The Most Vulgar Phrase You May Ever Hear…

WARNING! This topic may be offensive to certain parties. Its intent is not to be hurtful or even discriminate against said party(ies) but to provide a new level of ‘awareness’ to those who it DOES apply to. You have been adequately warned, proceed to read at your own risk. Thank you for your understanding.

The most vulgar and ugly phrase I have come across in the human language by far has to be, are you ready? “You’re going to hell!“. Yep. You read that right and that’s definitely what I typed, “You’re going to hell!”. You might be wondering how in the world this simple phrase can honestly and truly be so vulgar, but – think about it. How would you feel if someone said this very thing to you?
Especially if you considered yourself say, a ‘Good Christian‘. What if you were a non-Christian?

Non-Christian folk often have to put up with hearing this sort of thing all the time, especially if they’ve chosen a different path that they feel, honestly and truly connects them with the Divine in some way. In our world, there is not just one path to God, Yahweh, Gaia or whatever name you use to refer to the creator, there are many. Some are honestly more positive than others.

Now bear with me because I will be, most likely, pulling the Christians a few times in here, only because they are the best example. So if your Christian and don’t like being criticized, you were warned earlier but – this is where you may wish to get off. Just saying.

It’s no secret that I’m not a Christian – but I have Christian roots and so I try to be as respectful as I can toward the religion. The people on the other hand – they are hit or miss. It’s like what Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ,” and that has been my general feeling of most “All smiles” Christians I meet. More

P.A.U. 18 – Revamping the Bio

Merry meet one and all!

So I said I wanted to get around to trying to revamp my bio. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the thing I’m referring to under the “About” tab. I urge you to look at the original to do a proper comparison. I will tell you right off the bat that giving exact times or dates for me, is very difficult. I don’t have the best memory in the world, I will admit. So some of the dates from the original will look possibly a year or two different from the newer update. Just being honest and warning you now.

Oh and yes, I did get around to doing a rough draft version of a possible update for my Bio. I did that tonight/this morning. I decided I wanted to try it out without the “Third Person” narrative to see if I liked it any better. I like my work to feel personal to my readers vs. impersonal. Sometimes I feel “Professional” sounding is a bit too stuffy and uptight. I’ll be quite frank with you, I’m not really like this 1st rough draft. I think it sounds kind of “blah”. It doesn’t sound like good ole, excitable, Fae-like Gweny. More

Deities & Religious Theory – Fiction vs. Our Perceived Reality


This is a religious discussion/debate. If you’ve never been to my blog before KNOW that I write about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes to my mind and nothing is OFF limits. This includes RELIGION. Please be polite, respectful and understanding when engaging others or myself as I will do the same. You MAY or MAY NOT like what is said, you may NOT agree with it, but at least hear/read me out and try to see my point (and others) from an objective view. I am NOT trying to DIRECTLY attack you or YOUR Religion. It’s nothing personal! Thank you.

English: Greek marble relief c. 300 BC depicti...

English: Greek marble relief c. 300 BC depicting a pious family offering a ram to two deities dining at a table in a temple. The male deity is presumed to be a deified hero, as the head of the horse in the background was a symbol of heroization. From the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek collection, item number IN 1594. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello dear readers and welcome back to my blog (those who are return visitors) and welcome to those who are just finding their way here! New and Old visitors are very much-loved and appreciated all the same. Again I will be discussing a controversial topic dealing with Religion. For those Science Nerds-Geeks out there, I will be touching base possibly on “String Theory” also known as “Parallel Universes” or “Multiple Dimensions” for those less savvy.

On a Skype Call this evening with my man, we were discussing my Book I finished (Working Title; Charlie Bravo, for those who don’t know) and I was discussing the Deities within the book that are made mention of. I was also speaking on Religious Theory. The way the theory works is this: More

Pagan – Just Pagan

Very essential Heathen altar.

Very essential Heathen altar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back home now, safe and sound. The trip back to the states went much more smoothly than crossing the border, believe me. lol So here’s my 1st official post since I’m back in the States. I hope you enjoy! Sorry if the formatting is a little messed up too. Can’t help that.

