When You Water the Garden

Read the article. I’ve got no words because the article is such a good summary of anything I could ever say. I have to remind myself of these same things sometimes too, otherwise I overwhelm myself at times with trying to do too much. Definitely worth a read though. :3

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The-best-results-comeWhen you water the garden, you can’t expect the plants to grow in front of your eyes.

You have to continue to water and care for your garden if it is to flourish in the long-term.

When you exercise, you can’t expect to immediately run a marathon with rippling biceps.

You have to remain disciplined with your regime and diet to reach an elite level of fitness.

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Daily Prompt: Life IS Pain Highness!

…Anyone who says differently is selling something.” – Westly dressed as “The Man in Black” or “Dread Pirate Roberts“.

While I had something different in mind for today’s post (as I have several topics awaiting in my Drafts Folder and The Shelton Oracle I should sorely update), I saw The Daily Posts posting of the day and it said, “Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!” Now I could have taken ANY number of quotes from the movie, as it is my all-time favorite – but this was the first that came to mind and lends for interesting discussion.

I already, honestly, wanted to take this quote and expand on it – so Daily Post gave me an excuse and motivation to do that today over anything else for my regular blog.

Consider the quote, sans the Highness comment, “Life is PAIN – anyone who says differently is selling something!“. More

P.A.U. 6 – Sad and Empty Words

Popular Girls

Popular Girls (Photo credit: MShades)

In light of some recent events, I felt one way to deal with the remorse I felt would be to write about it. This is an experience with insights I felt needed to be shared. Some of this will be personal, at my expense in some cases but hopefully illuminating. I will warn you now – my Ego may or may not show in this. If it does – I’m sorry. I’m trying to be objective and unbiased, especially since I’ve had two weeks to mull this over in my head and assess the feelings I have felt from this experience. You’ve been warned.

This recent bad experience has allowed me to experience another “Walk-of-Life” through the eyes of another. Sometimes this ride was fun – but much of the time, it was stressful, emotionally abusive and difficult not to lose myself to the “Ego” and sometimes I did lose myself. This side was “Popularity” or “The Popular Kids” life. It is not a path I envy. I’m glad I have always been pretty happy working from a place of/like Spirit, behind the scenes where no one notices you much if at all except perhaps later for the good you impart upon their lives for however brief the experience may be, if that. More

Lying Naturally

me and my friend

me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In light of some recent events – I feel like I have enough to work with to finally write this up and publish it thanks to a special muse. It isn’t my old muse. It’s a new one.

An online friend I chat with now and again once told me Psychology can be interesting and fun, but they remarked upon the fact that some of the higher levels of Psychological study, such as social/physical cues when others lie, can be pretty tough to handle and deal with on a daily basis. He understood how the ignorance of not knowing what he does now, could be considered bliss.

When we don’t know those we love or otherwise are lying to us – than there is no real suffering or pain, until perhaps the truth, whatever it may be, is revealed. But if you knew every time someone lied to you, how would that make you feel? Some people believe lying is NOT a natural thing at all, that in fact only humans do it but why? Thing of it is – lying IS a natural instinct. We have only to look to nature in all her splendor to see how it is. There are some types of moths or butterfly for instance that have certain types of patterns on their wings to help them nearly become invisible to the naked of eye of predators, by making them appear to be a face of another animal, a leaf, or something else entirely. There are even more animals out there whose fur changes colors as the seasons change to better blend-in with their surroundings during the winter or spring. It’s a type of deception that is for survival. More

Kindness – Not Just for the Pious

English: Angry woman.

Image via Wikipedia

The ‘Muse‘ isn’t entirely with me today – so bear with me as I try to tell this story the best that I can. A month ago a mutual friend of mine came home from work one evening absolutely angry & frustrated! She works in a call center where her company IS a legit business honestly trying to help people “save” some money on their day-to-day expenses.  She was especially angry some of the older folk she called would either chew her out or slam the phone down before she could even say a WORD about who she was and what company she was with.

Now granted – I don’t like telemarketing calls (especially the recorded message ones) BUT – in light of all the things I have learned in my life when I DO answer them – I try to be nice to the representative calling. Why you might ask? Because – they have to handle 100s of calls on a DAILY basis and many of those calls are angry people offended someone would disturb them in the sanctity of their home (if it’s dinner time or during your favorite show – wouldn’t kill you to just ignore the phone either). NO ONE – I don’t care WHO you are – likes being YELLED at daily and being chewed out in harsh words (unless you are into that thing – but kinks are another BEAST altogether people). It accomplishes nothing, especially in this case. It does more harm than good – psychologically and emotionally. In all honesty, I believe many of these folks would prefer NOT having to call people – but it’s a job and it’s NOT a very glamorous one considering it is pretty much one STEP above ‘Janitorial‘ duties and I KNOW not everyone WANTS to do that kind of work. More

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