Focus on Your Own Lane

This was yet another -very- excellent article that I simply had to share. Do you often find yourself looking at everyone else’s lane but your own?

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Look-straight-ahead-andOur kids all compete in athletics and it’s a lot of fun watching them each competing and doing their best.

However, watching Madison running in sprinting events has an element of frustration.

Despite the instruction of her coaches and some gentle encouragement from Karen and I, she just can’t help herself and spends most of the race looking left and right at the other runners.

Whilst other runners are focused on the finish line, she loses momentum and costs herself valuable seconds.  There’s no doubt that she is trying her best, but because she allows herself to get distracted, her results aren’t indicative of her capability.

It’s not that big a deal and it’s entertaining to watch when it’s little athletics, but I suspect that there is a lesson here for the rest of us.

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P.A.U. 25 November Cold Blues & more


As you can see above I’ve included a poll this time with one of my P.A.U.’s. It’s not often I do but since I’m still playing around with the tagline I thought it would be fun to ask my audience for their advice. Keep in mind, there are reasons why some of those as I did and here are some of those reasons:

Option 1 – Is the original tagline I started out with. First thing that came to mind and it felt like it summed up part of who I was and some of the matters I find important.

Option 2 – I worded this the way I did because often times others and myself have often seen the darkness in the world and so I try my best to be a supportive and positive human-being, sort of a “light” in the darkness when things or people are bleak, cruel, hurtful and most difficult. More

Time to put the “Grim” back into the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales

Metal Gaia



Once upon a time a boy and his little brother were pretending to be a butcher and a pig. The older brother slices the younger’s throat, only to be stabbed in the heart by his enraged mother. Unfortunately, while she was stabbing her son, another one of her children drowns in a bath tub. So then she hangs herself. When dad gets home, he’s so depressed that he soon dies afterwords.

Now this might sound like the content of a death metal video, but this is actually one of the original tales from The Grimm’s Brother Fairy Tales. Jacob (1785–1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786–1859), were German academics, linguists, cultural researchers, lexicographers and authors who together specialized in collecting and publishing folklore during the 19th century. They are particularly famous for tales such as “Cinderella,” “The Frog Prince,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Rapunzel” and “Snow White.”

Recently, Jack Zipes, a professor of…

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Roses Come With Thorns

I have no words but this was worth sharing. 🙂

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You-cant-go-on-a-greatYou can’t pick a rose without risking being pricked by its thorns.

But a rose is still worth the risk.

You can’t get honey without risking being stung by bees.

But the honey is still worth it.

You can’t taste victory without risking the disappointment of losing.

But the contest is still worth it.

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A Mother Knows Best – Always

A while back I experienced an event that spurred the idea for this topic and as you can see, I’m just now getting back to it. Whether you are a new parent or a current parent with children (grown up or no), you’ve probably experienced this once in your life either in a supermarket, perhaps a School, daycare or some place else – someone else, another parent, may come up to you and try to tell you how to raise your kid (Granted, not everyone who has children deserves to have them – but that’s neither here nor there at the moment).

Whether it is in the way you are trying to punish your child for bad behavior or something else, they might think they are offering friendly parental advice (and some folks DO mean well) OR – they may even try to threaten the very way you wish to handle your children (spankings are not outlawed for parents people, just schools and other public facilities in most states, so long as they aren’t the parents of the child – though I don’t personally believe in this method of punishment 😛 ).

Sometimes you just wish people would keep their advice to themselves or just keep their nose out of your business and that’s completely understandable. I had one of these moments. I don’t have children of my own, yet, but I had a woman who thought that just because she was a Mother meant that she knew better than I on how to handle a circumstance I was in.

Now, I have been around children quite a bit. Enough so I can understand them fairly well, what they want and need, even people’s toddlers at times I can understand much like the parents should only probably be able to (You know that babble toddlers do that’s almost incomprehensible? Yep. That.). Kids love me. All of my friends who I have made mention to that I might like to have kids someday think and feel I would be a great mother. Granted, I will admit, I am no expert by any means on how to raise children but again – I do know a thing or two. So I’m not a complete idiot.

