shelton – $15,242 raised so far, 4,758 to go! Donation pool has been setup for this!

^–You can also donate directly via the link provided (click the name “Beautify Shelton“).

*Donate to Shelton/Pioneer Schools – This is a personal project for me as the Bond didn’t pass yet again (sadly). $25,000 will need to be raised for this project alone if not possibly more for both the Schools I have in mind to be covered.

*Donate to Kitten Rescue and maybe help them with expanding the Rescue Space available. :3 This will be an ongoing project. Donation Pool has been set for this!


*Black Bear Bowling AlleyI want to make a contribution to the couple who want to rebuild a bowling alley for all to re-enjoy in Shelton. Please be sure to “Friend” the private page they made for this, they did not make a “Fan-page” yet, but before they are willing to go through with this, they need to know people WANT this. Thank you.

*Repair/Fix Shelton Roads (pick streets one by one) – This will be a long-term project most likely (given how bad the roads are around here).

*Help PAINT the town! – There are some buildings that could stand to get looked at by Building Inspectors for safety reasons and repainted. I’d like to help families around the time with that if possible.

*Tourism – I want to help contribute to the efforts of bringing more tourism to Shelton, WA and aid Chamber of Commerce in coming up with more ideas on how to do this, which may or may not take money depending (right now they are advertising).

*Low-Income Housing – Try to pitch the idea of Low-income house needing to be built-in our town (if not more that is safe and in newer buildings that are energy-efficient).


Personal Projects

These projects are Personal to “Me” and my endeavors. If you’d like to donate toward these dreams of mine, please let me know and I will set-up a separate Donation Pool for that project with however much you wish to contribute. Thank you for your interest and support.

*Family Research – I’d like to research my family tree sooner than later and would very much appreciate any and all extra help from those willing and wanting to see this dream/wish come true for me. Thank you. A Donation pool has not yet been established for this project. The more people interested the more I will make one (in other words, please leave a comment about it, thank you).

*Self-Publication for Cursed Blood – If you’d like to have a hand in the process of helping make another goal of mine come true and to see my 1st ever book published, please let me know! I would love to have the help and support of my readers and this would be just too cool for me. I can’t do this alone right now, so any and all help is much appreciated! If you are interested in this cause please note a Donation Pool has yet to be set-up for it. Let me know via comment if this is something you’d be interested in.

*Basic Site Upkeep – this is what any and all general donations made initially will go to unless specified in a comment, the basic maintenance and upkeep of my blog and help support a Starving Artist-Writer-Priestess with the basics too if need be. Thank you for your patronage and support of my blog for all who donate for basic upkeep. xoxoxo You are my heroes!

~May you receive in kind thrice as much as you give, love, light & blessings – Namaste~

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