Oh! One more thing, I know it’s a small stretch but the Title is based on a Movie reference. If you get the reference, major Geek and Brownie-points for you! I didn’t want to add too much because than it would have been an obvious and rather “famous” quotation. If you do know what it is, be sure to say so in the comments. 🙂 And it doesn’t count if someone “Posts” the answer to what it is and you say, “Oh! I get it now! Duh!”. 😛

More often than not, when someone asks me what my religious orientation is or something related to it I state firmly and very plainly, “Pagan”. To me Pagan implies the modernized definition (check What Pagan Means to Me to find the definition) and that I worship multiple deities or forms of Spirit, I might have appreciation or reverence for nature (though I know not all Pagan groups do, but most do) and maybe more. That’s the general gist it implies though. More

Daily Prompt Response to “Faith”

Halo Solar

Halo Solar (Photo credit: Alexandre Janini)

What is the Role Faith plays in your life – or doesn’t.
I know Faith plays a very big role in my life. For as long as I’ve been consciously aware of the world around me Faith has been a big defining factor in it. Faith to me is like the “Magick” I practice. It is a very important and integral “brick” in the foundation of my character. If I may quote something from one of my favorite comics Dawn – Lucifer’s Halo – “Trust is like a form of Faith, right? A Faith is a form of trust. But without it what do you have? A broken heart? A broken sword? And things just have the power that you give them.

Faith is power and power is Faith that is part of what this quote is talking about, if you take that away – what do you have left? “Banality is stronger than Belief – yet Faith is stronger still“. That’s another important thread  in the fabric of my being. Because without Faith, belief, Trust or Hope – what are we? What do we have left to believe in? If we don’t trust ourselves or have Faith in ourselves, much less something greater than ourselves. I’m not trying to infer anything about anyone else or their beliefs, simply this is how my mind works and how I work. More

What Pagan Means to Me

Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year (Photo credit: nearlywildlife)

So I have a funny yet kind of “sad” story regarding my trip up to Vancouver that I can and will share with you. On my way up, we had to obviously stop at the border for them to check the passengers, luggage and other stuff. When the Border Guard got to me, oh boy, I sure did not see what was coming next – I visualized it entirely different. He asked me the standard, “What’s your business in Canada?” and I was honest and said, “I’m here visiting a friend“.

Then he asks how we met, how long we knew each other, wanted to know my friends full name and unfortunately I had a brain-fart on his surname and “Oh boy!” did I get a little flack for that. I didn’t find him intimating or anything and he was just doing his job; I can’t fault him for that – but when my religious orientation came up that got really awkward for me. I really didn’t want to tell him but after being badgered so long I just said what I was and he said, “Oh! Yeah? I know what those are. I’m a history buff,” as if that should have been a comfort. More

Not Everything Is so Black & White, There is Grey

Shaiya, Goddess of Light and Goddess of Shadow

In these last few months I have come to understand and met people who see the world from a very “Black and White” perspective. For those unfamiliar with a perspective like this, it means, someone who sees good and bad only or what is perceived Good and Evil only, with no leeway for anything in between.

So if you screw-up with a friend who has this type of perspective, chances are they are going to kick you to the curb or like a bad habit quicker than you can say, “I’m sorry” and sincerely mean it. These individuals most likely may even be the sort to easily hold grudges (I can attest to the fact this is true of both people I knew).

The wondrous and yet sad part is, the world is far from being so one-way or another. It is more than just “Black” and “White“. It is many shades of “Grey” as well. Nothing is ever as it seems and yet sometimes it can be exactly that. It all depends upon the person as we are ALL just as capable of Good, Evil, or walking “The Silver Line“. More

Mother God, Father God

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most ven...

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most venerated of Orthodox Christian icons of the Virgin Mary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you believe it or not, all religions no matter what they are have some commonalities one way or another. Many cultures out there who have their own religion had little or NO contact (way back in the day) with some of these cultures who’s religions are now major in the world at large. One of these commonalities I see and feel that has been a persistent element is that of the “Mother God” and “Father God” themes. More

Shards of the One

An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi.

Image via Wikipedia

In a previous post called “Fear + God = Does Not Compute For Me” I touched briefly on the concept of “The Divine Within Us“. I decided I’d follow that up with a very special post of its own. I’d like to open up with a word that you’ll often see me use at the end of my posts, because it has a VERY important place to me in this particular topic. That word is “Namaste“. While Sanskrit is a high context language the interpretation I shoot for usually is this, “The spirit in me respects the spirit in you,” “the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you“.

Using some of my past know how in regards to the Bible (and I know some of the same can be found in other sacred texts of other traditions) I’ll be pulling up the old topic of “We are created in the image of our creator” and how it correlates to the meaning of this word “Namaste“. More

A Father’s Rules For Finding Fulfillment

A Father’s Rules For Finding Fulfillment. I actually really enjoyed this and I could just imagine hearing my own father’s voice uttering these words to me if he were still alive.

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