When You Water the Garden

Read the article. I’ve got no words because the article is such a good summary of anything I could ever say. I have to remind myself of these same things sometimes too, otherwise I overwhelm myself at times with trying to do too much. Definitely worth a read though. :3

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The-best-results-comeWhen you water the garden, you can’t expect the plants to grow in front of your eyes.

You have to continue to water and care for your garden if it is to flourish in the long-term.

When you exercise, you can’t expect to immediately run a marathon with rippling biceps.

You have to remain disciplined with your regime and diet to reach an elite level of fitness.

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Not always with the flow

When I initially read this two quotes from World of Warcraft came to mind that the Jinyu say, “Go where the river wills,” but later they go on to say, “Don’t be afraid to swim against the current”. This post had really great ideas and a good message, however – I don’t think, “Going with the flow,” is bad either. Many of us already know that life simply cannot be THAT easy, as much as we’d like it to be.

And often times when it IS that easy, it isn’t worthwhile. More often than not though I have heard from other Spiritual individuals, teachers, wisemen and so forth that if you want very -little- drama in your life or otherwise, go with the flow. If you try to swim against these things it may make things more difficult. That being said, sometimes as hard as we try to do just this, there will BE drama regardless.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you are reading this article. 🙂

Druid Life

Sometimes everything is easy and falls neatly into place. When that happens, it can be tempting to see it as proof that we are blessed, and moving in the direction some higher, hopefully benevolent force approves of. Perhaps we feel in tune with the universe, or that reality is bending over backwards to accommodate us. Either way, it can be intoxicating.

Nature is populated by things that create tides, and things that go along with them. The moon makes the sea tides, opening up coastal feeding opportunities, and then the predators come to feed on that which feeds and they are all part of the same tide. It makes good sense to use something heading your way, to go with a flow that suits your purpose.

Swans migrating thousands of miles ride the winds to ease and speed the journey. They could ride any wind, letting the air currents take…

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P.A.U. 23 – Food for Thought?

Hello folks!

It has been a very long time since I have updated my blog, which was back in March. I was also made aware of this by an avid fan/reader of my blog via my Facebook Fanpage in a personal message. I’ll admit, I was kind of in a writer’s “Funk“. No; not Writer’s Block, just a “Funk” and I was having some trouble digging myself out of it. You know when you have a bunch of weeds take over your garden after letting it “go” for so long (even if you don’t, just try to imagine this)? Ye-ah, that’s kind of what this was like. It felt like I was all alone to weed the mess by myself, but I didn’t have the strength or the energy to do the big arduous task alone. I needed help.

This fan (Not naming names, that’s up to them in comments) wrote me a very nice message asking me simply how I was doing and wanted to know if everything was all right since they hadn’t seen a post in a while. I very much appreciated this. I appreciate the thought a fan cared enough about me to ask me how I was doing. The conversation after? That’s what I needed to hear to rekindle a little “Oomph!” in my fire again.

I’m not rich. I’m not someone of high rank or prestige. I am no one famous (least not yet or I might be to my fans, no idea). I am simply a flower, trying to grow with what very little I can and sometimes…I get a little “choked out” by the “Weeds” around me. While more often than not, if a plant is determined enough to survive, it will, but sometimes they could use a helping hand. Like an extra pair of hands to help weed, feed and tend. I try to do as much good as I can in this world through the work that I do (my Readings, Guided Meditations, Classes, etc) and – my writing.

I have always felt my writing can be and is a very powerful tool in my arsenal. However, for all the good I try to do in this world it is a rare occurrence to be genuinely and sincerely thanked for what you do or to sometimes get a kind word of “Nice work!“, “Good Job!“, “I love what you do! Keep it up!“. I have done what I do for a good part of my life, even before I officially became an adult and went out into the world. I never expect any “Thank you!“s much less anything else. Oh sure, I got the “Superficial” thank yous, but those to me aren’t real.



English: One of William Blake's watercolour il...

English: One of William Blake’s watercolour illustrations for Robert Blair’s poem The Grave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was sitting in on a discussion in SecondLife. It was not in my original plans of the day to do this, but I saw the notification for it from one of the groups I am in and I decided to “Join In“. There were some diversity on the understanding of what “Fairness” meant to different people participating in the group. Some people equated “Fairness” with “Equality“. Of course, that’s not what it means to me at all. Before I go further into this about my thoughts on it, allow me to share what was shared with those of us at the class.

I don’t recall if this is taken specifically from someone’s website or what have you. What I am citing for you is NOT my own words but the work of someone else I’d love to give credit to if I knew who it was. There is at least 2 definite citation in this at least though for a specific passage or 2 so at least someone gets credit. 🙂 If you know who it is, please leave a comment letting me know so I can give proper credit for the information I have. Thank you! More

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 1st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know one of my readers (you know who you are) reported to me that 2012 has been one of the most profitable years despite the obvious Depression the United States and quite possibly the World has been under. I know there are still people out there desperate for jobs, food, a helpful and hopeful answer to the many questions that they may have regarding their fears, doubts and worries in these economic times. Those of you who remember your American History, if you remember anything about “The Great Depression“, probably remember sitting through movies or Documentaries depicting folks during “The Great Depression” in hovels (“Hoovervilles“), maybe in boarding home situations or other living conditions.

