Careful! It’s a TRAP! Holiday Loans, beware!

My partner recently got a flyer-postcard in the mail from a company offering folks “loans” for the holiday so they could have the funds to purchase gifts for their loved ones. I had to do a double-take and shake my head, not to mention I was a little upset at this ploy.

A lot of folks are already in debt. Lots of folks are STILL recovering from the recession or they just are barely making enough to scrape by with how things have been in the economy. “Let’s help them be MORE in-debt by offering them loans!” *Phoney Big grin with two thumbs up, then frowny face* Ye-ah, no.

Folks, please – for the love of all things pure, sacred and holy, don’t fall for this load of horse manure. It’s really just a trick. You DON’T need it!

This time of year is supposed to be about family, togetherness, kindness, compassion and tender moments. It is more than just “material” based goods. Physical gifts are a simple perk. They aren’t necessary to enjoy this time of year.

If you are so worried about giving something, try a thoughtful card with one of your favorite quotations. Or try making a hand-made-home-made ornament. Perhaps learn a song someone in your family really loves and sing it for them. There are other ways you can show you care and give a “gift” of sorts to someone. Sometimes gifts aren’t always physical either, sometimes they are intangible.

Those are often the best gifts because they touch our souls and often last past the moment in which they were commenced, performed or otherwise. Those are the best. If you truly, absolutely, have nothing to give. Please don’t sweat it! Those who are your true friends and family should and WILL understand your circumstance. They shouldn’t need a physical gift to confirm why you are so special to them or worth having in their life. That should already come on its own.

They should be grateful for what they have and so should you. This truly is a time of also being grateful for what we do have. So think on that for a while.

This Holiday season I urge and implore you, don’t fall for the hype and get yourself a loan. Forget the “peer-pressure“. Do what’s right for you. Do what is within your means to do. And have a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you for reading as always. Much love and gratitude.

If you have an idea for a blog topic, comment, question, idea, feel free to share below in the comments section!

~Infinite love and gratitude, Namaste~

8k Pageviews on DeviantArt Whoo and 2 New Paintings!


DeviantArt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to take this time to tell all my readers today I finally got around to scanning two new paintings I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. I think they are rather spiritual, uplifting and heartfelt – which was my intention with both. One is a motivational/positive Affirmation painting, the other is something for me to still reflect upon to fully comprehend and understand its meaning. I hope you enjoy both! More

Happiness is a – Cat?

Gabriel - with my brother

I have grown up with cats since I was a wee baby. Cats have been a BIG part of my life (animals in general always have been) and I love them. I’ve been called the “Cat Whisperer” a few times in my life as well. Some people think Cats are selfish, annoying, sometimes arrogant, persnickety among other things and this is often why people choose dogs over cats. But every animal has a VERY distinctly different personality and I guarantee anyone – if they took the time to look – could find the Cat right for them. No; this isn’t one of those, “Please adopt cats because I love them and you should have one because they are great blah blah blah,” rants. No; this is about the amazing things my cats have taught me and what I admire about them personally. More

Veterans Day 2011

Former crew members of USS Missouri pose for p...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s that very special time of year where we honor and remember those who have fought and died for this country. From the Founding Father‘s to the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and other events that have been an affront to our way of life that we have openly opposed, Veterans are the ones we have to thank. But not everyone feels the same way. In fact some people feel that ALL Vets are in actuality “Baby Killers“. That’s right. I once typed something up in honor of those who wear the “Uniform” and found there was at least ONE disgruntled voice among the few who actually agreed with me vs. them. From the sounds of it the man had actually SERVED in the military, but loathed and hated it so much that he considers anyone in the military a “Baby Killer“. Hmm, I wonder if he just so happen to go AWOL. Maybe he was even a “Desk Jockey“. Who can say for sure – but for someone to feel as strongly as they do in such a “Negative Voice” I have to wonder – where did it come from?

I know not all who serve our country are bad folks. They are just like any of us with friends, family, a LIFE somewhere in this country that they serve. They are just as HUMAN as anyone else. Yet often they are at the Heart of “Public Ridicule” by Politicians and those who just want a scapegoat to BLAME for their troubles instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. In all honesty – you can’t blame the troops. They are doing as they were instructed by their commanding Officer. So in reality the blame falls on them. Or even still you could go further to another person in the chain of command, Commander-in-Chief? But Heaven forbid anyone ridicule or comment negatively about how the President might be running the country or commanding a War. More

The Power of Words


Image by jah~ via Flickr

One thing, in all my years praying to my Higher Power something I did not realize until someone mentioned it to me was that, sometimes the way we word things to Spirit is VERY important. We DON’T always know what we NEED but we always do typically know what we WANT. That doesn’t mean THAT is truly what we NEED and Universe knows what’s best for us. Universe doesn’t care if you say, “Universe I need this! I want that!” Instead, Universe more or less says, “We all have wants and needs, what makes you so special.” Now I know THAT comes off sounding a bit harsh or mean but the true hidden message is there. The point is we don’t always know HOW to ask Universe the RIGHT way of obtaining Goals we have in life or for anything much less for that matter. More

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