So to continue our story, I was at a big event and I was watching one of the little ones who wanted to wander around and eventually she saw someone she knew that she wanted to follow, but I didn’t think that was what she should do, especially since I had to stay close by in the event my help was needed. I was playing babysitter for the time to try to keep the peace while folks finished setting things up for said event. More

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? STOP!

This is for all the folks who are or have been intuitive enough to just know when something big in the world is happening. For those who believed that in 2012 the World shifted or at least should have shifted into a brand new dimension or plane of existence, perhaps grandfathering everyone into a better state of being, thus ushering in a new world of peace. For all the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseeds, Blue-Rays and/or Walk-ins, yes, this is for you too.

Some of you, might be like me, wondering what exactly happened? Some folks were expecting the end times, while others such as myself were hoping for something far better. Some of us did indeed feel a shift of sorts, but nothing major seemed to occur. We aren’t now living in a peaceful utopia. We are living in a new K’atun, that of Chaos. You mention the word ‘Chaos‘ though and most people freak out.

Chaos?! OH GODS! It must be the end of the world!” is probably some folks reaction, maybe even now after reading what I had said. However, Chaos is not always bad. Chaos can simply mean ‘Change’ as well, though – it might get a little hairy at times.

Many of us were waiting for this, “Phenomenal Cosmic Powers! Itty bitty living space,” (Sorry, couldn’t help myself) event to occur, yet when the time came and went, nothing truly seemed different, but we could feel an energy shift of sorts and there were changes that began to occur. Some folks were reporting having a pretty bad year in 2012 before it became 2013, myself included.
The best thing that happened that year was the completion of my first novel.

Even now, it seems as though the world isn’t really getting better but worse, if anything. There have been more School shootings over the last few years. Why this is, I’m not entirely sure, I know it can’t be just from bullying alone, though that doesn’t help – it only adds fuel to the fire. The attitude of the world or where we live might not seem better either.


Recognise your Inner Critic

This is a reblog folks. For those who feel stuck in a rut, there might be more to it, this might help you get a clue as to what you’re dealing with. 🙂

Dr. Nicholas Jenner PsyD, MA

“I am really driven, but my drive doesn’t affect the conversations I have in my head about life, and my worries and fears and insecurities.” Zach Braff .
The concept of an inner critic is well known but most people have to deal with more than one manifestation. There might be one that attacks you for doing too much of something and another who then berates you for being lazy. The advice would be to work with each separately. I will now look at the types of inner critic that can pop up.
We all know it, only too well. It’s that inner voice, that “inner critic,” that seems always present and always keenly prepared to defeat us. When we feel happy, the voice says: “Yeah, this can’t last.” When we’re about to attempt something, it whispers: “Watch out. You’re gonna fail.” And when we do succeed, the voice dismisses: “That was just luck…

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A Good Deed Remembered

I have been trying to think of what my next topic would be and today I was reminded of a very scary and terrifying incident that turned out to have a happy ending, along with a little more.

This story is about an act of “kindness” that was shown to me and mine when it was needed most. About a year ago (or so), the sun was just setting and my Mother was on her way home from Kitten Rescue. I was inside preoccupying myself with, I think, my blog. I had no idea what had happened outside, otherwise I’d have been in a bit of a panic.

I heard the sound of a car, honking. This happened a few times in an urgent manner so I got up and rushed out to the front porch. It was my Mother and she called to me and said, “Is this Amadan?” and my heart sank a little. To my horror, Amadan was lying motionless in the road.
For those unaware, Amadan is my Seal-point Siamese-Mix I have had since his birth along with his brother Loki, who traveled with my Brother, their brother Gabriel, their mother Cammy and I all the way from Florida back home to Washington.

When I was able to get my shoes on and rush out there to help my Mother, Amadan was just starting to regain consciousness. He yowled in pain. He had broken a tooth, he was a little banged up, but he looked fine over all. I was so freaked out, terrified and trying to keep it together and remain as calm as I could, running Reiki healing energy on him to help.

P.A.U. 24 Life Happens & thoughts of NaNoWriMo 2014

Good morrow fellow bloggers and readers!

