Daily Prompt: Toot Your Horn – I Always Mean Well, Regardless

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

Okay, so – I may or may not go the humble route and if I’m not very humble about it, sorry? If I had to really pat myself on the back for something and pick something about myself that is one of my favorite things – I think it’d have to be…*drum roll*  I always try to do what’s right whether it is for myself or others. There are some times I have faltered perhaps in my duties in giving people a much-needed “Clue x 4” to the face. I figure, if I don’t give it to them – eventually someone will (everything happens in its own divine time and place in my book). You can’t force anyone to be what they naturally don’t feel comfortable with or doing, not until they are ready to make that change themselves.

I always try to do what I feel is right. Sometimes that has been at my own expense. I still did it though because I understood the entirety of the circumstances I was in, what was needed and I made – what I felt – were the appropriate decisions of that time. Some of those decisions were appropriate sacrifices that needed to be made. Other decisions I have made have not always been seen as the right course of action. Sometimes my actions or even inaction has still led to the pain and suffering of friends, family or others. I hate to see those I love suffer or be in pain because it hurts me too very deeply. I also dislike to be the cause of that pain, but sometimes I can’t help that either. Sometimes it’s needed. This is often times why I put up with what I do or why I tell my friends, “If you want the honest to God/dess ugly truth, you better ask for it so I know you’re prepared“. More

P.A.U. 14 – The Return & the Cold Blues

Seattle Skyline view from Queen Anne Hill.

Seattle Skyline view from Queen Anne Hill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone!

I’m back home safe and sound, if I hadn’t mentioned this before. I have to tell you when I got to “King’s Station” in Seattle and we were walking down to the train the first thing I thought was, “Hey! Where is Platform 9 & 3/4?!” Ye-ah, I’m a dork – leave me alone! 😛 It was much easier to cross back into America than to cross out of it (see What Pagan Means to Me). I was happy for that I must say. So I get home I’m fine and dandy. I have some sniffles, no biggy.

Now because I’ve been hard at work at trying to unpack, do laundry and get The Shelton Oracle up and running and looking pretty, I stayed up pretty late two nights in a row and it made my symptoms worse. I got a full-blown cold with a lovely stuffed-up nose, a slight sore throat, sinus pressure that makes my head feel in a fog and serious fatigue. I spent the next few days heavily napping, drinking plenty of fluids, some herbal teas and of course eating good food. I’m feeling a little better now which is why you are seeing an update.

"Platform 9 3/4" at King's Cross sta...

“Platform 9 3/4” at King’s Cross station in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have plenty of new stories to write about but for now I may hold off another day or two until my head really feels up for the challenge of thinking, deep cognitive thought processes, editing and other good stuff otherwise I might be pushing my luck. I’d like to be confident the next time I write something good for everyone to read. So if you were worried and didn’t see my “Tweets” on Twitter, now you know. And knowing is half the BATTLE! G.I. JOOOOOEE- Oh wait, this isn’t a cartoon show, ESPECIALLY that one! My bad! ^_^; 😀

Be well and don’t get into too much trouble…without me of course! 😛

~Infinite love and gratitude – Namaste~

P.S. Praying for snow. I saw snow flurries earlier yesterday. I want SNOW darn it! I couldn’t enjoy it as much in Vancouver! @_@

The Humble Brag vs. Bragging Outright


Honesty (Photo credit: basswulf)

Some of you are probably reading the title and wondering, “What in the world?! There’s more than one form of Bragging?! I didn’t even realize that!” or it’s the “Well, I thought about it before – just not very deeply. But this sounds interesting. Alright, I’ll bite. Tell me more,” insert deep-in-thought chin-stroke here. Yes; there is more than one form to “Brag” and most know bragging excessively is frowned upon in most societies.

But what are the differences and how can you identify them? That’s what I’d like to go over today as it ties in well to the “Cosmic Victim” topic I covered.

Now, someone who is a “Humble Brag” is an individual who is rather modest. When they speak of their accomplishments/achievements they either don’t give themselves enough credit and play-down their accomplishments (not excessively mind you) – or – they speak of their accomplishments with friends and family when it is appropriate and relevant. They don’t shove it in your face but they can be rather “Matter-o-fact” which can sometimes be mistaken for “Arrogance” and not confidence, honesty or – a self understood “truth/fact” about one’s self and the acceptance of such. Of course, sometimes this can go for compliments people sometimes give them as well (I have an excellent example). More

P.A.U. 6 – Sad and Empty Words

Popular Girls

Popular Girls (Photo credit: MShades)

In light of some recent events, I felt one way to deal with the remorse I felt would be to write about it. This is an experience with insights I felt needed to be shared. Some of this will be personal, at my expense in some cases but hopefully illuminating. I will warn you now – my Ego may or may not show in this. If it does – I’m sorry. I’m trying to be objective and unbiased, especially since I’ve had two weeks to mull this over in my head and assess the feelings I have felt from this experience. You’ve been warned.

This recent bad experience has allowed me to experience another “Walk-of-Life” through the eyes of another. Sometimes this ride was fun – but much of the time, it was stressful, emotionally abusive and difficult not to lose myself to the “Ego” and sometimes I did lose myself. This side was “Popularity” or “The Popular Kids” life. It is not a path I envy. I’m glad I have always been pretty happy working from a place of/like Spirit, behind the scenes where no one notices you much if at all except perhaps later for the good you impart upon their lives for however brief the experience may be, if that. More

P.A.U. 5 – Down with the Sickness! Prodigal Kitty Returns!