The American people, many of them, banded together to help one another out. Even if they didn’t like their living conditions or want things to be that way, they did what was necessary and humanely just for their fellow-man and it helped them to survive and get by. They shared their meals and what little they had with one another. Granted, there may have still been some crime during this time but I don’t remember hearing much about it. No; instead I heard stories of camaraderie and how the people demonstrated their distaste with President Herbert Hoover for not keeping to his word after making so many promises to the American People. More

Pagan – Just Pagan

Very essential Heathen altar.

Very essential Heathen altar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back home now, safe and sound. The trip back to the states went much more smoothly than crossing the border, believe me. lol So here’s my 1st official post since I’m back in the States. I hope you enjoy! Sorry if the formatting is a little messed up too. Can’t help that.

Oh! One more thing, I know it’s a small stretch but the Title is based on a Movie reference. If you get the reference, major Geek and Brownie-points for you! I didn’t want to add too much because than it would have been an obvious and rather “famous” quotation. If you do know what it is, be sure to say so in the comments. 🙂 And it doesn’t count if someone “Posts” the answer to what it is and you say, “Oh! I get it now! Duh!”. 😛

More often than not, when someone asks me what my religious orientation is or something related to it I state firmly and very plainly, “Pagan”. To me Pagan implies the modernized definition (check What Pagan Means to Me to find the definition) and that I worship multiple deities or forms of Spirit, I might have appreciation or reverence for nature (though I know not all Pagan groups do, but most do) and maybe more. That’s the general gist it implies though. More

The Egg

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life (Photo credit: Shek Graham)

A friend shared this with me and I thought it was actually a beautiful short story about Life, Death, Reincarnation, Religion, Spirit and maybe a few other topics. I’ve never read this story before till today and I thought I’d pass it along to my readers in the event they haven’t either. I hope you enjoy it. Oh and my friend said that all they knew was that the story is simply titled, “The Egg“.

Real quick, brief update on the writing front. I’ve attended some local events to support the community, attended an early Thanksgiving Party and acquired a cold. As if it wasn’t bad enough I was hitting some inspirational “Brick-walls” which have slowed me down, sadly some of the fun stuff and less than fun have as well. I hope to get some writing in tonight as I’m feeling much better and clear-headed. Yay! So that’s why the word counter hasn’t moved much. I’ve got some serious make-up work to do. I hope I can pull it off before the end of the month. More

P.A.U. 6 – Sad and Empty Words

Popular Girls

Popular Girls (Photo credit: MShades)

In light of some recent events, I felt one way to deal with the remorse I felt would be to write about it. This is an experience with insights I felt needed to be shared. Some of this will be personal, at my expense in some cases but hopefully illuminating. I will warn you now – my Ego may or may not show in this. If it does – I’m sorry. I’m trying to be objective and unbiased, especially since I’ve had two weeks to mull this over in my head and assess the feelings I have felt from this experience. You’ve been warned.

This recent bad experience has allowed me to experience another “Walk-of-Life” through the eyes of another. Sometimes this ride was fun – but much of the time, it was stressful, emotionally abusive and difficult not to lose myself to the “Ego” and sometimes I did lose myself. This side was “Popularity” or “The Popular Kids” life. It is not a path I envy. I’m glad I have always been pretty happy working from a place of/like Spirit, behind the scenes where no one notices you much if at all except perhaps later for the good you impart upon their lives for however brief the experience may be, if that. More

Nice Guys Finish FIRST!

Mountains in Tolima Colombia

Mountains in Tolima Colombia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure many people out there have heard the phrase, “Nice Guys Finish last,” well I don’t believe nor do I subscribe to this belief. I never have and NEVER will. Life to me is what you make it. If you believe you are a Nice Guy and you put belief into such negative mantras, you only hurt yourself. I am confident I have a pretty excellent formula for success and happiness for “The Nice Guy Who Want to Finish First” and I want to share it with you all and if you try it out and you notice improvements in your lifestyle, let me know and if not, tell me what didn’t work. However, give it time. These things don’t just happen overnight. They take time. Also feel free to comment with your thoughts or add some advice of your own if you think it will help as well or you know that it will. More

Long Hair – Yay? Or Nay? Gay, Bi or Straight?

farewell, seven years of long hair - _MG_3774

farewell, seven years of long hair – _MG_3774 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Alright folks! Get all your chuckles out now! I know the title might be funny and even the thought of me doing a topic on “Hair” alone sounds rather humorous to me, but – believe me when I say, I’m actually serious.

In the last decade and a half, long hair has slowly gone from being “Cool” and the “In thing” to either “You’re one of those Hippies, aren’t you?“, “You’re a Flower Child, aren’t you?“, or “Dude you look Gay!” I’ve grown my hair out since I was ten and while yes, I am a female and it is perfectly acceptable for me to HAVE long hair, I don’t understand why a man should get so much flack if he honestly wants to wear his long like me. I see nothing wrong with it and here is why.

Now granted long hair looks better on some than it does others. I’ve seen my fair share of variety when it comes to men and wearing their hair long. I’ve seen men who should have gone with cutting their hair and keeping it short vs. long if only for the sake that they’d look actually better that way. But a man wanting to wear his hair long in my book has never been an issue to me overall. More

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