Once Upon a Time…There Was Magic(k)


Some of you may know (if you follow my Twitter at all) that I am a fan of the show “Once Upon a Time”. I have been a fan since the start and throughout the series I have either completely -loved- the retelling of some of the classic fairytales, have been undecided or absolutely scrunched up my nose at others (where Dwarves come from? *shudders*)

Today I’m talking about one of those things I scrunch my nose up at, more specifically something that -bugs- me -most- since the beginning of this series. I have noticed a trend that the only beings with magic are the Faeries and the “Evil Villains”. *SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ NEXT LINE IF YOU DON’T WANT A SPOILER!*

Despite the fact that the “Savior” Emma we come to find out has “Magick” running through her veins, she is only one of the two seemingly good forces I have seen in the show (The good witches of Wizard of Oz storyline not quite counting since they aren’t from the Enchanted Forest, we are talking about Enchanted Forest Folks, not folks from other worlds within Once).

It’s a bit “irk-some” to see this since there is nothing anywhere that says there could be more folks who have learned magic in order to harness it for “Good”. Emma more or less being the only one (beside Faeries), is just not enough for someone like me.

P.A.U. 18 – Revamping the Bio

Merry meet one and all!

So I said I wanted to get around to trying to revamp my bio. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the thing I’m referring to under the “About” tab. I urge you to look at the original to do a proper comparison. I will tell you right off the bat that giving exact times or dates for me, is very difficult. I don’t have the best memory in the world, I will admit. So some of the dates from the original will look possibly a year or two different from the newer update. Just being honest and warning you now.

Oh and yes, I did get around to doing a rough draft version of a possible update for my Bio. I did that tonight/this morning. I decided I wanted to try it out without the “Third Person” narrative to see if I liked it any better. I like my work to feel personal to my readers vs. impersonal. Sometimes I feel “Professional” sounding is a bit too stuffy and uptight. I’ll be quite frank with you, I’m not really like this 1st rough draft. I think it sounds kind of “blah”. It doesn’t sound like good ole, excitable, Fae-like Gweny. More

When Do Tools Become Moot?


magia/magic (Photo credit: SIRHENRYB.is ****the dreamer****)

I asked my “Man-Friend” the other day if he had any ideas for me about a topic he’d like to see me cover that I possibly haven’t already. And he gave me an excellent idea for a topic to discuss (among other ideas for things to keep me writing *facepalm, head shake, smile*).  For those who are of the “Magickally Inclined” nature, you’ll probably enjoy this. For those who are curious about Magick and its practice, you might find this interesting. And for those who don’t care for Magick nor its use and think it’s  a joke – I’m sure there is something else more entertaining out there to read than my blog.

Without further adieu, let’s get on with the show. By the way, for future reference – my readers are “Open” to making topic suggestions. You just need to leave a comment on the latest topic you’ve read and I’ll let you know if I can do it or not. I’d really like to see my readers get more proactive with me and ask me about this stuff or make suggestions, please!

So the topic for suggestion was, “When do Tools in Magick become cumbersome or impractical”? From personal experience as a Magickal Practitioner for a good decade or so, Tools to me become impractical when you can visualize clearly what it is you want done, focus your intention and you realize you have everything you need for your spellwork inside of you. That or you feel tools are slowing you down or holding you back from your truest potential. More

Holiday Cheer – The Downsides of Commercialization of Holidays

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed but it seems our favorite holidays start earlier and earlier. Sometimes that is grand!  Other times, to be quite frank, it’s getting on my nerves. Seriously. I remember when October rolled around they were already setting up Thanksgiving decorations, which is fine and understandable; they were also doing this the month prior, September, which is ALSO fine and gearing up for Christmas by clearing out the inventory in the Garden Center of the local Wal-mart. Toward around the end, Fall and Christmas were dominating the Halloween scene.

Which vex’ me a bit, but still not a big deal since I knew Thanksgiving was just around the corner and the fall stuff works with Halloween because it’s during our time for final Harvest.

No; my beef is when they play Christmas music in November and it’s before Thanksgiving. I don’t mind AFTER Thanksgiving but you play my holiday cheer music before Thanksgiving, all I want to do is find the Manager and tell them to turn it off and play the radio. I am so SICK and tired of my holidays not having much of a chance to say, “Hi! Hello! It’s me again. How are- HEY!” *holiday 1 gets shoved out by next holiday coming up* “Hello again! Remember me? I’m here too! What have-” *gets shoved out by holiday 3* “How you doin?! Long time no see!”, in short – this is exactly how it feels. More

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