November (Photo credit: Cape Cod Cyclist)

So I’m almost completely in good health. I am still having minor coughing bouts now and again but I’m recovered for the large part. Still trying to be careful though with the coughs and all though, just to be safe. Our cat that I mentioned was missing, came home after missing for two days. He seemed fine, if not for a bit of emotional “shock”. He’s doing wonderfully now and he’s been less shy and skittish with my mother and I. I’m very glad to have him back. The bad news though is this past week we DID have to finally take one of our cats in to be put down. He was just so old and he honestly seemed rather miserable as he lost a considerable amount of weight and seemed a bit listless. He seemed to just be holding on for the heck of it. My Mother decided this would be best and I concurred as I had also observed his declining health since November. I sent prayers with him and asked Spirit to make his transition and easy one. I’ve tried to find the time to type up some of my new topics, but I’ve been a little busy re-weeding and helping my brother. I hope to write something interesting in the next day or two. Keep your eyes peeled. Thank you again for your positive energy, words, and prayers.

Lastly, if anyone is planning on going to the 66th Annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering on the 28th and 29th of this month, I’m going to be there. Going to try and dress up in something to stand OUT of the crowd just for fun. Should be a blast! This will be my first year going. My one regret, I wish I had known these kinds of events went on in my state sooner. I’m excited! If you do see me there, feel free to say hello. I love to meet new people. Just let me know HOW you know who I am so I don’t think you are some crazy stalker person. Thank you. 🙂

~Infinite Love and Gratitude, blessings and more be yours, Namaste~

Personal Author Update 2

WonderWoman and a wonderful man. . . . ..

WonderWoman and a wonderful man. . . . .. (Photo credit: Elsie esq.)

It’s been sometime since I did one of these but I figure might as well. My mother finished her Chemo this past month and she and I are BOTH very much relieved. She’s got some time though to rest and recoup before they move on to radiation, from what I understand. Thank you to everyone who sent my mother and myself good vibes during this hard time.

Emotionally it was hard both on my mom and myself. I know my Mother didn’t outwardly show it, but I think she was worried about her health overall. I know in my heart though she is where I get some of my tenacity from and I know she’s got several more years yet still left in her. 😉 🙂 I wasn’t really worried myself for this very reason. She’s a fighter. More

Long Hair – Yay? Or Nay? Gay, Bi or Straight?

farewell, seven years of long hair - _MG_3774

farewell, seven years of long hair – _MG_3774 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Alright folks! Get all your chuckles out now! I know the title might be funny and even the thought of me doing a topic on “Hair” alone sounds rather humorous to me, but – believe me when I say, I’m actually serious.

In the last decade and a half, long hair has slowly gone from being “Cool” and the “In thing” to either “You’re one of those Hippies, aren’t you?“, “You’re a Flower Child, aren’t you?“, or “Dude you look Gay!” I’ve grown my hair out since I was ten and while yes, I am a female and it is perfectly acceptable for me to HAVE long hair, I don’t understand why a man should get so much flack if he honestly wants to wear his long like me. I see nothing wrong with it and here is why.

Now granted long hair looks better on some than it does others. I’ve seen my fair share of variety when it comes to men and wearing their hair long. I’ve seen men who should have gone with cutting their hair and keeping it short vs. long if only for the sake that they’d look actually better that way. But a man wanting to wear his hair long in my book has never been an issue to me overall. More

Pro/Active Responsibility

El prisionero en esta fotografía apodado Maest...

Prisión del Condado de Mantras, Colombia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responsibility. What does it means to be Responsible? Responsibility is defined thus:

1. the state or fact of being responsible.
2. an instance of being responsible: The responsibility for this mess is yours!
3. a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible: the responsibilities of authority.
4. a person or thing for which one is responsible: A child is a responsibility to its parents.
5. reliability or dependability, especially in meeting debts or payments.

and/or:Me distributing supplies to farmers

1. the state or position of being responsible
2. a person or thing for which one is responsible
3. the ability or authority to act or decide on one’s own, without supervision


Crying – A Natural Detox

Crying Freeman

Crying Freeman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have often heard remark from people saying how Crying is a useless emotional mechanism. “Why do we do it?! It serves no purpose!” Well I’m here to say, that’s not true. That is SO far from the truth it’s not even funny. You don’t have to take my word on this, but everything I am going to share about Crying is in FACT true for at least myself – maybe even others.

It is not just merely an emotional expression of how we feel. Crying if you can believe it or not can help to alleviate Dis-ease (not to be confused with “Disease“), helps to purge negative energy and helps us to release that which no longer serves us in the body. It is true it is also excellent for expressing feelings of anger (yes; it can), grief, sorrow, pain, joy, sadness and more, however we are talking about its medicinal purposes today. More

Why I Love Everything Peppermint

Peppermint Kiss Cupcakes

Peppermint Kiss Cupcakes (Photo credit: tawest64)

Why do I love the herb Peppermint? Well there’s a number of reasons why I love this herb as much as I do, the only thing that annoys me is our blatant marketing of Peppermint flavored this, that or the other during the holiday season (specifically Christmas time) ONLY it seems. But this special Herb is good ALL year round and is quite helpful for several things health wise.

To me this Herb tastes wonderful, smells good and is crisp and refreshing. It’s my preferred mint of the other two I know of and are more commonly used in other mint related treats we keep all year around (some of which don’t actually contain real mint flavoring *gasp!*).

So what are some of the AWESOME things Peppermint oil or the plant itself can do for us? Here is a simple list: More

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