I’d have liked to have had a couple posts up for you this past week but I’ve been horribly busy, what with Halloween being one of my favorite holidays and prepping certain decorations for the front yard, I really didn’t have much time last week to do much writing. On top of that, I was considering writing something awesome today but my body said, “F**k you! I don’t feel good!” and so here I am, writing from my iPad and laying comfortably in my favorite thinking and creating place…the bed. lol

Am I the only person who finds their bedroom to be the best, most serene and very much a “Sanctuary” of sorts for their creative juices to flow? Little side note, I also love to wear my P.J.s. all day on a lazy day when I have no company. 😛 Anyone else love to do that?

Anyway, my thoughts are a little too random today as well, at the moment, for me to put anything decent together or very entertaining (unless you find this entertaining, then my work here is done!), so – you get THIS! MWHAHAHA! *Pauses, clears throat* Sorry, I’m only a slight bit loopy at the moment. So loopy that I can tell my eyes are glazing twice over when I read this so – I’ve no doubt when I read this tomorrow or whenever (again), I will for certain see all my glaring spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that would normally irritate the dickens out of me.

ANYWAY! So, on to much more important things than my random loopiness. So in my creative off time for Halloween/Samhain/Samhuiin/etc, I have thought about whether I will take part in NaNoWriMo this year. For those folks unfamiliar it stands for “National Novel Writing Month” and it is where folks take time out of their days during the month of November, when they can, to try to write a novel or short stories that add up to 60k words total.

I am not thinking of a novel as my other Novel is still waiting very patiently for me to want to get back to it for editing (*shudder, dread*). I was thinking something a little less ambitious but still so, such as working on the short-stories I have wanted to write about my children’s stories I’ve mentioned before. They are intended to be “Aesop’s Fables“-esque with a lesson and a moral. I’ve wanted to work on them for a while.

Lying is GOOD!

I wanted to do yet another topic on RAoK (Random Acts of Kindness) but couldn’t think of a thing! >.< I thought I had another idea after that last post I did, but if I did – it has all but temporarily evaporated. So, in lieu of that idea that I did have, I have this one (It was this or Gamer Etiquette. 😛 ). I’m sure some of you are intrigued by the title already and asking, “How in the world can lying be constituted as good?!“. Well if some of you remember, I did a topic on lying earlier, how it is like a Human’s sort of camouflage.

However, it can also be used as a tool to motivate. Allow me to explain with also an example (I have examples!). Many of you do not know, but I am a fan of the show “Sliders“. I’ve been watching some of it on Netflix since, I don’t believe, it airs anymore on Television like when I was a teen. In season 2, episode 7 – In Dino Veritas, they had just come from a world where “Truth Collars” were mandatory and if you lied, you would be shocked. The bigger the lie, the bigger and deadlier the shock. Too many lies and well – you’re dead, obviously. 😛

Throughout this entire episode they struggled to say things that sounded hopeful, meaningful, uplifting or otherwise to help raise their Spirits or the Morale of the others in the group – only to be rudely “Shocked” because it turned out to be nothing more than a lie. It became quite clear and apparent to me that I have done similar things when I have been nervous in doing something or when I tried to motivate myself into “believing” I could do something.

Sometimes the “lie” does make it easier and gives us just that little extra something that we do indeed need. It may sound like false hope, but in reality it’s just that extra little “push” we need. Otherwise, if we always were so “Truthful” and “Honest” as the Slider team were forced to be in this particular episode, we might come off sounding very pessimistic-realistic (a bleak sense of reality) and we may even end up telling people things we wouldn’t normally want them to know, especially if we slipped up (much like in this episode with poor Wade at the beginning!).

So what I’d like my readers to do, is think back to a time where they had to tell themselves a lie to give themselves or others “Hope” or “Motivation” even if they didn’t completely believe what they said themselves. You don’t have to share what the experience was or otherwise, but I think it would be interesting to see just how many folks do this and how accurate this just might be.

If any of you folks have other suggestions for other Blog topic ideas, comments (Duh! Obviously!), questions or would like to help me with expanding my collection of RAoK topics (PLEASE DO!) I’d like to write, please feel free to leave something below in the comments section. Thank you for reading as always!

~Blessings, good fortune, quality of life and more, Namaste~

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